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Thailand World Stamp Exhibition 2023 26 Nov – 2 Dec 2023

Family NameGiven NameClassFramesTitlePointsAward
BarsdellPaulTraditional8Sarawak92G + Special Prize
HarveySarahTraditional8Hong Kong King George V Definitives 1912 - 1937 including China overprints86LV
HurrellEricTraditional5Australia - The Kangaroo and Map stamps (1913 - 1947)83V
PresgraveAnthoonyTraditional5The Departmental Stamps of South Australia 1868 - 7485LV
ShuklaVijayTraditionl5Handstruck Scinde Dawke and Lithograph Issues (1685 - 1857)86LV
StaffordGlenTraditional8Nicaraguan Postage Stamps - the Seebek Era91G
YenBoon-SweePostal History8Australian Forces in Malaya - WW286LV
LewisGeoffreyPostal History8Mail routes in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, plus the routes between the Oceans96LG
DibiaseJohnPostal Stationery8The Postal stationery of Western Australia90G
McMahonIanLiteraturePostal Stationry Collector85LV

Perth 2023 Full National 2 – 5 November 2023

Traditional BlackJoshuaCroatian Landscape Issue 1941-4383Large Vermeil
Traditional BozicJohn1d KGV Issues of the Commonwealth of Australia 90Large GoldSpecial Prize
Traditional CapillColin New Zealand Meter Franks - 1904 to 1950 92Large GoldSpecial Prize
Traditional CapillPatricia Barbados - The George V Line Engraved Definitive Issues 86Gold
Traditional ClarkBillEmblems Issue of Victoria 1857 to 1863 90Large GoldSpecial Prize
Traditional FladebyJonIndian Princely State of Bundi 75Vermeil
Traditional Gallagher Ted Australian Definitive Issues 1959-196272Large Silver
Traditional GosseThomas Japanese Occupation of the British Territories of South East Asia During WWII 82Large Vermeil
Traditional GuyRichard Kangaroo Monograms and Errors 80Large Vermeil
Traditional HällströmJonas The Navigators - Commonwealth of Australia High Values 1963-1974 76Vermeil
Traditional HayesLynette (Australian) King George V One Penny Green 1924-1937 81Large Vermeil
Traditional HaynesBruce Ceylon Pence 1857-187178Vermeil
Traditional HaynesBruce Western Australia: Holes in Stamps 1862-2021 65Silver
Traditional HessFred The Australian 1d Red Stamp of KGV 91Large GoldSpecial Prize
Traditional HowardJames W Brunei 1894 to 1951 75Vermeil
Traditional KeastKevinVictoria Sixpenny Woodblock 1854-1858 & 1861 81Large Vermeil
Traditional KellowGeoffrey The 4d 'Beaded Oval' of Victoria, 1860-1863 88GoldSpecial Prize
Traditional LloydDavidGreat Britain 1966 World Cup 65Silver
Traditional MazitelliDavid1936 Tasmanian Submarine Cable 55Bronze
Traditional McTaggartPaulNew Zealand 1946 Peace Issue 72Large Silver
Traditional MichaelsonKeithThe German Occupation of the Channel Islands 84Large Vermeil
Traditional MonkGordonKing George V Id Varieties 94Large GoldSpecial Prize with Felicitations
Traditional MorreyBrianThe Falkland Island 'War Stamp' Overprints 1918-1920 70Large Silver
Traditional PresgraveAnthonyDepartmental Stamps of South Australia 1868-1874 80Large Vermeil
Traditional ShuklaVijayIndia - Handstruck, Scinde Dawk and Lithographic Issues (1685-1857) 87Gold
Traditional SpencerTrevorWestern Australia Swan of De La Rue 1871-1912 80Large Vermeil
Traditional TrindallBrian J Great Britain Penny Red Plates 1864-1879 60Silver-Bronze
Traditional WatsonAndrewThe Recess and Lithographed Stamps of Western Australia 1854-1888 80Large Vermeil
Traditional XavierPaul Fiji - Elizabeth II Sterling Definitives (1954-68) 78Vermeil
Traditional ZhangLiangErrors and Font Evolution of Chinese Postal Stamps and Postal Stationaries from 1888 to 1992 75Vermeil
Traditional Lang George Australia ~ King George V ~ 1d Red Plated on Postally Transmitted Articles 75Vermeil
Traditional Elsmore DaveQueensland Railway Freight Stamps 1965-1994 80Large Vermeil
Postal History
Postal History 2aChaddertonBruceRepublic of China Airmail Rates to North America (1945-1949) 88Gold
Postal History 2aCheung Albert Postal History of Tsingtao 1898-1950 87Gold
Postal History 2aCollyer DavidPostal Charges on Airmail, France - Australasia 1930-199388Gold
Postal History 2aComrie Monica M Queensland Civil Censorship 85Gold
Postal History 2aDunsRobert Postal History of New Zealand's Vietnam War 78Vermeil
Postal History 2aHaynes BruceCocos (Keeling) Islands 1906-2022 80Large Vermeil
Postal History 2aHaynes BruceChristmas Island 1907-2021 75Vermeil
Postal History 2aHaynes BruceIndian Ocean Interrupted Sea Mail 1854-1937 72Large Silver
Postal History 2aShukla Vijay Lucknow Postal History 1810-1947 73Large Silver
Postal History 2aWatsonAndrewAustralia in the Vietnam War 1964-1973 81Large Vermeil
Postal History 2aWatsonAndrewSouthern African Boer War - Censorship of Mail 1899-1902 85Gold
Postal History 2bCurtisTony New South Wales Receiving Office Cancellations 1882-1927 88GoldFelicitations
Postal History 2bHaynesBruceCeylon: Railway Travelling Post Offices 76Vermeil
Postal History 2bHaynesBruceWestern Australia: Military Postal Markings World War 2 80Large Vermeil
Postal History 2bHaynesBruceCeylon POW mail: Boer War 1900-1902 78Vermeil
Postal History 2bHaynesBruceMauritius Postal Markings 1811-1919 87Gold
Postal History 2cSmith Christopher Pitcairn Island - Philately Supporting the Community 88Gold
Postal History 2cWood Patricia The Telegraph in Australia 88Gold
Postal History 2cHaynesBruceWestern Australia: Naval Mail 1842-2023 80Large Vermeil
Postal History 2cDiffen Gary Transportation of Australian Convoy and Troopship Mail in World War I 90Large GoldSpecial Prize
Postal Stationery
Postal Stationery Ahmad Ghias Postal Stationery of Argentina 1876-1908 77Vermeil
Postal Stationery AitchisonJon The Embossed Postal Stationery Envelopes of Egypt and Preceeding Essays87Gold
Postal Stationery Blinman Michael New South Wales Postal Stationery 95Large GoldSpecial Prize
Postal Stationery Bromser Charles Envelopes of the 10th Standard Issue 1961-1967 of the USSR 80Large Vermeil
Postal Stationery Diserio Mark The Envelopes of Victoria 91Large GoldSpecial Prize
Postal Stationery Drury Michael Australian Postal Cards from the Reign of King George V 87GoldSpecial Prize
Postal Stationery Fuller Darryl Leeward Islands Postal Stationery 93Large Gold
Postal Stationery Huggins Alan Mauritius Postal Stationery. The Stamped Envelopes and Registration Envelopes 95Large Gold
Postal Stationery KodwavwalaMuhammad Rizwan Postal Stationery of Pakistan, Pre-Decimal Period 76Vermeil
Postal Stationery Richards Simon Grenada Postal Stationery 92Large Gold
Postal Stationery Sargent Neil GB: The Embossed Postal Stationery of King Edward VII 92Large Gold
Postal Stationery OrrJoanAustralia - Airletters & Aerogrammes 1944-196885Gold
Postal Stationery Almarzooqi Mohamed Hassan Bahrain King George VI Postal Stationery 67Silver
Aerophilately Beech ColinThe Transports 86Gold
Aerophilately Dalton Chris Linking Australasia and Northern America 1923-1945 84Large Vermeil
Aerophilately HaynesBruce Western Australia: Airmail 1911-1938 80Large Vermeil
Aerophilately Griffin Tony The Faith in Australia 81Large Vermeil
Thematic Philately
Thematic Philately BromserStephanie Tastes of France 89Gold
Thematic Philately Chequer Gaye & Graeme About Orchids - A Chat 92Large GoldSpecial Prize
Thematic Philately Newton Ross Chess 70Large Silver
Revenues BanfieldJeanette Taxed From the Cradle to the Grave 91Large GoldSpecial Prize
Revenues BenvieMark The Stamp Fee Act 1875 - New Zealand Law Courts + Land and Deeds Revenue Stamps 89Gold
Revenues Courtis John K Newspaper Stamps of Great Britain and Ireland 89Gold
Revenues CulshawIan The Fiscal Revenue Stamps of Western Australia 1881-1974 91Large GoldSpecial Prize
Revenues Neville Robert The Revenue Stamps of Gibraltar 1884-1911 88Gold
Revenues ShawJimNew Zealand Wages Tax Evolution - 1931 to 1958 78Vermeil
Revenues Thompson Kevin The Revenues of Serbia 1881-1889 80Large Vermeil
Youth 2.9.b1McTaggart Rose Birds Around New Zealand - From the Coast to My Garden 84Large Vermeil
Youth 2.9.c1Alzarouni Amer Ali M.S. Aerogrammes: From Trucial States to the United Arab Emirates 69Silver
Literature Brusden-White Publishing The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue: Australian States Federal Period, 1901-1912 82Large Vermeil
Literature Burke Sean The Postal History of the Paris Missionary Society in Barotseland 1884-1924 92Large Gold
Literature Ellawela Dulshan Philately Study During the British Colonial Period in Ceylon 83Large Vermeil
Literature Laidler Gregory The Printing and Production of the 1927 'Opening of Parliament House' Stamp 79Vermeil
Literature PalmerBenThe Pre-UPU Mail of Queensland 80Large Vermeil
Literature PS of CanberraCanberra Stampshow 2022 Catalogue 65Silver
Literature PS of CanberraCapital Philately - Journal of the Philatelic Society of Canberra 71Large Silver
Literature PS of Western Australia Stamp Hinges - The Quarterly Journal of the PSWA 60Silver-Bronze
Literature NevilleRobertGibraltar Postal Stationery: The Postal History & Postage Stamps. Volume Four75Vermeil
Literature Abacus AuctionsAuction Catalogues for the 'Doctor Don Pearce South Australia'. Parts I, II & III. Withdrawn
Open Philately
Open Philately Comrie Monica C Honey 88Gold
Open Philately HealPhilip History of the Mens' Football World Cup 1930-2022 67Silver
Open Philately Jones Darren Human Endeavours in Antarctica 81Large Vermeil
Open Philately McLarenSinclair The Piano 73Large Silver
Open Philately McTaggart Paul The Victoria Cross - Supreme Valour 88Gold
Open Philately Morris George 1956 Olympic Games - The Stamps and Related Material by Sweden and Australia to Promote the Games 67Silver
Open Philately Paston John The Suez Canal 90Large Gold
Open Philately Vernall Sue Fromology to Philately 88Gold
Picture Postcards
Picture Postcards Chadderton Bruce Whakarewarewa - Living A Guided Life 93Large GoldBest in Class
Picture Postcards Chitty Lindsay Early Railway Picture Postcards of New Zealand 79Vermeil
Picture Postcards Downes Alma Edinburgh Castle 71Large Silver
Picture Postcards Hoath Steve World War I Postcards by Captain Bruce Bairnsfather 83Large Vermeil
Picture Postcards Khoory Abdulla Khor Dubai 76Vermeil
Polar Philately
Polar Philately Lally Susan British Graham Land Expedition 1934-1937 and Beyond 78Vermeil
Polar Philately SaundersDianne Joy Southern Polar Ships 1773-2021 78Vermeil
First Day Covers
First Day Covers Kennaway Timothy 1962 USA 4c 'Project Mercury' Stamp Issue FDC: Cachet Makers & America's 3rd Astronaut in Space 74Large Silver
TopicalVan Den Berg Ronald 50 Years USSR and Sport 1935-1984 63Silver-Bronze
TopicalStockMargaret New Zealand Health Camps 65Silver

ROYAL23 13 – 15 October 2023 London, ON, Canada

GlenStaffordPostal Stationery5Siam Postal Cards86G + SP
John MooreAerophilately5Airmails from Zanzibar80LV
John DibiasePicture Post Cards5Morbid Views74LS
MarilynGlendekOpen5Florence Nightingale83LV +SP
DavidCollyerAerophilately8Years of Change90LG + SP
PaulXavierFDC3Territory of Papua New Guinea FDC 73LS
Patrick LongfieldTraditional5 British North Borneo 1883-192378V
JennyLongPicture Post Cards3Greeting Cards & Post Cards from a NZ Album81LV +SP

Bangladesh 2023

First NameLast NameExhibit TitleExhibit ClassPointsAwardNo of Frames
JohnMooreLord Howe Island – A Traveller’s TalePicture Postcards70LS5
DavidCollyerBoeing 747 – The Queen of The SkiesOne Frame781
DavidCollyerQantas Fleet Develops 1921-2000One Frame761
DavidFiggMatch Striking PostcardsOne Frame761
DavidFiggAmerican Match Factories on Picture PostcardsOne Frame731
DarrenJonesHuman Endeavours in AntarcticaPolar75V5
PeterAllanTasmanian Registered Mail 1832-1912One Frame831
PeterAllanThe Courier, Journal of The Tasmanian Philatelic SocietyLiterature70
AnthonyPresgravePostmarking Machines and Slogans used at the Adelaide General Post Office and Adelaide Mail ExchangePostal History72LS5
GlenStaffordNicaraguan Postage Stamps, the Gold Currency Surcharge of 1913Traditional Philately82LV5
AlexNuijtenFur Collar Lettercards of The Netherlands 1906-1918One Frame821

Taipei 2023 39th Asian FIAP Stamp Exhibition 11 – 15 Aug 2023

First NameLast NameExhibit TitleExhibit ClassPointsAward
VijayShuklaIndia-Handstruck, Scinde Dawk and Lithograph Issues (1685-1857)Traditional Philately85Large Vermeil
SarahHarveyHong Kong King George V Definitives 1912-37, including China OverprintsTraditional Philately85Large Vermeil
EricHurrellAustralia - The Kangaroo and Map Stamps (1913-1947)Traditional Philately83Vermeil
BillClarkEmblems Issue of Victoria 1857 to 1863Traditional Philately90Gold
AlbericRozarioGeorge V Imperium Keyplate Stamps of CeylonTraditional Philately80Vermeil
GlenStaffordNicaraguan Postage Stamps, The Gold Currency Surcharge of 1913Traditional Philately78Large Silver
AlbertCheungPostal Routes for International Mail of China during the Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945Postal History90Gold
Chung HLingBritish Borneo: Japanese Invasion and British Re-Occupation 1942-1945Postal History82Vermeil
JohnWettenhall500 years of disinfected mailPostal History87Large Vermeil
JohnDibiaseWestern Australia, Post Office Savings BankPostal History83Vermeil
DarrylFullerThe Development of Commericial Airmail Routes in the CaribbeanPostal History92Gold
IanMcMahonEnvelopes and Postcards of CanadaPostal Stationery91Gold
GlenStaffordNicaragua - Airmail Stamps 1929-1937Aerophilately91Gold
IanCulshawThe Fiscal Revenue Stamps of Western Australia 1881-1974Revenues85Large Vermeil
PaulXavierPapua and New Guinea - 1970 National Heritage IssueOne Frame (all classes)85
Exhibition Results SAVPEX Virtual One Frame Exhibtion 2023 - Saturday, July 1, 2023 to Sunday, July 30, 2023
First NameLast NameClassNo. of FramesTitlePointsAward
FrankBagatinOne Frame (all classes)1Papuan Lakatoi Punctured OS Stamp Errors81 Large Vermeil
BernardBestonOne Frame (all classes)1Ecuador Tobacco Obligatory Tax Issue 1920-194675 Vermeil
JohnBlincoOne Frame (all classes)1The Spaven flaw – British Colonial postage and revenue key plate issues 1902-191195 Gold
JohnDibiaseOne Frame (all classes)1Monte Belo Islands - the local stamps75 Vermeil
PaulXavierOne Frame (all classes)1Papua and New Guinea - 1970 National Heritage Issue83 Large Vermeil
DavidFiggPostcards1Ted Ryco - Adelaide - Darwin by bicycle85 Gold


Ibra Essen International Stamp Exhibition 25 – 28 May 2023

IBRA 2023, 25-28 May 2023 Essen Germany
First NameLast NameTitleClassFramesPointsAwardSpecial Prize
VijayShuklaIndia - Handstruck, Scinde Dawk and Lithograph Issues 1685-1857Traditional580V
PaulXavierFiji - King George VI - The DefinitivesTraditional588LV
HansDahlDer Deutsche Feldpostdienst (1937 – 1945)Postal History883V
GaryDiffenTransportation of Australian Colonial Mail to 1891Postal History895LG
AlanGrey Postage to Collect” for Australian Colonial MailPostal History892GSP
GeoffLewisMail routes in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, plus the routes between the oceansPostal History893G
PhilipLevineGold Coast Postal StationeryPostal Stationery891GSP
FrankPauerAustralian Air Letters & Aerogrammes – The Note Printing Branch EraPostal Stationery887LV
MalcolmGroomTasmanian Embossed Stationery 1883 to 1912Postal Stationery895LG
JohnDibiaseThe Fiscal Stamps of Western AustraliaRevenues891G
JohnMoore1989-1991 Australia Sport DefinitivesModern584V
IanMcMahonSandgatePicture Postcards583V
JohnBlincoKing Edward VII Imperium Key Plates Printings, plate number allocations and key plate varietiesLiterature90G
RonaldLeeAirmail - the Story of Australia´s Overseas Airmail to August 1939, Book 1 & 2Literature90G
IanMcMahonPostal Stationery CollectorLiterature86LV

Hobart Stamp Show National One Frame 19 – 21 May 2023

One Frame Traditional
AdamsPhilipOne Frame TraditionalAustralia's Kangaroo and Map Issue: the 1/2d Green92Large Gold
BagatinFrankOne Frame TraditionalPapuan Lakatoi Punctured OS Stamp Errors 82Large Vermeil
BestonBernardOne Frame TraditionalNorfolk Island: The Ball Bay Series 1947 - 195979Vermeil
BlincoJohnOne Frame TraditionalThe Spaven Flaw: British Colonial Postage and Revenue Key Plate Issues 1902-1195Large GoldBEST IN SHOW
BridgemanHowardOne Frame TraditionalWWII Occupation and Liberation in the Philippines: 1942-194565Silver
ClarkBillOne Frame TraditionalSix Pence Stamps of Victoria 1860 to 186385Gold
EggletonRoger BOne Frame TraditionalPolar Bears of Greenland - Parcels and Savings Stamps 73Large Silver
FladebyJonOne Frame TraditionalNorwegian surcharge Issues: Applied to Pre-Decimal and Decimal Postage Stamps 74Large Silver
GrayRebeccaOne Frame TraditionalAustralian Antarctic Territory 1954-196681Large Vermeil
JantzenJohnOne Frame TraditionalThird Reich Germany: Miniature Sheets Issued by the Post Office83Large Vermeil
KeastKevin JohnOne Frame TraditionalVictoria Sixpenny Woodblock: 1854-1858 & 186183Large VermeilBEST NOVICE
KellowGeoffreyOne Frame TraditionalSierra Leone: The Margai-Churchill Issue of 196572Large Silver
LloydDavidOne Frame TraditionalGreat Britain 6d Stamp 1966 World Cup Issue80Large Vermeil
MillarGregOne Frame TraditionalGeorge V 1/2d Green Single Crown Over A Watermark Electro 373Large Silver
MooreJohnOne Frame TraditionalJamhuri 1964 - The Locally Handstamped Overprints.73Large Silver
SadlerIanOne Frame TraditionalThe Princely State of Jaipur, India70Large Silver
SchofieldTimOne Frame TraditionalNew Zealand Meter Impressions 1904-1921 - Fixed Value Meters78Vermeil
ShawJames (Jim)One Frame TraditionalVictoria- 1/2 d "Bantam" Stamps and Usages - 1874 to 191281Large Vermeil
SimoniLaurentOne Frame TraditionalThe 4d Chalon Issue of Tasmania 1855-1870.94Large GoldBEST TRADITIONAL
WettenhallJohnOne Frame TraditionalAustralia: The Royal Portrait Definitives 1937-194158Bronze
XavierPaulOne Frame TraditionalPapua New Guinea - 1970 National Heritage Issue87Gold
XavierPaulOne Frame TraditionalFiji - King Edward VII - The First Watermark Definitive Issue (1903)75Vermeil
JonesDarrenOne Frame Traditional1d Black: World's First Adhesive Postage Stamp56Bronze
LallySusanOne Frame TraditionalAAT 1973 Food chains and variations71Large Silver
One Frame Postal History
ForrestRodOne Frame Postal HistoryPostmarks of the Ringarooma River Valley, North Eastern Tasmania78Vermeil
GroomMalcolmOne Frame Postal HistorySilver City - A postal history view of the Zeehan district from 185190Large GoldBEST TASMANIAN EXHIBITOR
JohnDavidOne Frame Postal HistoryGerman place names vis-a-vis The Nomenclature Act of South Australia, 1916-1880Large Vermeil
KennawayTimothyOne Frame Postal HistoryDuplex Cancellation Machines and Inverted Die Cancellation Errors on Australian Covers51Certificate of Merit
LehmannPeterOne Frame Postal HistoryMay 1923 - A Century Ago This Month - Start of German Hyperinflation74Large Silver
McDougallJimOne Frame Postal HistoryNewfoundland World War II Military Mail57Bronze
PanckridgeJohnOne Frame Postal HistoryThe 30 Pfennig 'Postreiter'. The postal history of a German stationery card88Gold
PregraveAnthonyOne Frame Postal HistoryPostmarking Machines used at the Adelaide General Post Office and Adelaide Mail Exchange 1907 to 199967Silver
SchofieldTimOne Frame Postal HistoryThe Post at Brisbane, New South Wales 1842-185992Large GoldBEST POSTAL HISTORY
ShattenAllenOne Frame Postal HistoryPostmarks of Hobart Town 1825 to 185490Large Gold
ShawleyJohnOne Frame Postal HistoryMauritius "Late Mail" 1816-1885.87Gold
WilkinsJohnOne Frame Postal HistoryNetherlands East Indies (NEI) Japanese Invasion 1942-1945 Postal History 50Certificate of Merit
One Frame Postal Stationery
DiserioMarkOne Frame Postal StationeryQueensland 1d Letter Card and Reply Letter Card 92Large Gold
DiserioMarkOne Frame Postal StationeryAustralia - Post Office Letter Sheets 1961 to 196988Gold
ShattenAllenOne Frame Postal StationeryTasmania: Unframed Queen Victoria Postcards88Gold
One Frame Aerophilately
SmallAndrewOne Frame AerophilatelyTasmanian First Flight Covers. Illustrated the Commencement of Airflights between Tasmania & Mainland Australia.67Silver
One Frame Astrophilately
BromserCharlesOne Frame AstrophilatelyAUSTRALIA IN SPACE: The story of the Woomera rocket range87Gold
NewtonRossOne Frame AstrophilatelyApollo 13 - A successful failure78Vermeil
One Frame Revenues
BestonBernardOne Frame Revenues1920-1943 Obligatory Tax Issue (Commonly Referred to as Tobacco or Defense Stamps)88Gold
CulshawIanOne Frame RevenuesThe De La Rue definitive INTERNAL REVENUE stamps of Western Australia91Large GoldBEST NEW EXHIBIT
BrownBarry JohnOne Frame RevenuesForeign Bill Revenue Stamps of India Provisional Issues 1900 - 190478Vermeil
SmithDavid IOne Frame RevenuesTasmania - Revenue Innovations90Large Gold
One Frame Picture PostcardS
BirseIanOne Frame Picture Postcards Gibraltar Picture Postcards: The Way It Was71Large Silver
BlincoJohnOne Frame Picture Postcards Symbolism in May Day Postcards of the Khrushchev Era 1953-196480Large Vermeil
EwingtonRossOne Frame Picture Postcards A Snapshot of Life in Tasmania 1900-40 Through the Medium of 'Real Photo' Postcards78Vermeil
FiggDavidOne Frame Picture Postcards Ted Ryko - Adelaide To Darwin By Bicycle87Gold
FiggDavidOne Frame Picture Postcards The Hoboken Docks Fire 190087Gold
GendekMarilynOne Frame Picture Postcards Napoleon: Exile, Death, Resurrection85Gold
HoathSteveOne Frame Picture Postcards Word War I Postcards by Captain Bruce Bairnsfather70Large Silver
HoathSteveOne Frame Picture Postcards The Great White Fleet that Visited Australia78Vermeil
KouwenMikeOne Frame Picture Postcards High Street, Fremantle (Western Australia)88GoldBEST POSTCARD EXHIBIT
RadnellVeraOne Frame Picture Postcards A Bird in the Hand 83Large Vermeil
ZieglerClydeOne Frame Picture Postcards Velehrad63Silver-Bronze
One Frame Open
FiggDavidOne Frame OpenGeneral Douglas Macarthur: Defender & Liberator Of The Philippines75Vermeil
LloydDavidOne Frame OpenG.W.R. Prairie Tank Locomotives66Silver
PalmerHarryOne Frame OpenThe Invasion of Ukraine53Certificate of Merit
One Frame Cinderellas
DiBiaseJohnOne Frame CinderellasMonte Bello Islands: Local Post Stamps 86Gold
DiBiaseJohnOne Frame CinderellasAustralia: The Gowrie and Gloucester Red Cross Appeal Labels, 1940-194583Large Vermeil
PresgraveAnthonyOne Frame CinderellasSouth Australia - State Transport Authority - Fare and Ticket Validation Stamps80Large Vermeil
One Frame Polar Philately
EnglefieldGrahamOne Frame Polar PhilatelyMawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911 - 191492Large Gold
EnglefieldGrahamOne Frame Polar PhilatelyThe Antarctic Voyages of the "Commandant Charcot" 1948 - 195183Large Vermeil
GoodliffePaulOne Frame Polar PhilatelyExploration of Antarctica by the French53Certificate of Merit
One Frame First Day Covers
ChequerGaye and GraemeOne Frame First Day Covers Private Cachet Producers -11th World Orchid Conference - Miami75Vermeil
One Frame Topical
AaldersJohnOne Frame TopicalMatthew Flinders59Bronze
BridgemanHowardOne Frame TopicalDragons in European Society64Silver-Bronze
MillsteedJeannineOne Frame TopicalPenguins and Their Uncertain Future 67Silver
SaundersDianneOne Frame TopicalAustralian National State and Territories Wildflower Emblems 1958 - 198869Silver

New Zealand International FIAP Stamp Exhibition Auckland 4 – 7 May

BeechColin AlexanderTraditional [2C]8U.S. Special Delivery Stamp Issue 1885 - 1951 and their Usage 90G
Beston Bernard One Frame [A]19d Commonwealth Stamp of Queensland and NSW 83
Beston Bernard One Frame [A]1Quayle & Son, Engravers and Printers, Albany NY. USA - Ecuador 1936-1937 Stamp Issues 86
CheungAlbertPostal History 3B [a]5Postal Routes for International Mail of China During the Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945 87LVSP
ClarkBillTraditional [2A]5Emblems Issue of Victoria 1857 to 1863 94G
Collyer David Aerophilately 8Imperial Connections 1925-1939 - The Story of Scheduled Services - Australia's Air Connection with the World 92GFel
Culshaw Ian Revenue5The Fiscal Stamps of Western Australia 1881-1974 88LV
DiBiaseJohn Francis Revenue8The Fiscal Stamps of Western Australia 1888-196690G
Figg David John One Frame [J]1Ted Ryko - Adelaide to Darwin by Bicycle 86
Gendek Marilyn One Frame [I]1The Scottish Women's Hospital Royaumont 1914-1918 82
Kouwen John Michael (Mike) Picture Postcards 5The Aboriginal People of Western Australia 85LV
Lewis Geoffrey Aerophilately 8Philippines International Airmails up to 1941 87LV
LowerHarryTraditional [2A]8South Australia's Small De La Rue Stamps Issued in the Colonial Era 91G
Newton Ross Astrophilately 5One Small Step For Man 80V
SavinsLionelTraditional [2A]8The 1935 Pictorial Definitive Stamps of N.Z. 87LV
Shaw Jim Revenue8New Zealand Wage Tax Evolution 1931-1958 82V
Shaw Jim One Frame [A]1Victoria - ½ "Bantam" Stamps and Usages 1874-1912 78
ToddRaymondPostal Stationery 8The Postal Stationery of Paraguay 1881-1928 90G
Xavier Paul Anthony One Frame [A]1Fiji - King George VI - Omnibus Commemoratives 86

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