APF Exhibition Results 2017

Exhibition Results 2017

Royalpex 2017 Hamilton, New Zealand 24 – 26 Nov 2017

Exhibitor Exhibit TitleClassFramesScoreMedal
Hurrell EricAustralia – The Kangaroo and Map Stamps (1913-1947)2.1576V
Jenkins BillCharles Naish of Victoria, Australia 1880-18952.1573LS
Pinckard Jonathan1958 New Zealand QEII Twopence Stars Overprint Definitives2.1273LS
Gray NancyThe Last Engraved Stamps of Australia 1966-19742.1893LG
Boylan RussellSt Vincent. The Printings of Thomas De La Rue & Co 1882-19322.2894LG SP
Brigden PeterFalkland Islands 1878 - 19362.2583LV
Barsdell PaulIndo-China2.2584LV
Harvey SarahHong Kong Definitives 1912-1921 and 1921-1937 including CHINA Overprints2.2383LV
Levine PhilipGold Coast Queen Victoria2.2592LG SP
Radley RobertCanal Zone2.2570LS
Radley RobertFrench Oceanic Settlements / Polynesia2.2572LS
Bromser CharlesWomen in German History Definitives 1986-20052.3578V
Hancock BarbaraAustralia’s Peel and Stick Revolution.2.3888G
Moore JohnAustralia Living Together2.3579V
Allan PeterAustralian Postal Rates 1934-19523.1876V
Beston BernieAvis De Reception- The AR System of Australia 1966-20163.1578V
Bradberry TracyAustralian Commonwealth Surface Mail Post Card Rates and Regulations3.1577V
Burke DavidMissent – Modern Era3.1578V
Collyer DavidPostal Charges on Airmail France-Australasia 1930-19933.1686G
Grey Alan“Postage to Collect” for Australian Colonial mail3.1889G
Kellow GeoffreySierra Leone: The Postal History of the King George VI 1937-19563.2883LV
Beston BernieBritish Guiana – The Postal Stationery4.1892LG
Brown GaryPostal Stationery of Natal4.1590LG
Griffin TonyPostal & Letter Card Development in the Austro-Hungarian Empire4.1580LV
McMahon IanPost Bands and Wrappers of Canada4.1586G
Savins LionelThe Department of Education Postcards of New Zealand4.1584LV
Stafford GlenSiam’s Postal Cards4.1583LV

Sharjah 14 – 18 November

NOTE: Exhibition entries judged at International level

Linda WeldenLundy Island3Traditional78 LS
Linda WeldenAustralian Aerogrammes 1944 - 19663Postal Stationery84 V
John BodnarAustralian Aerogrammes The AG Series1Postal Stationery76 LS
John BodnarUkraine The Third Vienna Issue1Traditional80 V
John BodnarThe Russian Expeditionary Force and the Russian Legion in France1Postcards81 V
Alma DownesLet's Elope to Gretna Green1Postcards86 LV
David FiggGeneral Douglas MacArthur Defender and Liberator of the Philippines1Open83 V
David FiggA Child's Plea1Postcards87 LV
David FiggBrookes Limited1Postcards87 LV
Nigel CarterMetamorphosis of the Magpie Moth5Traditional83 V

Brasília-201724 – 29 Oct 2017

Brasilia 2017 World Stamp ExhibitionTITLEPointsMedal
Gary BrownAden & Aden States:The Stamps issued from 1937 to 1952 and their Usages [8]88LV
John PugsleyThe Boer War 1899-1902: Prisoner's of War Mail [5]85LV
Martin WalkerSouth Australian Railways' Parcels Service 1886 - 1993 [5]84V
Malcolm GroomTasmanian Embossed Stationery 1883 - 1912 [8]91G+SP
Glen StaffordNicaragua Postal Stationery: The Seebeck Era [8]90G
Daryl KibbleMessage Behind the Angel Story: God´s Redemption of Mankind [8]95G
Paul XavierTerritory of Papua New Guinea - 1964 Health Services Commemorative Issue [1]851-frame
Roger EggletonAustralia: Parcels Post Label P.P.1 [1]851-frame
Rod KantorNorthern Rhodesia's 1963 - Definitive Issue [1]801-frame
Rod KantorRepublic of Biafra - Internal and Outgoing Mail in a time of conflict and Shortage [1]821-frame
John Moore1989-1991 Australia Sports Definitives [5]85LV
Zac FranklinCricket [4]81V
Ian McMahonPostal Stationery Collector [Literature]8080

SAPDAPEX Johannesburg Oct 2017

David Figg  PPC Strike a Light 87 Gold
Bernard Beston AeroBritish Guiana Airmails85 Gold
Gary BrownTrad    Postage Dues Union of South Africa 86 Gold
Murray CollinsPostal History East Africa World War One  83 Large Vermeil
Darryl FullerPostal History Caribbean Airmails81 Large Vermeil
Murray Collins  Postal Stationery Kenya Uganda Tanganyika Postal Stationery 80 Large Vermeil

Adelaide Stampex 6 – 8 October 2017

Best in Show Multi Frame – Martin Walker

Runner-up Multi Frame – Michel Roland

Best in Show One Frame – Lindsay Chitty

Runner-up One Frame – Martin Walker

Best in Class One Frame – David Loe

Airmails of British Borneo 1926-194180 Large Vermeil
Chung H Ling (QLD) AerophilatelyBest Novice In Class
From Fabric and Wire to DC386 Gold
John Sadler (NSW) Aerophilately
Postal charges on Airmail France - Australasia 1933 - 199080 Large Vermeil
David Collyer (NSW) Aerophilately
Sudan The Development of Airmail Services from 1927 to 194573 Large Silver
John S Gibson (NSW) Aerophilatel
Helipost74 Large Silver
Michel Roland (SA) Aerophilately
Developing Europe - Australia Airmail Routes 1907-193488 Gold
Ed Wolf (NSW) AerophilatelyBest In Class
QANTAS's International Competitors during the tenure of Hudson Fysh (1931 - 1966)79 Vermeil
Ed Wolf (NSW) Aerophilately
Aerial Messengers of South Australia90 Large Gold
Martin James Walker (SA) Aerophilately
USA First Day Covers 1930 - 194065 Silver
Robert Phaup (SA) First Day Covers
Western Australia First Day Cover Producers73 Large Silver
Ross Duberal (WA) First Day Covers
New Zealand First Day Covers75 Vermeil
Tony Thackery (New Zealand) First Day Covers
First Day Covers of the Australian Antarctic Territory Stamps : 1957 - 197377 Vermeil
Kevin W Dwyer (NSW) First Day CoversBest In Class
A Selection of German Notgeld93 Large Gold
Johanna Stafford (WA) NumismaticBest In Class
Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe89 Gold
Johanna Stafford (WA) Numismatic
The MacRobertson Air Race London to Sydney in 193468 Silver
Andrew Small (NSW) Open
The Kauri Tree72 Large Silver
Louise Brownie (New Zealand) Open
Newfoundland - King George VI87 Gold
Tom Gosse (VIC) Open
Australian Philanthropic Organizations with the Australian Forces in WWII81 Large Vermeil
Michel Roland (SA) Open
Missing Captured Killed. Visions and Victims of Mussolini's Wars.71 Large Silver
John Armstrong (VIC) Open
Japanese Conquest and Defeat in World War II81 Large Vermeil
Ian Sadler (VIC) Open
Remembering Edith Cavell84 Large Vermeil
Marilyn Gendek (ACT) Open
The Kauri Tree71 Large Silver
Mark Wooller (New Zealand) Open
Kiwi Kai74 Large Silver
Grace Phillips (New Zealand) Open
Honey77 Vermeil
Monica M Comrie (New Zealand) Open
Supreme Valour82 Large Vermeil
Paul McTaggart (New Zealand) Open
Bees81 Large Vermeil
Lynne Nicholl (New Zealand) Open
In Pursuit of The North Pole85 Gold
Sue Simmonds (New Zealand) OpenBest In Class
Sydney Harbour Bridge73 Large Silver
Lynn M Kitchin (NSW) Open
South Africa – 1910-1932 - First Revenue Series86 Gold
Gary Brown (VIC) Revenues
Postal Notes of Australia80 Large Vermeil
John Dibiase (WA) Revenues
Commonwealth of Australia Patent Office Adhesive Fee Revenues80 Large Vermeil
Dave Elsmore (QLD) Revenues
South Australia's Revenue Stamps 1966-200888 Gold With Felicitations.
Martin James Walker (SA) RevenuesBest In Class
Taxed From The Cradle to The Grave76 Vermeil
Jeanette Banfield (New Zealand) Revenues
Australia - London Customs Duty84 Large Vermeil
Mike Kouwen (WA) Revenues
The Evolution of the Bengal Tax System c1600-194783 Large Vermeil
Mohammed Monirul Islam (SA) Revenues
Amazing Antarctica78 Vermeil
Kim D Dwyer (NSW) Polar
Aubrey Gotley and the ANARE Base Heard Island 1947-195588 Gold
Kevin W Dwyer (NSW) PolarBest In Class
Mankind Learns from Antarctica74 Large Silver
Dianne Saunders (WA) Polar
AAT Stamps Displaying a History of Australia's Antarctic Involvements56 Bronze
Peter Kofler (NSW) Polar
The Caves of Han90 Large Gold
Michel Roland (SA) Postcards
Estuary to Esplanade : The Sumner Coast86 Gold
Jennifer Long (New Zealand) PostcardsBest In Class
Lord Howe Island - A Traveller's Tale78 Vermeil
John Moore (NSW) Postcards
Christina Broom, Her Work as a Photographer82 Large Vermeil
Donna Trathen (Canada) Postcards
The Kingston Earthquake of 190782 Large Vermeil
David Ingle Smith (ACT) Postcards
Early Tourism in Canada's Banff National Park76 Vermeil
David Piercey (Canada) Postcards
Salisbury-Cathedral City of England80 Large Vermeil
Sue Vernall (New Zealand) Postcards
Piccadilly Circus84 Large Vermeil
Elspeth A Bodley (ACT) Postcards
Vale of Gloucester83 Large Vermeil
John Moore (NSW) Postcards
Mandalay83 Large Vermeil
Stephen Chivers (New Zealand) One Frame
Postcards Relating to the Ruhleben Civil Internee Camp WW1 Germany89 Gold
Lindsay Chitty (New Zealand) One Frame
West Coast Coal Shipping85 Gold
Anthony Ross Marshall (New Zealand) One Frame
Homes of the British Monarchy Built From 1070-191364 Silver Bronze
Karen Jeffrey (New Zealand) One Frame
Lucknow: I LoveNo show
Pankaj Tyagi (VIC) One Frame
Gold Coast One Penny Postcard of 1892 and its Usage86 Gold
Philip Levine (QLD) One Frame
Nurse Edith Cavell88 Gold
Michel Roland (SA) One Frame
“A Gift from the Gods”: The Postcard Art of Raphael Kirchner88 Gold
David Newell (TAS) One Frame
Canada: The Development of Official International Airmail Routes 1928-4283 Large Vermeil
John McEntyre (Canada) One Frame
Motorcycle Courier Service CAM 176 Vermeil
Rick Oxenham (New Zealand) One Frame
Australian Antarctic Territory FDC of ANARE 3½d stamp 1954-195576 Vermeil
Kevin W Dwyer (NSW) One Frame
Australian Birds Series 1964-65 First Day Covers85 Gold
Harold G Lower (SA) One Frame
Bolivian Censor Covers from the Chaco War 1932-195573 Large Silver
Brian Marshall (New Zealand) One FrameRunner Up Best Novice
Cape of Good Hope Queen Victoria Prestamped Envelopes77 Vermeil
Philip Levine (QLD) One Frame
Whales and Dolphins on Cacheted Covers From Namesake US Submarines87 Gold
Alastair Watson (New Zealand) One Frame
The Blue Whale74 Large Silver
Alastair Watson (New Zealand) One Frame .
Low Denomination (<5c) Solo Covers70 Large Silver
David Burke (NSW) One Frame
Global Warming – World Environment Concern65 Silver
Matt Henderson (New Zealand) One Frame
The Scottish Women’s Hospital Royaumont 1914-1880 Large Vermeil
Marilyn Gendek (ACT) Open
The Ruhleben Civilian Internee Camp WW184 Gold
Lindsay Chitty (New Zealand) One Frame
Captain Cook's New Holland70 Large Silver
Fred Saunders (New Zealand) One Frame
Canadian Military Hospitals at Sea74 Large Silver
Jon Johnson (Canada) One Frame
Twyford, Thomas Archdall68 Silver
David Kajewski (VIC) One Frame
Martin Luther King Jr. - I Have a Dream69 Silver
Ross Newton (VIC) One Frame
French Occupation of Germany 1945-194879 Vermeil
Gert Ebing (NSW) One Frame
Australia: Parcel Post Label P.P.1.92 Large Gold
Roger Eggleton (NSW) One Frame
Disinfected Mail84 Large Vermeil
John Wettenhall (TAS) One Frame
Surface Letter Postage Rates From New Zealand to the USA: A Survey from 1891 to 194885 Gold
Bob Watson (New Zealand) One Frame
Australian Prisoner of War Postal History to and From The Far East WWII84 Large Vermeil
Lindsay Chitty (New Zealand) One Frame
Poland Judicial Mail91 Large Gold
Anthony Ross Marshall (New Zealand) One Frame
Niue Telegraph81 Large Vermeil
Stephen Chivers (New Zealand) One Frame
Bigtree Petrol Advertising Campaign 1925-192986 Gold
Gerald J Ellott (New Zealand) One Frame
Oasis Station - Bunger Hills Soviet Antarctic Expedition92 Large Gold
Anthony Ross Marshall (New Zealand) One Frame
New Zealand Prisoner of War Aerogrammes and Postcards 1941-194590 Large Gold
Lindsay Chitty (New Zealand) One Frame
New South Wales - Jackson 1d Revenue84 Large Vermeil
Dave Elsmore (QLD) Revenues
Customs Duty Tax of Australia85 Gold
Dave Elsmore (QLD) Revenues
NSW Edward VII Stamp Duty, 1909-192984 Large Vermeil
David Ingle Smith (ACT) One Frame
Simplification of the Collection of Bottled Beer Duty in Australia93 Large Gold
Martin James Walker (SA) One Frame
Copper - Many Properties, Even More Uses72 Large Silver
Andrew Millington (SA) One Frame
A Sweet Device69 Silver
Peter Bamber (New Zealand) One Frame
The Wild Rose Tamed67 Silver
Peter Bamber (New Zealand) One Frame
N.S.W. Date Stamps - Years of Change - The 1850's79 Vermeil
Barbara Hancock (NSW) One Frame
Evolution of South Australia's Two Pence De La Rue Officials83 Large Vermeil
Harold G Lower (SA) One Frame
Commercial Usage of Australia's 1964-65 Birds Series71 Large Silver
Harold G Lower (SA) One Frame
India - The early Lithograph Issues of 185470 Large Silver
Vijay Shukla (NSW) One Frame
Tasmanian Beer Duty Stamps 1880-190278 Vermeil
Jon Tiernan (NSW) One Frame
Victorian Railway Freight Stamps - Owner's Risk/Carrier's Risk Period 1877-189792 Large Gold
Jon Tiernan (NSW) One FrameThird Place Best Novice
Victorian Railway Freight Stamps - The "Winged" Stamps Period 1917-194189 Gold
Jon Tiernan (NSW) One Frame
New Zealand 1997 Christmas82 Large Vermeil
Stephen Chivers (New Zealand) One Frame
Iceland Gildi Overprints 1902-393 Large Gold
David Loe (New Zealand) One Frame
The New Zealand 1½d Boer War contingent stamp and postal use93 Large Gold
Lindsay Chitty (New Zealand) One Frame
New Zealand 1946 Peace 5d Navy84 Large Vermeil
Tim Beach (New Zealand) One Frame
The First Sideface Stamps of New Zealand80 Large Vermeil
Murray Clark (New Zealand) One Frame
The Threepence Second Sideface of New Zealand82 Large Vermeil
Murray Clark (New Zealand) One Frame
The "Mt Pinatubo Fund" Postal Tax Stamps83 Large Vermeil
David Burke (NSW) One Frame
A Study of the KGV 1d Die 3 Issue92 Large Gold
Gordon Monk (SA) One Frame
KGV 1d Printers Markings, Monograms and Imprints of Plate 4 Panes 7 and 8.89 Gold
Gordon Monk (SA) One Frame
The History of Pao Tzu Ku Bandit PostNo show
David Lu (China) Literature
Quarterly Journal of the SA Frama Study Group79 Vermeil
Michel Roland (SA) LiteratureBest In Class

Richmond (USA) Stamp Show

Jenny Bennett Lord of the Arctic89 Gold, Special Prize x 2
David Collyer Postal Charges on Airmail France-Australasia 1933-199385 Gold
Greg Jorgensen Tonga 1984/5 Marine Life Definitive Set and Further Paintings90 Large Gold, Special Prize
Alma Downes Windsor Castle (postcards)

77 Vermeil, Special Prize

Bandung World FIP Exhibition 3 – 7 Aug 2017

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Finlandia 2017 European Stamp Exhibition 24-28 May

Exhibitor nameExhibit titleExhibition classMedalPointsNr of frames
James HowardBrunei 1894 to 19472C Traditional Philately WorldV805
Gordon MonkSurface Printed Varieties of Australian KGV 1d2C Traditional Philately WorldLV858
Wayne DonaldsonSweden & Great Britain: Mail Connections till U.P.U.3B Postal History EuropeLV865
David SmithEmbossed Revenue Stamps of the Australian States5 RevenuesV825
Ian McmahonQueensland Revenues5 RevenuesLV858
Bernard BestonEcuador - The Postal Stationery 1884 - 19186 Postal StationeryG925
Linda LeeFlower Magic7A Thematic Philately NatureLV868
Raelene NewellKing Edward VII and Queen Alexandra: 1901-19109 Picture PostcardsV811
John DibiaseMorbid Views9 Picture PostcardsV825
Linda WeldenThe Isle of the Channel9 Picture PostcardsLS755
Lorenzo GiardielloWW1 Embroidered Silk Postcards9 Picture PostcardsV838
Jeff LongW T Wilson, Photographer & Postcard Manufacturer, Auckland New Zealand9 Picture PostcardsG928
Jenny LongA Study of New Zealand Pictorial Postcards9 Picture PostcardsG918
Dave ElsmoreThe 1866-71 Lithographed Stamp Duty Adhesives of Queensland11 Philatelic LiteratureV810


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Stephen SCHUMANNNew Zealand Postal Stationery 1876-1940Championship Class
John SINFIELDPanama Republic Postal Stationery till 1940Championship Class
Yukio ONUMAL.v. Beethoven -His life in a historical context and his legacyChampionship Class
Prasarporn EKSOMBATCHAISiam 1899-1910: The Giesecke and Devrient PrintingsChampionship Class
John DiBIASEWestern Australia The Railway Parcel Stamps and Labels 1905-1986Vermeil
Nancy GRAYSpecimen, Presentation and Cancelled to Order Stamps of Australia 1901-1966Large Vermeil
Eric HURRELLAustralia - The Kangaroo and Map Stamps [1913-1947] Large Silver
Gregory LAIDLERStudy of the High Value Definitive stamps depicting important Australian PaintingsLarge Silver
Harry LOWERSouth Australia Long Stamps: the second "POSTAGE" seriesLarge Vermeil
Gordon MONKSurface Printed Varieties of the Australian KGV 1dLarge Vermeil
Graeme MORRISNew Zealand Pictorial Definitives, 1935-1947Large Silver
Peter RONNEGenesis of Photolithography Australia Stamps 1977Large Vermeil
Lionel SAVINSThe 1935 Pictorial Definitive Stamps of New Zealand Large Vermeil
James SHAWNew Zealand Decimal Stamps from 1967 - Printing methods, studies and varietiesLarge Vermeil
Masayasu NAGAIPrivate Printing Period in Victoria 1850-1859Large Gold
Hironobu NAGASHIMAAustralia - Kangaroo and Map Design Postage StampsLarge Vermeil
Lindsay CHITTYThe New Zealand First Pictorial Issue 1898Large Vermeil
Jeffery SIMPSONNew Zealand - The Magpie Moth 1970-1973Large Silver
Khai Weng YAUQueensland ClassicsLarge Gold
Tom GOSSEKGVI British Commonwealth-Japanese Occupation of South East AsiaLarge Silver
Richard GUREVITCHHong Kong Postal Issues of the Queen Victoria PeriodGold
Jim HOWARDBrunei 1894-1947Large Silver
Patrick LONGFIELDBritish North Borneo 1883 to 1925Vermeil
Mannan Mashhur ZARIFPost Liberation Provisional Issues of BangladeshLarge Silver
Jian LIUChina W-headed StampsLarge Silver
Lidong GUANOld Currency Special Stamps of PR China (October 1951-February 1955)Large Silver
Yue ZHAOThe First New Currency Definitive Issue of the PR ChinaLarge Vermeil
Cheong-Too CHOIThe Crown Issue and Surcharges of Macau 1884Gold
William KWANHong Kong Designs, Proofs, Specimens and Other Archival MaterialsLarge Gold
Kwok Pui MAKDr Sun Issue Central Trust Print (1942-1945)Large Vermeil
Pang-Chui SHAWHong Kong QEII definitives (1962-73)Vermeil
Avie WIJAYARepublik Indonesia 1945-1949 Under NICA (Netherlands Indies Civil Administration)Large Vermeil
Tamidou HATANAKAChrysanthemum Issue of JapanLarge Vermeil
Sumihide ITOJapan: Showa Series, 1937-46Large Vermeil
Yusuke KIDONorth Korea 1945-52Vermeil
Emi KIKUCHIJapan Definitives 1937 - 1940Large Silver
Akio NIWAJapan Tazawa series "Taisho" watermarked granite paper, old dieLarge Vermeil
Nobuhiro SUDANIJapan Definitives: Vocational SeriesGold
Ren-ichi YAMADAJapan Definitives 1883-1892, UPU and New KobanLarge Vermeil
Takashi YOSHIDAJapan Definitives 1961 - 1965Vermeil
Chong Man AHNThe 2nd Granite Paper Series Stamps of KoreaSilver Bronze
Sang Wook NAMAir Mail Stamps of KoreaLarge Silver
Kien Boon GOHThe stamps, postmarks, postal history & postal stationery of the Kingdom of Perlis (1894-1957)Vermeil
Chee Hui TANSultanate of Johore: Sultan Sir Ibrahim stamp issues (1896-1942)Gold
Bhavya TULSYANThe Classic Period of Nepal (1779-1930)Large Silver
Johar ALIPakistan (Pre-decimal Period) 1947-1960Large Silver
Syed Imtiaz HUSSAINAfghanistan Since 1907 with forerunnersLarge Silver
Hussain AL-ISMAILFirst Definitive Issue of QatarLarge Silver
Suwanna EKSOMBATCHAISiam (Thailand): King Rama VII and King Rama VIIILarge Vermeil
Ayuth KRISHNAMARASiam: King Chulalongkorn (1887-1910)Gold
Ukris UTENSUTEThailand: King Bhumibol's 1st and 2nd Definitives IssuesLarge Gold
Santpal SINCAWLAClassic BurmaLarge Gold
Tzu-Mu LINChina: Surcharge Issue of 1897Large Gold
Colin BEECHUS Special Delivery Stamp issues of 1885-1951 and their usageLarge Vermeil
Gert EBINGPrussia 1850-1867Vermeil
Tom GOSSEKGVI Newfoundland Long CoronationLarge Silver
Linda LEEAlgeria Pre-IndependenceLarge Vermeil
Leonard WENITONGATM-The Other Postage StampSilver
Ronnie WINCHESTERKenya, Uganda and Tanganyika - KG VISilver
Michael HOBolivia: The 19th Century US Bank Note Company IssuesLarge Gold
Hiroshi ANDOGreat Britain One Penny Black and Red-Brown from Black Plates 1840-1841Vermeil
Patricia CAPILLBarbados- The George V Line Engraved Definitive IssuesVermeil
George STEWARTSouthern Rhodesia King George VI Definitive: The King's Head DesignVermeil
Naseem KHANEgypt (19th Century)Silver
Aurangzeb MUHAMMADTurkey Before 1st World War (Ottoman Empire)Silver
Jan HOFMEYRThe centrality, development, and use of the 3c Washington in USPO fraud-prevention and cost cutting efforts:1861-69Gold
John VASSALLOMalta up to 1925Gold
David BURKEControlling and Managing MailLarge Silver
David JOHNThe History Of Tasmanian Handstamps 1853-1912Large Vermeil
John FRANKLINUse of KGV One Penny Issues 1914-1937Silver
Alan GREY 'Postage to Collect' for Australian Colonial MailLarge Gold
Boon Swee YENAustralian Forces in Malaya WWIIGold
Graham ROBERTSONFranking machines in New Zealand 1904-1922Vermeil
Anthony LYONMail to and from New Zealand Forces WWIIVermeil
Qingyuan XIAODeclared Value Registered Mail of China (1947-1952)Large Vermeil
Xiaoqiang WANGChina:Tungkun (Dongguan) Postal History (1901-1949)Vermeil
Yumin HUANGChina International Postal Routes During the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)Large Vermeil
Mao-Hsin LINThe Development of China's International Airmail, 1924 to 1947Large Vermeil
Lang-Moe MAHThe Development of Yunnan Postal System 1901-1949Large Vermeil
Francis AUEarly Mail of China 1753-1845Gold
Kwok Pui MAKSino-American Qiaopi (Mail Office for Overseas Chinese) {1880-1949}Gold
Kin Chi Danny WONGPostal History of Turmoil in ManchuriaLarge Vermeil
Arry DHARMANetherlands Indies Postal History of Incoming Mail 1840-1949Large Vermeil
Fadli ZONNetherlands Indies Postal Cancellation 1789-1917Large Vermeil
Mitsuhiro OHBAU.S. Postal Activity in China 1802-1922Large Vermeil
Young Kil KIMPostal History of Great Josun & Imperial Daehan (1884-1905)Large Vermeil
Lindsay CHITTYPrisoners of War, Correspondence, Japanese Occupation of the Far East WWII 1942-45Large Vermeil
Hamad Saud Mohd AL-THANIQatar Postal HistoryVermeil
Yacoub SOROURAden Postal HistoryVermeil
Saad Mohammed AL DREESSaudi Arabia Postal History 1857 - 1934Large Vermeil
Mubarak Al KAHTANIJeddah Postal History 1916 - 1966Large Vermeil
Patrick CHOYPostal History of China Gold/Silver Yuan in the Liberated AreasGold
Sdiann NGPostal History of Northern MalayaGold
Chee Keong WONGThe Development of Postal Services of Singapore (1981-2000)Large Vermeil
Yan Choy YANGMalaya Airmails: External Postage RateGold
Charnchai KARNASUTAAirmail Rates of Thailand using Pan American AirwaysLarge Vermeil
Charnchai KARNASUTAWorld War I Siamese Postal HistoryGold
Choon KOSHPASHARINPostal History of Netherlands East Indies 1730-1870Large Gold
Santpal SINCHAWLAThe Development of Postal Markings used in Burma 1825-1899Gold
Mohammed Ahmad ALMURRThe Cancellations and Postal History of Muscat 1830-1948Gold
Thomas JOHANSENPostal Developments in the Gulf during the British Postal AdministrationLarge Vermeil
Wayne DONALDSONSweden and Great Britain: Mail Connections till UPUGold
John GIBSONSudan from 1845 to 1914Vermeil
Bruce HAYNESMauritius Postal Markings 1811-1918Vermeil
Geoffrey LEWISStampless Mail Entering SpainLarge Gold
Ian McMAHONGuelph The Royal CityVermeil
Paul PEGGIEMission Mail-Central Africa 1883-1923Large Vermeil
Tim SCHOFIELDGerman Machine Cancellations and Postal Markings 1867 -1918Vermeil
Gary WATSONCeylon's Involvement in World War IIVermeil
Andrew LEONGPostal rates of the German Hyperinflation Period 1923Gold
Kenzaburo IKEDAPostal History of the Cape of Good HopeLarge Vermeil
Tariq Khattak MUHAMMADPostal History of Palestine (since 1882)Vermeil
Hugh AMOORESouth African postal rates and charges in the period of Union: 31 May 1910 to 30 May 1961Large Vermeil
Gary DIFFENBrewery Advertising Envelopes of the United States of America 1860-1945Large Vermeil
Michael BLINMANNew South Wales Postal StationeryLarge Gold
Mark DISERIOAustralian Registered Letter Envelopes 1912-1962Gold
Elsa TODDAustralian Registered Envelopes to KGVVermeil
Raymond TODDSweden - Postal Stationery 1872-1918Large Vermeil
Jingwei ZHANGP.R. China: Stamped Letter Sheets of 1952Large Vermeil
Michael HOHonduras Postal StationeryLarge Vermeil
Chen Huei (Poki) HUANGPostal Stationery of German Post Office in ChinaLarge Vermeil
Andrew CHEUNGImperial Russian Postal Stationery-Used in ChinaGold
Agus WIBAWANTORepoeblik Indonesia-Java Postal Cards 1945-1949Large Vermeil
Gensei ANDOUsage of Japanese Domestic Postcards for International MailVermeil
Masaki SUGIHARAStamped Envelopes of Japan 1873-1908Gold
Rishi Kumar TULSYANThe Postal Stationery of Nepal (1887-1959)Vermeil
Ghias AHMADPost Cards of Kingdom Italy 1872-1929Vermeil
Saqlain MUHAMMADPakistan Postal Stationery (Pre-decimal Period, 1947-1960)Silver
David COLLYERYears of Change -International Airmail to and from AustraliaÉÉ..Large Vermeil
Chris DALTONAustralia-USA Air Mail to 1945Large Silver
Geoffrey LEWISPhilippines International Airmails up to 1941Large Vermeil
Piyush KHAITANThe Karachi-Madras route extension Flight of Tata Sons Ltd. (October 1932)Silver
Emil MINNAARAirmails of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland until 1941Large Vermeil
Guangzu ZHANGThe Course of Human Space ExplorationLarge Vermeil
Savita JHINGANFrom India to SpaceSilver
Jianchun YAOEyesLarge Silver
Rong'an XINSmellVermeil
Yude CHANWharfSilver
Anand KAKADBirds of the Pheasant FamilyLarge Silver
Da'an LINTobacco-From Popular in the World to the Global ControlLarge Vermeil
Jingbin LIPlease Read My Magazine (Cultural Heritage)Large Silver
Wei TIANLife on the Ship-A Sea Dog's StoryVermeil
Yosuke NAITOJapan and the 15 year's warGold
Xiaozhou WANGPhotography-A Movement of the Organic and Close Combination of Industrial Renovation and Visual ArtsLarge Vermeil
Ross WOODThe History of AviationVermeil
Zhixiong HUThe Beginning of Life-From Birth to Innocent ChildhoodLarge Vermeil
Mike KOUWENAustralia- London Customs DutyLarge Vermeil
James SHAWNew Zealand Wages Tax 1931-1958Large Vermeil
Clyde ZIEGELERAustralia- London Customs DutiesVermeil
Mohammed Monirul ISLAMThe Evolution of the Bengal Court & Tax System c.1600-1947Vermeil
Angeet SURIFiscals of JodhpurLarge Vermeil
Howard GREENSouth West African Revenues and Allied Tax StampsGold
Jenwit APICHAINUNTThai Revenue Stamps (1932-1957)Gold
Bruce CHADDERTONDescent into the AbyssLarge Vermeil
Graeme and Gaye CHEQUEROrchids and their WorldGold
Gary DIFFENBrewery Advertising Envelopes of the United States of America 1860-1945Large Vermeil
Gary DIFFENPreparations for War and the Australian Military Campaign Gallipoli Large Gold
Kevin DWYERAubrey Gotley and the First A.N.A.R.E Antarctic Base, Heard Island 1947-1955Silver
Marilyn GENDEKFlorence Nightingale: The Path to LegendVermeil
Daryl KIBBLESigns of the TimesLarge Silver
Michael CHRISTENSENTin Can IslandSilver
Kenneth MARKHAMNew Zealand - from discovery to depressionVermeil
John PASTONThe Suez CanalVermeil
Gerhard KAMFFERThe Road to Democracy in South Africa up to 1994Gold
Indigo FRANKLINThe Game of SoccerSilver
Winnie O'REGANThe World of Snugglepot and CuddlepieSilver Bronze
Aaradhya SHUKLANot Just PaperSilver
Jeffrey THOMPSONThe Voyages of Captain CookBronze
Ramprasad MAHURKARButterflies - An Enigma; An Elixir in PerilSilver
Muskan MALHOTRAThe Elephant WorldSilver Bronze
Prachi SHARMABritish India King George VI Postal StationeryVermeil
Rayhan Farid AKBARIExploring TransportationLarge Silver
Ardelia Clarissa NUENSIARooooaaaarrrr, We are the Roaring CatsLarge Vermeil
Mauritania WIBAWANTOFunctions and Activities of Postal Services during the Netherlands Re-occupation in Java 1945-1949Vermeil
Jun Seo YOONTo the Mountain, Valley and SeaBronze
Connor SMITHAntarcticaVermeil
Nutthinee CHIMUSUWANThe Historical Parks of ThailandBronze
Chatchaya KARNASUTAThailand: King Rama IX Tenth Definitive IssueLarge Vermeil
Maryam KHOORYBirds of the WorldSilver
Zac FRANKLINCricketVermeil
Pei-Yin LUThe Commemoration Envelope of the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic of ChinaSilver Bronze
Avipsa BISWALPigeons and DovesSilver Bronze
Rhea PRASADThe First Stamp Issue of Independent IndiaSilver Bronze
Sweta SHRESTHAAerogrammes of Nepal Large Silver
Lachlan SMITHGoldVermeil
Mussaib MUHAMMADAfghanistan Definitive Series of October 1939Silver
Stephen BROWNENew South Wales Stampless Mail 1850-185292 Points
Carole CZERMAKGrossBorn POW philately issued during their 1944 Olympic Period73 Points
Richard (Bill) JENKINSThe Campbell and Co and Campbell and Ferguson Printings of the Three Pence Blue Victorian Half Lengths 90 Points
James JOHNSTONEThe 1900 Patriotic Fund Charity Stamps of Queensland and Victoria90 Points
Rod KANTORNorthern Rhodesia's 1963 Definitive Issue76 Points
Rod KANTORRepublic of Biafra - Internal and Outgoing mail in time of conflict and change81 Points
James SHAWNew Zealand 1878 1d Stamp Duty85 Points
James SHAWNew Zealand 1965 Anzac [50th Anniversary] issues study - 4d and 5d80 Points
Paul XAVIERFiji KGVI -The Omnibus Commemoratives83 Points
M M Salman MUNIRWildlife Creation of Postal Service Bangladesh (1971-1980)66 Points
Andrew CHEUNGBritish Treaty Port Post Offices in Japan92 Points
Stephen CHIVERSNew Zealand 1997 Christmas88 Points
Frank JANSNew Zealand Fund Raising Social Events 1903 - 192195 Points
Ross MARSHALLPoland Postage Due- Plate of the 2-value of 191982 Points
Henry ONGMalaya Postage Meter Stamp 1927-194279 Points
Avi BARITBasutoland 1965 Decimal Overprints74 Points
Chavah BARITSwaziland: 1961 Decimal Overprints74 Points
Gila BARITNamibia: The Overprints of the 2000s and their origin73 Points
Roger EGGLETONAustralia: Parcels Post Label P.P.181 Points
John HIGGSThe First AIF- November 1914 to April 191575 Points
Cheung Patrick KWANAspects of Philatelic Trade in Mauritius74 Points
Michel ROLANDFor Economic Reasons77 Points
Tim SCHOFIELDCancellations, Postal Markings and Correspondence of Country Post Offices's Moreton Bay 1850-186085 Points
Gary WATSONThe Letter Carrier Datestamps of Melbourne87 Points
Gary WATSONThe Pre-separation Datestamps of Melbourne85 Points
Lianhua HOUThe Special Machine-Stamped Cancellations Used at Nanchang City during the Cultural Revolution (1970-1972)73 Points
Cheong-Too CHOI Emergency Postal Service in Shanghai, China 1927 & 193284 Points
Kishor CHANDAKThe Black & White Seals Romance of Pre-Stamp Era79 Points
Muhammad ASADAustrian Mission Mail in Palestine during Ottoman Empire64 Points
Ross NEWTONApollo 13: A successful failure77 Points
Xiuqing CHENThe Elderly Happy Life74 Points
Graham ENGLEFIELDMawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-191477 Points
David FIGGGeneral Douglas MacArthur-Defender and Liberator of the Philippines69 Points
Masaru KAWABE"Liberty Leading the People" by Delacroix83 Points
Rod KANTORZimbabwe - Inflation of the 21st Century 2002-2010Vermeil
John MOOREAustralia 1988 Living TogetherVermeil
Michel ROLANDElectronic Counter Services and Australia PostLarge Vermeil
Tim SCHOFIELDSpanish Variable Value Stamps 1979-2016Large Silver
Subhabrata BASU Indiapost in 21st CenturySilver
G. Anil Kumar REDDYHolograms in PhilatelySilver
Fumihisa ITOUkrainian inflation 1992-1996Large Vermeil
Nilo DIZON3-Dimensional Lenticular Motion StampsSilver
Avi BARITThe 1981 Lesotho Bird Definitive IssueSilver Bronze
John LANCASTERExhibit YourselfVermeil
John LANCASTERColonial Customs and BeyondVermeil
Greg LAIDLERConstant Plate Varieties of the two dollar Red Gums of the far northLarge Silver
Michael HOThe Small DragonGold
Rohit PRASADIndia 1929 Air Mail Stamps: A Study of Constant VarietiesSilver
Dr. K RAMACHANDIRANNIndian Postal History-Focus on Tamil NaduSilver
JAPAN PHILATELIC PUBLICATIONS Inc.Illustrated Guide to Japanese Commemorative Stamps 1894-1944Silver
Yukihiro SHODAInternational Exhibition History 1965-2004Silver Bronze
Diffoung CHANGA Complete Colour-Illustrated Straits Settlement Postage Stamps 1854-1946Silver
STAMPEDIA Inc.Stampedia Philatelic JournalLarge Vermeil
PHILATELIC ASSOCIATION OF THAILANDPhilatelic Association of Thailand JournalVermeil
RENNIKS PUBLICATIONS Pty LtdStamps of Australia: 15th editionSilver
SEVEN SEAS STAMPSThe Australasian Stamp Catalogue 32nd EditionLarge Silver
JAPAN PHILATELIC SOCIETY FOUNDATIONVisual Japanese Stamp Catalog Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3, Vol.4Large Silver


Name of ExhibitorName of ExhibitAWARD
David EDWARDSThe Construction of the SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE 1923-1932GOLD

London Stampex 2017

LONDON 2017 SPRING STAMPEX 15-18 February
PostcardsDavid FiggStrike a Light85 G
AeroDavid CollyerYears of Change - International Airmail to and from Australasia 1939-194585 G
TraditionalGary BrownAden: From British Colony to People's Republic85 G
Lionel SavinsThe 1935 Pictorial Definitive Stamps of New Zealand87 G

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