Picture Postcards

Picture Postcards

Historical Background

At a meeting of the Australian Philatelic Federation (APF) in October 2002 a proposal was tabled from the Postcard Group (Derek Pocock, Convenor) for some judging rule changes. These changed rules and the classifications were approved at the January 2003 meeting of the APF Executive.

At the October 2002 meeting it was also agreed that the various judges registers, judges training and records of judging would be maintained by the Postcard Group. It was further agreed that National Exhibitions wishing to have a Postcard section within the exhibition must ensure that the judges chosen come from the panel maintained by the Postcard Group with the new Picture Postcard rules being observed. For their part, the APF encourages the attachment of a postcard section to National Exhibitions, but of course this decision remains the domain of the particular Organising Committee.
In September 2008, the APF approved the use of its medals for Picture Postcard (PPC) exhibits, provided the medals were inscribed “Postcards” and that the Prospectus for the Exhibition acknowledged that the exhibits would be judged by a separate Jury. In November 2010, David Figg was appointed APF Convenor of the Picture Postcard Class. In 2014 significant changes occurred in the make-up of National Juries with Adelaide Stampex 2014 (AS14) being the last Exhibition with a two Jury system and Sydney Stamp Expo 2015 heralding in the one Jury system.

Other changes allowed for –

National PPC Judges to sign the APF Judges Register (occurred at AS14)
Judges to nominate PPC Class as their first discipline
PPC Judges to cross-accredit in other philatelic disciplines and vice-versa
Husband & wife jurors to be on same Jury but not in same team(s)
Following the Judges Refresher Course held in Sydney in April 2015, a Discussion Paper was prepared to canvass comments on proposed changes to the judging criteria and points for PPC exhibits presented for national competition. The aim was to bring them more into line with philatelic criteria/points. Feedback was invited from State Councils, NZPF, APF Executive members and individual exhibitors.

The Discussion Paper was also discussed at the 2015 State Councils Forum and Sunday Soviet held over the APF AGM weekend in Melbourne. Final recommendations were taken to the APF Executive Meeting held in December 2015 and passed. An article was printed in the April 2016 APF News announcing the changes. The APF Executive Meeting held that month also ratified newly prepared “Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Picture Postcard Exhibits at APF National Exhibitions”


Guidelines can be found on the following link  APF Special Regulations & Guidelines – PPC Exhibits-jul-2017.

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