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Sharjah World Stamp Exhibition 1 – 5 Nov 2022

DianneSaundersThematic5Antarctic Expedition Ships80V
JohnMoorePicture Postcards5PPC of Lord Howe Island78LS
GlenStaffordTraditional5Gold Currency Surcharge of 191380V
HansDahlPostal History8German feldpost Service 1937-194585LV
MarkDiserioOne Frame (PH)1Victoria - Envelopes Embossed with the 2d De La Rue die 1869 to 188590G

Capetown International Stamp Exhibition 8 – 12 Nov 2022

Paul XavierOne Frame1Territory of Papua new Guinea- 1964 Health Services issue82
GeoffKellowOne Frame1Sierra Leone: The Margai -Churchill issue of 196884
DavidFiggPost Cards8Strike a Light85LV
JohnMooreOpen5Coconut-The Palm of Life71S
BruceChaddertonOpen8The Descent into the Abyss - A Philatelic retelling of the Holocaust91G - SP
JohnMooreAero5Airmail from Nyasaland 1931-196485LV
VijayShuklaTraditional5India- Handstruck Scinde Dawk and lithographed issues 1685- 185786LV
Tom GosseTraditional5Newfoundland King George VI Long Coronation85LV
JohnDibiaseTraditional5Western Australia - The railway parcel stamps and labels 1905-198680V
TrevorSpenserTraditional5The Swans of De La Rue 1871 - 191286LV
John GibsonPostal History5British Solomon Island Postal History 1896-194577LS
Tom GossePostal History5Japanese Occupation of South East Asia84V
Rod KantorPostal History5Katanga, South Kasai, Albertville and Stanleyville - Consequences78LS
Rod KantorPostal History5Zimbabwe - Impact of inflation on postage rates 85LV
Frank PauerPostal Stationery5Australian Airletters and Aerogrammes -The Note Printing Branch86LV
Glen StaffordRevenues5Bolivian revenues to 190685LV
Ian McMahonLiteratureAustralian Postal Stationery Collector86LV

Australasian Challenge 2022 (@WPS100, NZ)

NSW                      506
TAS                        496
NZ NTH                 495
NZ STH                  493
ACT                       483
SA                           453
WA                         418
QLD                        354

WPS100 Stamp Show 2022 (Wellington, NZ)

RichardGurevitchAerophilately8Haiti Airmail 1923-194688GSpecial Prize
ZahidulIslamAerophilately1First Series Aerogramme of Bangladesh: Rates Study74LS
GeoffreyLewisAerophilately8Philippines International Airmails up to 194188G
Brad BakerFirst Day Covers3John F. Kennedy - USA First Day Covers Scott 1246 5 Cents Memorial Stamp73LS
GaryCarbinesOpen2Epsom Normal School Model Post Office76V
GaryDiffenOpen8Preparations for War and the Australian Military Campaign at Gallipoli96LGGrand Award
DarrenJonesOpen5Human Endeavours in Antarctica79V
AnthonyPresgraveOpen5The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the River Murray Trade72LS
PaulGoodliffePolar2French Exploration of Antarctica54B
PaulBarsdellPostal History5Indo-China Postal History81LV
AlbertCheungPostal History5International Postal Routes of China during the Sino-Japanese War 1937-194591LG
MarkDiserioPostal History5'The Queen's Men' - A study of the Gubernatorial Frank Stamps of Australia86G
WayneDonaldsonPostal History8Sweden and Great Britain: Mail Connections 1581-188093LGSpecial Prize
GordonHarrisonPostal History2Precancelled Stamps of the United States of America64SB
DianneJamesPostal History5Arthur Bergen's Philatelic Items61SB
ChristopherSmithPostal History2Pitcairn Island - Philately supporting the community72LS
LewisWebbPostal History5Norfolk Island: Stamp usage in the Territory. 1947-195970LS
JohnWettenhallPostal History8500 Years of Mail Disinfection84LV
MichaelBlinmanPostal Stationery8New South Wales Postal Stationery96LGRunner-up Grand Award
JohnCourtisPostal Stationery5Argentina Post Office Wrappers: 1878 - 193485G
JohnDibiasePostal Stationery5Postal Stationery of Western Australia87G
MalcolmGroomPostal Stationery8Tasmanian Embossed Postal Stationery95LGSpecial Prize
David SmithPostal Stationery8The Postal Stationery of Jamaica90LGSpecial Prize
BruceChaddertonPostcards5Whakarewarewa - Living A Guided Life91LGFelicitations & Special Prize
Gaye & GraemeChequerPostcards5I am Orchid - Appealing, Adored and Dignified88G
StephenHoathPostcards1World War I Postcards by Captain Bruce Bairnsfather72LS
MikeKouwenPostcards5The Semi Officials of Western Australia91LGSpecial Prize
PeterAllanRevenues5Operation of the tasmanian Stamp Duties Acts & Regulations 1827-193189G
IanCulshawRevenues5Western Australian Impressed Duty Stamps83LV
ClydeZiegelerRevenues5Australia - London Customs Duty77V
DebraCollettThematics3Through the Wine Glass70LSSpecial Prize
DarylKibbleThematics8Message Behind The Angel Story: God's Redemption of Mankind96LGSecond Runner-up Grand Award
PhilipHealTopical3History of Football World Cup 72LS
BillClarkTraditional5Emblems Issue of Victoria 1857 to 186387G
SarahHarveyTraditional5Hong Kong King George V definitives 1912-37, including China overprints80LV
LynHayesTraditional5King George V One Penny Green 1924-193781LV
PhilipLevineTraditional8Gold Coast Queen Victoria and King Edward VII88G
HarryLowerTraditional8South Australia's small De La Rue stamps issued in the colonial era93LG
AlbericRozarioTraditional4George V Imperium Keyplate Issues of Ceylon 71LS
LionelSavinsTraditional8The 1935 Pictorial Definitive Stamps of New Zealand87G
JamesShawTraditional1Victoria ½d Bantam Stamps and Usages 1874 - 192575V
GlenStaffordTraditional8Nicaragua Postage Stamps (the Seebeck Periond 1890-1899)85G
PaulXavierTraditional5Fiji - King George VI - The Definitives85G
Number of Exhibits - 44231

LIBEREC European Stamp Exhibition and Polar Salon 13 – 16 Oct 2022

GlenStafford2c - Tradional Other World5Nicaraguan Postage Stamps – The Gold Currency Surgarge of 1913 77LS
BernardBeston3c - Postal History Other World8Avis de Reception – Australia & Colonies87LV
JohnDibiase2 - Traditional1The Lions of Persia 88LV
DavidFigg6 - Picture Postcards1A Childs Plea – “Please, Have you Got a Cigarette Picture?”72S
BruceChadderton7 - Picture Postcards5Whakarewarewa – Living a Guided Life85LV
JohnMoore6 - Picture Postcards5Lord Howe Island – A Traveller’s Tale71S
BernardBeston9a - Stationery Other World3Panama – Semi Postal Issues 1939 – 194980V
MarkDesirio9a - Stationery Other World2Victoria 2nd DLR Embossed Envelopes88LV
PaulXavier9a - Stationery Other World1Fiji – 1st & 2nd South Pacific Games Issues72S
IanMcMahon9e - Astrophilately 1Canberra Tracking Stations80V
MartinWalker2C- Tradional Other World5US – 1933-35 Byrd Antarctic Expedition85LV
GrahamEnglefieldPolar Salon1Mawson’s Australian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1495LGSP - Polar Excellence
MartinWalkerPolar Salon1Byrds First Antarctic Expedition60B
DavidFiggPolar Salon5Antarctic QSL Cards81V
DianneSaunders5a Polar Philately5Antarctic Expedition Ships 1773 – 202085LV
StephenBennett8e - LiteratureThe Antarctic CompendiumSP - Polar Excellence

ANPEX 2022 20-21 August 2022

PhilipAdamsOne Frame TraditionalAustralia's Kangaroo and Map Issue: the 1/2d Green88G
JohnBodnarOne Frame TraditionalUkraine - The Third Vienna Issue61SB
BernhardClemmensenOne Frame TraditionalCzeslaw Slania's Stamp Art68S
IanFuaryOne Frame TraditionalThe Decimal Specimen Sets79V
LorenzoGiardielloOne Frame TraditionalNauru Progressive Colour Trials60SB
MichaelHancyOne Frame TraditionalPostal Service in Morocco from 1891 to 191760SB
MD ZahiduiIslamOne Frame Traditional1 Taka (Kamalapur Railway Station) & 2 Taka (Zia International Airport) Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga Printed Definitives Stamps of Bangladesh74LS
GregLaidlerOne Frame TraditionalThe 3d Kookaburra Stamp0C of P
PatrickLongfieldOne Frame TraditionalBritish North Borneo, The Early Years 1883-188675V
HarryLowerOne Frame TraditionalThe 1891 Surcharges of South Australia94LG
GordonMonkOne Frame TraditionalHoley Problems Harris Scarfe & Co Die 479V
GordonMonkOne Frame TraditionalA Study of the Australian KGV 1d NY Joined Variety91LG
GordonMonkOne Frame TraditionalA Study of the Australian KGV 1d Die 3 Issue90LG
JohnMooreOne Frame TraditionalJamhuri 1964 - The Locally Handstamped Overprints74LS
GeorgeMorrisOne Frame TraditionalGermany Hosts The Olympic Games - The Stamps Produced By Germany to Promote Their Hosting of Three Olympic Games77V
JeffNewmanOne Frame TraditionalMalaya Sungei Ujong 1881 -189578V
JennyRolandOne Frame TraditionalAt A Premium70LS
JennyRolandOne Frame TraditionalBelgica 8277V
JonTiernanOne Frame TraditionalRailway Parcel/Freight Stamps of The Private Railways of Mainland Australia89G
MartinWalkerOne Frame TraditionalHalf Penny GPO Definitive of South Australia91LG
JohnWilkinsOne Frame TraditionalAustralia Post's Indigenous Designs57B
PaulXavierOne Frame TraditionalTerritory of Papua & New Guinea - 1964 Health Service Issue86G
PeterAllanOne Frame Postal HistoryTasmanian Free Mail 1853 to 1882 - Acts and Regulations91LG
MalcomCampbellOne Frame Postal HistoryHouse of Gorkha to Gorkha Sarkar 1559CE-1929CE63SB
NigelCarterOne Frame Postal HistoryDelivered in Island Time62SB
JohnDiBiaseOne Frame Postal HistoryRoyal Antediluvian Order of The Buffaloes74LS
IanFuaryOne Frame TraditionalRed and Green - 1938 to 196274LS
JimHowardOne Frame Postal HistoryCivil Censorship of Brunei Mail 1939 to 194176V
BrianPeaceOne Frame Postal HistoryAdelaide + Port Adelaide First Handstamps91LG
MarkDiserioOne Frame Postal StationeryAustralia - Lettercards Stamped To Order94LG
AlexNuijtenOne Frame Postal StationeryFur Collar Letter Cards of The Netherlands 1906 - 191889G
AngelaGrovesOne Frame Thematic The Weird, Wacky and The Wonderful68S
MD ZahiduiIslamOne Frame Thematic Mahatma Gandhi's Major Iconic Movements in India80LV
PaulGoodliffeOne Frame MaximaphilyFrench Paintings Through The Medium of Maximum Cards68S
BernieBestonOne Frame TelegraphQueensland Electric Telegraph82LV
BernieBestonOne Frame TelegraphEcuador Telegraph Forms83LV
BernieBestonOne Frame TelegraphEcuador Telegraph82LV
DaveElsmoreOne Frame TelegraphElectric Telegraph Queensland92LG
BarbaraHancockOne Frame TelegraphGreetings Telegrams66S
MartinWalkerOne Frame TelegraphAustralia's Radio Telegraph Services81LV
JohnDiBiaseOne Frame TelegraphWestern Australian The Telegraph Office Forms89G
MartinWalkerOne Frame TelegraphSouth Australian Telegram Forms 1902 - 191783LV
GordonOatesOne Frame TelegraphQSL ICW70LS
MarilynGendekOne Frame OpenMental Illness: An Illustrated History66S
JohnBodnarOne Frame Picture Postcards The 1909 Challenge - Cross the English Channel by Aeroplane82LV
JohnBodnarOne Frame Picture Postcards The Russian Expeditionary Force and The Russian Legion in France 1916-191878V
DavidCollyerOne Frame Picture Postcards Boeing 747 - The Queen of the Skies - 100 series85G
AlmaDownesOne Frame Picture Postcards A Short Holiday in Clovelly84LV
DavidFiggOne Frame Picture Postcards Brookes Limited80LV
DavidFiggOne Frame Picture Postcards The Independent Order of Rechabites79V
DavidFiggOne Frame Picture Postcards Circular Quay, Hub of Sydney81LV
DavidFiggOne Frame Picture Postcards Ted Ryko - Adelaide to Darwin by Bicycle81LV
GordonOatesOne Frame Picture Postcards QSL ICW0C of P
RonRitterOne Frame Picture Postcards Picture Postcards of Semaphone, South Australia76V
JennyRolandOne Frame Picture Postcards The 4th Dimension83LV
JennyRolandOne Frame Picture Postcards The House of The Vettii78V
ClydeZiegelerOne Frame Picture Postcards Lidice75V
DianneJamesOne Frame First Day Covers cCentenary of the Overland Telegraph - Anpex 7272LS
GrahamEnglefieldOne Frame Polar PhilatelyOperation Sinbad' The Macquarie Island Emergency Flight 194880LV
DianneSaundersOne Frame Polar PhilatelySled Dogs in Antarctica 1898 - 199471LS
JohnDiBiaseOne Frame CinderellasMonte Bello Islands79V
MartinWalkerOne Frame CinderellasDiscount and Saving Stamps Issued by Australian Retail Stores83LV

Indonesia  2022 World Stamp Championship 4 – 9 August

Ross DuberalBritish Military Administration of MalayaTraditional76LS
Eric HurrellAustralia - The Kangaroo and Map Stamps (1913-1947)Traditional78LS
Chung H LingAirmails of British Borneo 1926 - 1941Aerophilately90GB
Glen StaffordNicaragua - Airmail Stamps 1929 - 1937Aerophilately90GB
Ian CulshawWestern Australia Impressed Duty StampsRevenues87LV
John DiBiasePostal Notes and Orders of AustraliaRevenues83V
Mike KouwenAustralia - London Customs DutyRevenues86LV
Glen StaffordBolivian Revenues to 1906Revenues85LV
John Moore1988 Australia Living TogetherModern80V

CAPEX 22 International One Frame Stamp Championship Exhibition Toronto Canada 9-12 June 2022

First NameLast NameTitleClassPointsAward
One Frame
PeterAllanTasmanian free mail 1853 to 1882 - Acts and RegulationsPH - Postal History85
MichaelBlinmanNew South Wales Embossed Stationery 1838 - 1850PS - Postal Stationery82
BillClarkSix Pence Stamps of Victoria 1860 to 1863TR - Traditional86
JohnDiBiaseAustralia: The Gowrie and Gloucester Red Cross Appeal Labels, 1940-1945TR - Traditional80
MarkDiserioVictoria's ordinary envelopes after FederationPS - Postal Stationery80
AlmaDownesLet's elope to Gretna GreenPP - Picture Postcard75
DavidFiggGeneral Douglas MacArthur - Defender and Liberator of the PhilippinesOP - Open85
DavidFiggThe Hoboken Docks Fire 1900PP - Picture Postcard82
MarilynGendekThe Scottish Women's Hospital Royaumont 1914 - 1918OP - Open92
FarzanaHaqueHealth Issues Of New Zealand Post 1929-1966TR - Traditional68
GeoffreyKellowThe 1966 Gold Coinage Issue of Sierra LeoneTR - Traditional80
DarylKibbleFirst Day Covers of Robert D'SpainOT - Other (Non FIP Classes)81
GregoryLaidlerThe Life and Career of Field Marshal Lord BirdwoodPH - Postal History68
LindaLeePioneer LifeTR - Traditional72
PhilipLevineGold Coast One Penny Postcard of 1892 and it's UsagePS - Postal Stationery73
GordonMonkAustralian KGV 1d Die 3 VarietiesTR - Traditional90
VeraRadnellThe Language of FalconryTH - Thematic85
PaulaSagerThe Perkins Bacon 5d Diadem Stamp of New South WalesTR - Traditional92
GlenStafford400th Anniversary of the Founding of Leon and GranadaTR - Traditional80
MartinWalkerParaguay - The First Kraus Definitives of 1903TR - Traditional77
Philatelic Society of CanberraCapital PhilatelyLiterature73Silver
DaveElsmoreRevenue & Railway Stamps of AustraliaLiterature87Large Vermeil
Australian Philatelic FederationAustralian Philatelic Federation Website www.apf.org.au/Literature85Large Vermeil
Australian Philatelic FederationAPF NewsLiterature71Silver
DarylKibbleJames Cook at Nootka Sound 1778 - Canadian First Day and Event Covers 1978-1979Literature79Large Silver

SAVPEX 2022 Virtual One Frame Exhibition (Australian Results)

MARKDiserioOne Frame Postal Stationery Queensland 1d letter card and reply card91G
JonTIERNANOne Frme TraditionalNew South Wales Railway Parcel Freight Stamps Predecimal period 1891-196688LV
JonTiernanOne Frame RevenuesTasmania Beer Duty stamps83V
MarilynGendekOne Frame Picture PostcardsNutritional sustenance in a nursing world86LV
RodKantorSt. Helena – The polytechnic postcards80V

Newcastle Half National 26 – 28 May

Traditional CordonDavidDe la Rue, Bermuda Queen Victoria stamps and their uses95Large Gold
Traditional ClarkBillEmblems Issue of Victoria 1857 to 186393Large Gold
Traditional OrrJoanRSA Second Definitives82Large Vermeil
Traditional ElsmoreDaveQueensland Railway Freight Stamps 1965 to 199486Gold
Traditional LevinePhilipGold Coast Queen Victoria and King Edward VII90Large Gold
Traditional SavinsLionelThe 1935 Pictorial definitive stamps of New Zealand92Large Gold
Traditional LewisGeoffreySpanish Philippines83Large Vermeil
Traditional StaffordGlenNicaraguan Postage Stamps - The Seebeck Era (1890-1899)90Large Gold
Traditional LowerHarrySouth Australia's small De la Rue stamps issued in the Colonial era92Large Gold
Traditional LloydDavidGreat Britain 1966 Football World Cup82Large Vermeil
Traditional XavierPaulFiji - King George VI - the Definitives88Gold
Traditional HarveySarahHong Kong George V Definitives 1912-37, including China overprints82Large Vermeil
Traditional TiernanJonVictoria Railway Parcel/Freight Stamps 1877-196690Large Gold
Traditional IslamMd ZahidulDefinitive Stamps of Bangladesh 1973-197780Large Vermeil
Traditional BarsdellPaulSarawak90Large Gold
Traditional GurevitchRichard1938-1953 King George VI period postal issues86Gold
Traditional FreemanMikeThe Duloz Stamps of the Ottoman Empire87Gold
Traditional ChangZengshuThe Chinese Revolution of 1911 and Sun Yat-sen stamps74Large Silver
Traditional KantorRodKatanga, South Kasai, Albertville and Stanleyville - Consequences of an African Tragedy78Vermeil
Traditional LaidlerGregory1929 Swan - The stamp to commemorate the centenary of Western Australia78Vermeil
Traditional LaidlerGregoryThe 1927 stamp commemorating the opening of Parliament House in Canberra82Large Vermeil
Traditional BozicJohn1d KGV issues of the Commonwealth of Australia90Large Gold
Traditional PearsonJohnThe Official stamps of South Australia from 1868 to 191484Large Vermeil
Traditional EbbingGertPrussia 1850 - 186784Large Vermeil
Traditional TreadwellMartinThe Philately of the two New Hebrides 1842 -1941: A story of two jurisdictions and one Post office92Large Gold
Traditional SimpsonJeffNew Zealand - The Magpie Moth 1970-197385Gold
Traditional BestonBernardPanama Semi Postal issues 1939-194982Large Vermeil
Postal History 2a
Postal History 2aSchofieldTimMachine Cancels, Postmarks and Postal Markings of GB 1857-191492Large Gold
Postal History 2b
Postal History 2bRichardsSimonThe Postal History of Savoy to UPU96Large Gold
Postal Stationery
Postal Stationery SmithMichaelThe Postal Stationery of the Orange Free State97Large Gold
Postal Stationery GroomMalcolmTasmanian Embossed Stationery 1883 to 191294Large Gold
Postal Stationery ThackeryTonyNew Zealand Letter Cards from Queen Victoria to King George V78Vermeil
Postal Stationery BestonBernardFormular Registered Envelopes of Eastern Africa 78Vermeil
Aerophilately WolfEdQantas's International competitors during the tenure of Hudson Fysh (1931-1966)76Vermeil
Astrophilately BromserCharlesRocket Mail Pioneers93Large Gold
One Frame Postal History
One Frame Postal HistorySmallAndrewQantas Slogans as used in Postal Franking Machines, Metered Cancellations and Qantas Stationery57Bronze
One Frame Picture Postcards
One Frame Picture Postcards GendekMarilynNutritional Sustenance in a Nursing World80Large Vermeil
One Frame Picture Postcards Smith DingleTally me Banana'-the rise of the Jamacia Banana Industry72Large Silver
One Frame Picture Postcards HancockBarbaraSydney's Historic George Street83Large Vermeil
One Frame Picture Postcards PeckRichardRegional Trams of Australia75Vermeil
One Frame Picture Postcards ChiversStephenMandalay81Large Vermeil
One Frame Picture Postcards MarshallRossWest Coast Coal Shipping85Gold
One Frame Picture Postcards EdwardsPaulineAppliqued Materials67Silver
One Frame Picture Postcards FiggDavidThe Hoboken 1900 Docks Fire78Vermeil
One Frame Picture Postcards DuberalRossFiji- Arthur Mills, publisher 1907-191172Large Silver
One Frame Picture Postcards HoathSteveWorld War I Postcards by Captain Bruce Bairnsfather82Large Vermeil
Picture Postcards
Picture Postcards KarmanHansWindmills83Large Vermeil
Picture Postcards BodleyElspethOur National Capital 1901-193983Large Vermeil
Picture Postcards BeecheyDesSeventy nine Publishers of Tasmanian Postcards76Vermeil
Picture Postcards FitzgeraldJeffPostcard Images of Aboriginal People87Gold
Picture Postcards BanfieldJennyAnthropomorphic Cats80Large Vermeil
Picture Postcards LongJeffW.T. Wilson, Photographer & Postcard Publisher, Auckland, New Zealand94Large Gold
Picture Postcards DownesAlmaA Cornish Tour78Vermeil
Picture Postcards RolandJennifer1900 Paris Exhibition77Vermeil
Picture Postcards DiBiaseJohnMorbid Views71Large Silver
Picture Postcards KouwenMikeThe Semi Officials (Departmentals) of Western Australia93Large Gold
Picture Postcards MooreJohnQantas Flys to the World70Large Silver
Polar Philately
Polar Philately FiggDavidAntarctica - Last Frontier on Earth75Vermeil
Polar Philately JonesDarrenHumans in Antarctica69Silver
Polar Philately SaundersDianneAntarctica Expedition Ships 1773-202078Vermeil
Polar Philately HarryTeresaOperation Deep Freeze Picket Ships71Large Silver
Polar Philately MarshallRossUSA-USSR Scientist exchange programme in Antarctica92Large Gold
First Day Covers
First Day Covers ScottAnthonyWCS Wesley Cover Service from 1934 to 200076Vermeil
First Day Covers XavierPaulTerritory of Papua and New Guinea -Sterling FDC's 1952-196581Large Vermeil
First Day Covers KennawayTim1962 USA 4c Project Mercury Stamp issue. FDC, cachet makers and America's 3rd Astronaut in space70Large Silver
First Day Covers PeterGregoryAustralian Pre-Decimal First Day Covers. 1927-194084Large Vermeil
First Day Covers StaffordGlenGhana's First Day Covers from Independence73Large Silver
Cinderellas CatterallDonAustralian Patriotic Labels and related Ephemera73Large Silver
Modern Traditional
ModernMooreJohn1988 Australia Living Together85Gold
ModernHancockBarbaraAustralia's Peel and Stick Revolution91Large Gold
TopicalChequerGaye and GraemeSelected Orchid Genera - Etymology, Distribution and Characteristics86Gold
TopicalBridgmanHowardFrom Imperial China to the Hobbit via Europe: Dragons on Postage Stamps71Large Silver
TopicalBridgmanHowardJapanese Buntsu (International Letter Writing Week) Issues - Classic Eastern Art on Stamps57Bronze
Open Philately
Open Philately DaviesJohnA Jubilee Reminiscence94LGLarge Gold
Open Philately WalkerTonyThe German Occupation of Guernsey 1940-194577VVermeil
Open Philately DiffenGaryPreparations for War and the Australian Military Campaign at Gallipoli94LGLarge Gold
Open Philately GravestockLeighWellington Airport at Rongotai81LVLarge Vermeil
Open Philately WalkerTonyNorth Borneo Defence,, Occupation and Liberation 1939-194881LVLarge Vermeil
Open Philately NewtonRossMartin Luther King Jr70LSLarge Silver
Open Philately ChequerGaye and GraemeThe Story of Vanilla85GGold
Open Philately DombayMiklosThe Blue Danube76VVermeil
Open Philately MooreJohnCoconut-The Palm of Life80LVLarge Vermeil
Open Philately McLarenSinclairThe Piano0Certificate of Participation
Open Philately CromieMonicaThe Happy Hen and her partner, the arrogant Rooster81LVLarge Vermeil
Open Philately CromieMonicaHoney88GGold
Open Philately McTaggartPaulThe Victoria Cross - Supreme Valour90LGLarge Gold

Helvetia World Stamp Exhibition 2022 18 – 22 May

Geoffrey KellowTraditionalThe 2d Bell Design of Victoria 1873-1880LV87
Geoffrey LewisPostal HistoryMail Routes in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian OceansLG95
Ian McMahonPostal StationeryEnvelopes and Postcards of CanadaG90
Paul XavierOne FrameFiji KGVI The Omnibus Commemoratives75
Tasmanian Philatelic SocietyLiteratureTasmanian Postal StationeryG91
Ian McMahonLiteraturePostal Stationery CollectorV80

Hunfilex 2022 31 Mar – 3 Apr 2022

Name of ExhibitorName of ExhibitClassNo FramesMedalPointsPrize
Ian McMahonQueensland Revenue StampsRevenues8G90
Glen StaffordNicaraguan Postage Stamps, The Seebeck Era (1890-1899)Traditional8G90
Daryl KibbleMessage Behind the Angel Story: God's Redemption of MankindThematic8LG96Special Prize
John MooreTreatment and Handling Australian Registered Mail 1900-1966Postal History5V80
Russell BoylanSt Vincent - The De La Rue PeriodChampionship Class8Championship Class
Vera RadnellThe Language of FalconryOne frame183
Miklos DombayThe Blue DanubeOpen5LS78
Eric HurrellAustralia - The Kangaroo and Map Stamps (191301947)Traditional5V82
Qayyum GhaziCanoe, The Amazing Prehistoric Watercraft of All TimeThematic5LS78
Charles BromserThumbprint Registration to KentaniOne frame178
John DibiasePostal Notes & Orders of AustraliaRevenues5LV85
Martin WalkerSimplification of the Collection of Bottled Beer Duty in Australia One frame187Special Prize
Martin WalkerAustralia's Departure TaxOne frame186
Paul XavierFiji - King Edward VII - First Watermark Issue (1903)One frame178
Geoff WotherspoonAustralian KGV 4d Value Empirical ResearchOne frame183CoP
Richard GurevichHong Kong Franked Covers of the Queen Victoria PeriodLiterature0V81

Canberra Stamp Show 18 – 20 March 2022

State Classes
Traditional - State
TiernanJonTraditionalNew South Wales Railway Parcel / Freight Stamps Pre-Decimal Period 1891-1966 89GBEST IN SHOW STATE CLASS
DuberalRossTraditionalFiji King George V Silver Jubilee 1935 71V
RosarioAlbericTraditionalGeorge V Key-Plate Varieties, Dies and Its Usage in Ceylon 1912-1936 73VSP
Open - State
GendekMarilynOpenSurviving War: Sister Vivian Bullwinkel and Sister Ellen Savage 84GSP
NewtonRossOpenMartin Luther King Jr 72V
Picture Postcards - State
GiardielloLorenzoPicture PostcardsThe History of FAB Picture Silk Patchwork Postcards 71V
First Day Covers - State
KennawayTimothyFirst Day Covers1962 USA 4c 'Project Mercury' Stamp Issue FDC: Cachet Makers & America's 3rd Astronaut in Space73V
LloydDavidFirst Day Covers1966 FIFA World Cup of Football 78LVRUNNER UP STATE CLASS
Results National Classes
Postal History
BradberryTracyPostal HistoryAustralian Commonwealth Surface Mail Postcard Rates & Regulations, internally & those set by the Universal Postal Union 1901-194177V
CheungAlbertPostal HistoryPostal History of Republican China - 1912 to 1949 78V
DiffenGaryPostal HistoryTransportation of Australian Colonial Mail - The Return to Steam 1857-1891 93LGBEST IN SHOW
DonaldsonWaynePostal HistorySweden & Great Britain: Mail Connections 1581-1880 91LGRUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW
GriffinTonyPostal HistoryFree Frank Stamps of Great Britain & Ireland - 1764 to 1840 59B
LyonAnthony JamesPostal HistoryMail to and from New Zealand Military Personnel during World War II 71LS
LoeDavidPostal HistoryIcelandic Parcel Cards 68S
MuhammadJavaidPostal HistoryPakistan Postal History 1947-1960 70LS
Abdulrahman AhmadAliPostal HistoryStations Postal Markings of Egypt 1877-193865S
CarswellLindsayPostal HistoryThe Early Postmarks of Banks Peninsula 74LS
PresgraveAnthonyPostal HistoryPostmarking Machines and Slogans Used at the Adelaide General Post Office and Adelaide Mail Exchange 1907 to 1999 70LS
SchofieldTimPostal HistoryGB Machine Cancels, Postmarks and Postal Markings 1857-1914 91LGSP
DiffenGaryPostal HistoryAdvertising Envelopes of the Australian Colonies to 1913 87G
SadlerIan Postal HistoryJapan's War with China, 1937-45 65S
SmithChristopherPostal HistoryPitcairn Island - Philately Supporting the Community 66S
KantorRodPostal HistoryZimbabwe - Impact of Inflation on Postage Rates 81LV
CollyerDavidAerophilatelyImperial Connection - the story of scheduled services - Australia's air connection to the world 90LGSP
SmallAndrewAerophilatelyThe MacRobertson Air Race UK to Melbourne 20th October 1934 - 18,000 kilometres. Flight Covers from the Competitors 76V
StaffordGlenAerophilatelyNicaragua - Airmail Stamps 1929-1937 86G
Wolf EdAerophilatelyWest Australia Airmail Routes 1921-1935 83LV
DunsRobertAerophilatelyCivilian Airmail to New Zealand 73LS
NewtonRoss AstrophilatelyOne Small Step For Man 80LV
Postal Stationery
AlmarzooqiMohamed HassanPostal StationeryBahrain KGVI Postal Stationery 60SB
BarsdellPaulPostal StationeryIndo-China Postal Stationery 83LV
BestonBernard Postal StationeryJordan - The Postal Stationery 78V
DiBiaseJohnPostal StationeryWestern Australia, the Postal Stationery, 1879-1913 89GSP
DiserioMarkPostal StationeryVictoria Envelopes Embossed with the 2d De La Rue die 1869 to 1885 88G
Orr JoanPostal StationeryAustralia Queen Elizabeth II Stamped to Order Postal Stationery 83LV
XavierPaulPostal StationeryFiji - Air Mail Lettercards and Aerogrammes (1944-92) 76V
TozerPeterPostal StationeryA Study of the Small 18 Cent Australian Embossed Pre-Stamped Envelope 74LS
BestonBernardRevenuesEcuador Stamped Revenue Paper (Papel Sellado) 1886-1918 80LV
CulshawIan RevenuesWestern Australia Impressed Duty Stamps 87GSP
ElsmoreDaveRevenuesFiji Stamp Duty: 1880-1896 86G
StaffordGlenRevenuesBolivian Revenues to 1905 83LV
XavierPaulFrugalFiji - Architecture Definitive Series 83LVSP
KhooryMaryamYouthBirds of the World 73LSSP
BlincoJohn LiteratureKing Edward VII Imperium Key Plates 90LGSP
CapillColinLiteratureNew Zealand Post's Products and Services. The first eleven years 1987-1998. 84LV
GiardielloLorenzoLiteratureThe History of FAB Picture Silk Patchwork Postcards 68S
MercerJoeLiteratureObserver Magazine 67S
SparksKennethLiteratureOfficial Airmails of Australia from WWI to 1960 (second edition) 82LV
SparksKennethLiteratureThe Melbourne Mail Exchange (1917-1988). A History of its Postal Mechanisation 85G
SparksKennethLiteraturePostal Mechanisation in Australia - A Brief History - 4th edition 76V
SparksKennethLiteratureThe Sydney GPO and the Sydney (Redfern) Mail Exchange. A History of their Postal Mechanisation and Development of Sorting Procedures 80LV
van HerptPaulLiterature"Scouting's Mail (New Zealand Scout & Guide Philately; A Historical Review) 80LV
WeldenLindaLiteratureAustralian Postcard Society Bulletin 65S
Tasmanian Philatelic SocietyLiteratureThe Courier, Journal of the Tasmanian Philatelic Society 84LV
Picture Postcards
ChequerGaye and GraemePicture PostcardsI am an Orchid - Appealing, Adored and Dignified 81LV
ChittyLindsayPicture PostcardsThe American Great White Fleet Voyage of 1907-09 78V
FitzgeraldJeffreyPicture PostcardsImages of Aboriginal People on Postcards 85G
LongJeff Picture PostcardsA Journey Around Mt Egmont 86GSP

London 2022 International Stamp Exhibtion

First NameLast NameClassFramesTitlePointsAward
AlanGrey2A: Postal History8British New Guinea and Papua (1885 - 1942)92G
GeoffreyLewis2A: Postal History8How the 1836 Anglo-French postal treaty made it easier to send mail worldwide96LG
GaryDiffen2A: Postal History8Transportation of Australian Colonial Mail to 186092G
ColinBeech3: Traditional8U.S. Special Delivery Stamp Issues 1885 - 1951 & their Usage88LV
PhilipLevine3: Traditional8Gold Coast Queen Victoria and King Edward VII88LV
HarryLower3: Traditional8South Australia's "Postage" long stamps93G
GordonMonk3: Traditional8Surface printed Varieties of the Australian KGV 1d85LV
SarahHarvey3: Traditional5Hong Kong George V definitives 1912-37, including China overprints. 77LS
VijayShukla3: Traditional5India - Handstruck Scinde Dawk and Lithograph Issues (1685 - 1867)84V
AnthonyPresgrave3: Traditional5The Departmental Stamps of South Australia 1868 - 187488LV
CharlesBromser4: Aerophilately5When the Leaves Fall85LV
MartinWalker5: Revenue8South Australia's Revenue Stamps 1886-196695LG
NancyGray6: Postal Stationery8Australian Commonwealth Kangaroo Stationery94G
DavidSmith6: Postal Stationery8The Postal Stationery of Jamaica91G
MichaelBlinman6: Postal Stationery8New South Wales Postal Stationery95LG
MalcolmGroom6: Postal Stationery8Tasmanian Embossed Stationery 1883 to 191295LG
JohnCourtis6: Postal Stationery5Spreading the News. A study of Post Office Wrappers of Great Britain72S
FrankPauer6: Postal Stationery5AUSTRALIAN AIR LETTERS & AEROGRAMMES 1944-196590G
LindaLee7A: Thematic: Nature8Flower Magic87LV
DarylKibble7B: Thematic: Culture8Message Behind the Angel Story: God's Redemption of Mankind96LG
John KCourtis8A: Literature: PrintedAnalysis of Worldwide Postal Wrappers: Attributes of Postal Stationery, Postal History and Social Philately90G
GordonMonk8A: Literature: PrintedThe Surface Printed KGV 1d Plate Proof Catalogue75LS
SeanBurke8A: Literature: PrintedMemoir 34: Postmarks on the 1910-1913 Double Head Issue - Paradise Revisited by Robert M Gibbs, Arnold Brickman and Sean Burke81V
SeanBurke8A: Literature: PrintedV93G
DarylKibble8A: Literature: PrintedCaptain James Cook: Third Voyage 1776-1780. First Day and Event Covers80V
JohnLancaster8A: Literature: PrintedColonial Customs and Beyond78LS
Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria8A: Literature: PrintedPhilately from Australia85LV
Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria8A: Literature: PrintedPost Office Registration Labels of Australia and its Territories, including Papua New Guinea by Kevin J. Burt82V
Rhodisian Study Circle8B: Literature: Digitalhttp://www.rhodesianstudycircle.org.uk92G
BruceChadderton9: Open Philately8Descent into the Abyss. A philatelic re-telling of the Shoah (Holocaust)88LV
IanSadler9: Open Philately5Japanese Conquest and Defeat in WWII86LV
PaulXavier10A: One Frame: Traditional1Territory of Papua & New Guinea. 1964 Health Services Commemorative Issue,78LS
GordonMonk10A: One Frame: Traditional1A Study of the Australian KGV 1d Die Issue 380V
GaryWatson10B: One Frame: Postal History1The Pre-Seperation Datestamps of Melbourne88LV
GaryWatson10B: One Frame: Postal History1The Letter Carrier Datestamps of Melbourne87LV
DavidFigg10D: One Frame: Other1General Douglas MacArthur - Defender and Liberator of the Philippines65SB
RossNewton10D: One Frame: Other1Apollo 13 - A Successful Failure82V
DavidFigg12: Picture Postcards5Jetties of South Australia78LS

Royalpex New Zealand Feb 2022

Family NameGiven NameClassClass NameTitle of ExhibitTotal PointsAward NamePrize
StaffordGlen2.2Traditional - Other CountriesNicaraguan Postage Stamps The Seebeck era (1890-99)86Gold
McMahonIan2.2Traditional - Other CountriesSt Pierre et Miquelon74Large Silver
WellsPenny2.2Traditional - Other CountriesSouth Africa The Pictorial Series 1926 - 195168Silver
HarveySarah2.2Traditional - Other CountriesHong Kong George V definitives 1912-1937, including China overprints.79Vermeil
ShuklaVijay2.2Traditional - Other CountriesIndia-Handstruck, Scinde Dawk and Lithograph Issues 1685-1857)79Vermeil
LeeLinda2.2Traditional - Other CountriesAlgeria 1849-193085Gold
LyonTony3.1Postal History - Class 2A NZ or AustraliaNew Zealand Forces mail to and from the Pacific 1939-4581Large Vermeil
GibsonJohn3.2Postal History - Class 2A Other CountriesBritish Solomon Islands 1898 to 194482Large Vermeil
ShuklaVijay3.2Postal History - Class 2A Other CountriesLucknow Postal History 1810-194768Silver
PresgraveTony3.3Postal History - Class 2B Marcophily (postal markings)Slogan Cancels used at Adelaide GPO and mail exchange 1917-199976Vermeil
McMahonIan3.4Postal History - Class 2C Historical, Social and Special StudiesGuelph: The Royal City75Vermeil
SavinsLionel4.1Postal StationeryThe Department of Education Postcards of NZ 1927-197181Large Vermeil
BestonBernard4.1Postal StationeryVacuum Oil Company Ltd85GoldSpecial Prize
CollyerDavid4.2AerophilatelyYears of Change - International Airmail to and From Australia 1939-194592Large GoldSpecial Prize
NewtonRoss4.3AstrophilatelyOne Small Step for Man75Vermeil
QayyumGhazi4.4ThematicsCanoe, the Amazing Prehistoric Watercraft of all time81Large VermeilSpecial Prize
ShawJim4.5RevenuesNew Zealand Wages Tax Evolution 1931-195885GoldSpecial Prize
ShawJim4.7National One FrameVictoria ½d Bantam Stamp issue and usages78Vermeil
RadnellVera4.7National One FrameThe Language of Falconry83Large Vermeil
XavierPaul4.7National One FrameFiji - First and Second South Pacific Games Issues65Silver
GriffinTony4.7National One FrameExcelsior 1970 National Development First Day Covers78Vermeil
PauerFrank6.1aFirst Day Covers - all except ThematicsAustralian 'Official Post Office' First Day Covers to 197088GoldSpecial Prize
FiggDavid7.2National Postcard 2-8 FramesStrike a Light! Aspects of the Match industry on Postcards80Large Vermeil
WotherspoonGeoff4.7National One FrameAustralian 4d KGV empirical research75Vermeil
GendekMarilyn7.1National Postcard 1 FrameNutritional Sustenance in a Nursing World71Large Silver

Emirates World Stamp Exhibition Dubai January 18 – 23 2022

First NameLast NameFramesTitleClassPointsAward
DavidFigg5Jetties of South AustraliaPicture Postcards80Vermiel
IanMcMahon5The Palestinian AuthorityTraditional80Vermiel
GlenStafford8Nicaragua - Airmail Stamps - 1929-1937Aerophilately88Large Vermiel
MarkDisirio5'The Queen's Men' - A Study of the Gubernatorial Frank Stamps of AustraliaPostal History85Large Vermeil
LindaLee8ALGERIA 1849 TO ABOUT 1930Traditional85Large Vermeil
DavidCollyer8Years of Change-International airmail to & from Australasia 1939-1945Aerophilately90Gold
Bruce Chadderton5Whakarewarewa - Living a guided lifePicture Postcards91Gold, Special Award


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