APF exhibition results 2019

Exhibition Results 2019

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Aeropex Adelaide 6-8 Dec 2019

Div 2.1 - Traditional
Traditional IndiaDaveMarkand1929 - Airmail Stamps of India 85G
Traditional USAKrupnickJonAloha - The Diamond Head Stamp of 195285GSP
Div 2.2a - Postal History 2a
Postal History 2aAusWatsonGary Airmail from Australia during World War II 86G
Postal History 2aAusGroomMalcolmAustralian External Airmails to 194591LGSP
Div 2.2b - Postal History 2b
Postal History 2bAusSmithDavid IngleJamaica Airmail Rates & Routes 76V
Div 2.3 - Postal Stationery
Postal Stationery AusPauerFrankAustralian Airletters and Aerogrammes 1944 to 196592LGSP
Postal Stationery IndiaJhinganMadhukarIndian Aerogrammes 79V
Postal Stationery AusMcMahonIan Air Letters and Aerogrammes of Canada 93LGSP
Postal Stationery AusKellowGeoff The Air Letters of Sierra Leone 1944-1971 87G
Div 2.4 - Aerophilately
Aerophilately AusCollyerDavidYears of Change - International Airmail to and from Australasia (Jan 1939 to Dec 1945)94LGSP
Aerophilately USAKrupnickJonPan Am Clippers Conquer the Pacific 94LGSP
Aerophilately ChinaLi C.H.The China Clipper 85G
Aerophilately AusGriffinTonyThe Australasian Flights of the Faith in Australia 83LV
Aerophilately AusSmallAndrewSir Alan Cobham First Flight Covers Illustrating his Heroic Flights 72LS
Aerophilately AusWolfEdDeveloping Europe-Australia Airmail Routes 1907-1934 82LV
Aerophilately UKPeaceBrianCachets Applied to Interrupted New Zealand Airmail 86G
Aerophilately NZDunsRobertBy Airmail to New Zealand 1931-194578V
Aerophilately NZFergusonStevenAirmail to New Zealand 1925-195088G
Aerophilately NZMarshallRoss Transcontinental Flights between Russia and Antarctica 81LV
Aerophilately IndonSaputraMartinThe KLM Amsterdam-Batavia Airmail Lines and Their Interconnections 1924-194288G
Aerophilately IndonSaputraMartinThe Development of KNILM Route in Netherlands Indies 1920-194290LG
Aerophilately IndonPrasetyoAjieThe Development of Airmail Route by KLM & KNILM in Netherlands East Indies 1927-1942 90LGSP
Aerophilately IndonAdikusumaTeguh WiraNetherlands East Indies Airmail 1920-194293LGSP
Aerophilately AusLewisGeoffPhilippines International Airmails up to 194189G
Aerophilately ChinaKeiKok YingThe International Airmails of P.R.C. (1949-1956) 90LGSP
Aerophilately UKScottClaireBrunei Airmail Services 1930-194173LS
Aerophilately ChinaYaoYulin (Frank)Early Air Post of China 90LG
Aerophilately ChinaSuXiao HongDragon's Wings - Chinese Airmails (1921-1941) 78V
Aerophilately IndiaKhaitanPiyushThe Inaugural Air-India International Flight from Bombay to London on 8 June 194879V
Aerophilately IndiaKhaitanPiyushThe Karachi-Madras Route Extension Flight of Tata Sons Ltd (October 1932) 84LV
Aerophilately USAFrohlichAlfredoSCADTA Airmail 1929-193190LGSP
Aerophilately AusMooreJohnAirmail from Nyasaland 87G
Aerophilately AusBodnarJohnThe First Regular and First International Airmail Service in the World: Vienna-Cracow-Lemberg-Kiyiv 84LV
Aerophilately NZIsaacTerryNewfoundland: First / Early Airmail Flights 1921-194784LV
Aerophilately USABallDavidLindbergh Flies the Mail 1926-1931 87G
Aerophilately UKReynoldsGeoffCommercial Zeppelin Mail 85G
Aerophilately USAZivkovicRatomirThe Development of International Airmail in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1923-194193LGSP
Aerophilately UKCallanBrianGraf Zeppelin DLZ127 South America Airmail 1930-193792LGSP
Aerophilately 0C of P
Div 2.5 - Astrophilately
Astrophilately AusBromserCharles Rocket Mail Pioneers 90LG
Astrophilately IndiaSrinivasaRamuRocket Mails of India 86GSP
Astrophilately IndiaJhinganSavitaFrom India to Space 74LSSP
Div 2.6 - Thematic
Thematic Philately IndonPrasetyoAjieThe Development of Aviation 85GSP
Div 2.9a - Youth [10-15 Years] Them, Op, Max
Youth 9.1AusO'ReganFinn20th Century Space Exploration 76V
Div 2.9b - Youth [16-18 Years] Them, Op, Max
Youth 9.2IndiaSudharsanDeepthiEvolution of Flight 70LS
Div 2.9a - Youth [10-15 Years] PCards
Youth 9.10Dip
Youth 9.10Dip
Div 2.9b - Youth [16-18 Years] PCards
Youth 9.20Dip
Youth 9.20Dip
Div 2.9c - Youth [19-21 Years] PCards
Youth 9.30Dip
Youth 9.30Dip
Div 2.10 - Open Philately
Open Philately UKBurnSusanSmithy and his Bus - The Life and Times of Charles Kingsford-Smith and his Aircraft the Southern Cross 1919-193187G
Open Philately NZComrieJohnAirlines of the World 70LS
Open Philately IrelandCallanBrianHubert Wilkins - Australian Pole to Pole Pioneer 91LGSP
Div 2.11 - Literature
Literature RussiaZatuchnyiAlexandrANT and TU Airplanes on Postage Stamps 84LV
Literature UKPeaceBrianAustralasian Crash Mail and Mail from Other Incidents Vol 2. 1931-193592LGSP
Literature UKPeaceBrianCachets Applied to Interrupted New Zealand Airmail 81LV
Literature AusWolfEdThe Borton & Smith Aerodrome Survey 191978V
Literature AusWotherspoonGeoffPer Aerial Mail 76V
Literature IndiaSethVijayCentenary of Indian Airmails 1911-2014 78V
Literature IndiaDaveMarkand1929 - Air Mail Stamps of India 73LS
Literature AusAustralian Airmail Society The Australian Aerophilatelist - Numbers 115 to 11875V
Literature 0C of P
Div 2.15 - Cinderellas
Cinderellas AusWalkerMartinAirmail Labels of the Australian Post Office 87G
Div 3.2 - Postal History [OneFrame]
Postal History 2(a)AusWatsonGary Australia during World War II : Airmail to POWs and Internees 81LV
Postal History 2(a)0C of P
Div 3.3 - Postal Stationery [OneFrame]
Postal Stationery AusOrrJoanPapau New Guinea - Definitive Aerogrammes 1975-199083LV
Postal Stationery AusOrrJoanAustralia - 10c 3 Flap Definitive Aerogramme 81LV
Div 3.4 - Aerophilately [OneFrame]
Aerophilately AusWalkerMartinSouvenir Pigeon Posts of Australia81LV
Aerophilately AusJamesDianne 50th Anniversary of the First England to Australia Flight 72LS
Aerophilately AusFiggDavidPolar Flights in Southern Skies 72LS
Aerophilately AusGriffinTonyFirst Official Airmail Services from Australia to New Guinea 76V
Aerophilately NZLivingstonRobertCanterbury Aviation (NZ) Ltd90LG
Aerophilately AusPopeBrianKLM Comes, and Goes! May 193174LS
Aerophilately NZWatsonBobAirmails from the United States to New Zealand 1927-194690LGSP
Aerophilately NZOxenhamRickMotorcycle Courier Service - CAM1 - USA 89GSP
Aerophilately AusFrommerTomAirmails of New Caledonia 1929-194186G
Aerophilately USAGribbinDanLandplanes Shoulder the Trans-Atlantic Mail: French South Atlantic Airmail, 1934-40 87G
Aerophilately USAKleinAllenGermany's First Zeppelin Flight to United States 86G
Aerophilately IndiaJainPradipEngland-India-Australia, Ross Smith and Beyond 84LV
Div 3.8 - Revenues [OneFrame]
Revenues AusWalkerMartinAustralia's Departure Tax 89GSP
Div 3.10 - Open Philately [OneFrame]
Open Philately AusChequerGaye and GraemeThai Airways First Flights and their Orchid Logo 70LS
Div 3.12a - First Day Covers [OneFrame]
First Day Covers USAKleinAllenLindbergh Airmail First Day Covers 83LV
First Day Covers AusKennawayTim1962 USA 4c "Project Mercury" Stamp Issue FDC77V
Div 3.14 - Polar Philately [OneFrame]
Polar Philately AusEnglefieldGraham"Operation Sinbad" The MacQuarie Island Flights July-August 1948 84LV
Div 3.16 - Picture Postcards [OneFrame]
Postcards USAGanzCherylQuest by Airship - The Wellman / Vaniman Expeditions 91LGSP
Postcards AusCollyerDavidQANTAS Fleet Develops 1921-200078V
Postcards AusBodnarJohnThe 1909 Challenge - Cross the English Channel by Aeroplane 83LV
Div 3.17 - Numismatic [OneFrame]
NumismaticAusNewmanBarrieCentenary of Sir Ross & Sir Keith Smith's Epic Flight, England-Australia 1919 70LS
Division 1 - Non-Competitive
AusBestonBernardBritish Guiana - The Airmail Story
USAFortBillWartime Pacific Airmail Routes 1939-1947
AusStaffordGlenNicaragua - Airmail Stamps (The Early Years)
UKRobertshawGeoffThe History of Lufthansa from 1955
AusWalkerMartinAerial Messengers of South Australia
AusWalkerMartinThe Jessie Litchfield Letters
AusWalkerMartinAustralian Ballooning Before WWI
AusWilliamsonRobert The Development of Australia's Internal Airmail Services
UKPeaceBrianAustralian Crash Mail
AusSadlerJohnFrom Fabric and Wire to the DC3
AusRolandJennyBelgian Aerogrammes - The Complete Story
AusFiggDavidWhen Matches Were Handed Out On QANTAS Aircraft
AusWalkerJohnAustralia 1937 Airmail Exhibition
UKKimptonLaurenceThe England-Australia Air Race; the Competitors at Bandar Abbas, Persia
AusSollyNevilleRAAF South Australia Post Offices during WWII Operated by the PMG
USASanfordKenAir Crash Mail of Imperial Airways
AusJamesDianneAustralia to New Zealand First Flight Covers
AusOatesGordonA Cover Story Uncovered
AusChequerGaye & GraemeGolden Orchid Flights of Ansett ANA
NZOxenhamRickHydro Aviation - The Sea Plane
AusBromserCharles When The Leaves Fall
AusFullerDarrylThe Development of Commercial Airmail Routes in the Caribbean
AusRolandJennyHelipost - The Transportation of Mail by Helicopter
AusWeldenLinda Lundy
AusStaffordJohanna Star Trek, To Boldly Go …
AusCharles Leski Auctions The Ross Smith Stamp & Its Postal History by Tom Frommer
Postal Stationery NON-COMPAusPauerFrankAustralian Airletters and Aerogrammes 1966 - 1981; Note Printing Branch Era

Sharjah 19 – 23 Nov 2019

Name of Exhibitor.Name of ExhibitClassTotalAward
Rod KantorSouthern Rhodesia in the Era of King George VI Traditional89LV
Glen StaffordSiam's Postal Cards Postal Stationery88LV
John DibiaseMorbid ViewPPC85LV
Bernard BestonEthiopia AerogrammesPostal Stationery83V
Brian PopeKLM Comes and Goes! May 1931Aero78LS
Ross DuberalFiji Arthur Mills, Publisher 1907-1911 PPC85LV
Ian CulshawWestern Australia Impressed Duty Stamp (Tombstones)Revenues79LS
Gary BrownA Day in AdenPPC86LV

Milcopex 20 – 22 Sept 2019

Name of Exhibitor.Name of ExhibitNo FramesScoreMedalClassAward
Beston, BernieSudan - The Postal Stationery582Large VermeilPostal Stationery
Bodley, ElspethBritish Forces in Egypt 1932-1960180Large VermeilOne Frame
Kwan, PatrickAspects of the Philatelic Trade in Mauritius 1885 - 1915173Large SilverOne Frame
Moore, KenNorthern Rhodesia 1924 to 1964587GoldTraditionalAmerican Philatelic Congress Award
Moore, KenThe Postage Stamps of Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1953-1963587GoldTraditionalAmerican Philatelic Society 1940-1980 Medal

Autumn (London)  Stampex 11 – 14 Sept 2019

Name of Exhibitor.Name of ExhibitClassNo framesScoreMedal
Ed WoolfAirmail Across the Soth Atlantic 1928 - 1941Aerophilately583LV
Bruce HaynesBombay Aden Sea Post Office 1868 - 1914Postal History876V
Bruce HaynesCeylon: Railway Travelling Post OfficesPostal History575V
David CollyerArchitecture series - 4th Definitive of RSATraditional583LV
Hans DahlIntroduction of Mobile Post Offices to German Postal SystemPostal History589Gold
Hans Dahl (display only)The Australian Post Office and the Melbourne Olympics5display only

East Rand 100 Stamp Show (S Africa) 4- 7 Sept 2019

Name of Exhibitor.Name of Exhibitclassno framesScoreMedal
David CollyerPostal Charges on Airmail France-Australia 1930-1943Postal History576V
John GibsonSUDAN FROM 1845-1914Traditional585G
Linda LeeALGERIA to 1930Traditional885G
Geoffrey LewisPhilippines International Airmails up to 1941Aero888G
Patrick LongfieldThe stamps of British North Borneo 1883 to 1923Traditional585G
Tim SchofieldSpanish variable value stamps 1979-2018Traditional573LS

Singpex 36th Asian Stamp Exhibition 31 Jul- 4 Aug

David FiggJetties of South AustraliaPostcards577LARGE SILVER
David FiggStrike A LightPostcards585LARGE VERMEIL
Anthony PresgraveThe Departmental Stamps of South AustraliaTraditional590GOLD
Harry LowerSouth Australia's Postage Long StampsTraditional888LARGE VERMEIL+ SP
Linda WeldenAustralian AerogrammesPostal Stat578LARGE SILVER
Martin WalkerAerial Messengers of South AustraliaAerophilately583VERMEIL
Michael BlinmanNew South Wales 1888 - 1913Traditional587LARGE VERMEIL
Ross DuberalBritish Military Administration of MalayaTraditional582VERMEIL
Glen StaffordNicaragua The Seebeck Era 1890 - 1899Traditional588LARGE VERMEIL+ SP
Glen StaffordNicaragua SeebecksPostal Stat890GOLD
Ian McMahonPostal Stationery CollectorLiterature83VERMEIL
Darryl FullerDevelopment of Commercial Airmail Rates in the CaribbeanPostal History587LARGE VERMEIL
David CollyerSouth Africa Architecture SeriesTraditional581VERMEIL
John MooreAustralian Sporting DefinitivesTraditional585LARGE VERMEIL
Timothy MorganThe Scroll Issue of CanadaTraditional584VERMEIL
Paul BarsdellPostage Due Stamps Within French West AfricaTraditional589LARGE VERMEIL + SP
Bruce ChaddertonRepublic of China Airmail Rates to North AmericaPostal History586LARGE VERMEIL
Yung BensonTunisiaTraditional580VERMEIL
Paul XavierFijiTraditional583VERMEIL
Chung LingAirmails of British Borneo 1926 - 1941Aerophilately888LARGE VERMEIL

Bunbury 2019 Stamp, Coin, Banknote and Postcard Show

Class 1 - Traditional
Traditional AustinBrianIndia: 1866 6A 3mm Surcharge80LV
Traditional BestonBernard9d Commonwealth of Australia Stamp of NSW & Queensland 85G
Traditional CzermakCaroleGross Born POW Camp - Olympic Celebration 1944 61SB
Traditional KirkeJohnThe Three Kookaburras 1914-1937: 'John Ash Finally Gets His Way' 67S
Traditional JohnstoneJames The 1900 Patriotic Fund Charity Issue of Queensland 93LG
Traditional JohnstoneJames The 1897 and 1900 Charity Issues of Victoria 92LG
Traditional PriceRaymondThe 8 Cents Queen's Head Issues of Labuan 77V
Traditional BestonBernardBritish Guiana, The Postage Due 75V
Traditional TiernanJonSouth Australia Railway Parcel / Freight Stamps, Pre-Decimal Period 1885-1966 70LS
Traditional TiernanJonNew South Wales Railway Parcel / Freight Stamps, Pre-Decimal Period 1891-1966 65S
Traditional TiernanJonQueensland Railway Parcel / Freight Stamps, Pre-Decimal Period 1867-1966 68S
Traditional XavierPaulPNG - 1970 National Heritage Issue 83LV
Traditional KantorRod Katanga - The 1960 Overprints 65S
Traditional KantorRod Northern Rhodesia's 1963 Definitive Issue 83LV
StaffordGlen400th Anniversary of the Founding of Leon and Granada 83LV
Class 2 - Postal History
Class 2(a) - Postal History
Postal History 2(a)AllanPeter Tasmanian Free Mail 1853-1882 - Acts & Regulations85G
Postal History 2(a)DiffenGaryThe First Convoy of the Australian Expeditionary Force 191490LG
Postal History 2(a)KantorRodRepublic of Biafra - Internal and Outgoing Mail in a Time of Conflict and Shortage 75V
Postal History 2(a)WatsonGaryThe Letter Carrier Datestamps of Melbourne 90LG
Postal History 2(a)WatsonGaryThe Pre-Separation Datestamps of Melbourne 87G
Class 2(b) - Marcophily
Postal History 2(b)SpencerTrevorWestern Australia Postal Machines of Perth GPO, 1905 to 191365S
Postal History 2(b)KennawayTimCanadian Fairs and Festivals Duplex Type Machine Cancel Slogans: 1912-79 68S
Class 2(c) - Historical, Social & Special Studies
Postal History 2(c)JohnstoneJamesThe NSW Telegraph Office Attempts to Pre-Pay Telegram Charges with Stamps 90LG
Class 3 - Postal Stationery
Postal Stationery DiserioMarkAustralia - QEII Pre-decimal Post Cards 87G
Postal Stationery HaynesBruceNSW Issued in WA? B Size Express Post 1998-1999 30C of P
Postal Stationery NuijtenAlexFur Collar Letter Cards of the Netherlands 1906-1918 80LV
Postal Stationery MichaelsonKeithUS Postal Cards of the 19th Century 50C of M
Postal Stationery
StaffordGlenPrivilege Envelopes Used by Australian Forces During WWII 77V
Class 4 - Aerophilately
Aerophilately HaynesBruceTrans Indian Ocean Air Mail 1939-194985G
Aerophilately WalkerMartinSouvenir Pigeon Posts of Australia83LV
Aerophilately PopeBrianKLM Comes and Goes! May 193185G
Class 5 - Astrophilately
Astrophilately FioraBillDevelopment of the First American Spy Satellites 73LS
Astrophilately McMahonIanCanberra Tracking Stations80LV
Astrophilately NewtonRossApollo 13 - A Successful Failure78V
Class 6 - Thematic Philately
Thematic Philately KennawayTimCanadian Fairs and Festivals Duplex Type Machine Cancel Slogans: 1912-79 0C of P
Class 8 - Revenues
Revenues CulshawIan Western Australia Impressed Duty Stamps 75V
Revenues SmithDavidNSW Edward VII Stamp Duty Series, 1909-1929 82LV
Revenues PenfoldDenisWestern Australia Stamp Duty, Waterlow Printing76V
Revenues WalkerMartinAustralia's Departure Tax 70LS
Class 11 - Open Philately
Open Philately BlincoJohnHero of the Congo, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza 82LV
Open Philately SaundersDianne JoyAustralian State Wildflower Emblems 70LS
Open Philately Peel Region Numismatic GroupTo Boldly Go … 70LS
Class 13 - Polar Philately
Polar Philately MarshallRoss Soviet Antarctic Expeditions in International Geophysical Year - Incidents and Accidents 1956-1958 83LV
Polar Philately MarshallRoss Oasis Station - Bunger Hills. Soviet Antarctic Expedition 88G
Class 14 - First Day Covers
First Day Covers LangRobert (George) 1940 Australian Imperial Forces on First Day Cover65S
Class 15- Postcards
Postcards ChequerGaye & GraemeJoseph Chamberlain and his Fiscal Policies 83LV
Postcards DownesAlma Bognor Regis 82LV
Postcards Figg David Arthur Ebenezer Pitt - Orchardist 85G
Postcards Figg David The Hoboken Docks Fire 190087G
Postcards KouwenMike The Caves Board of Western Australia 88G
Postcards MackintoshAverilCamels of Australia 77V
Postcards PanckridgeJohn Heaven or Hell? Behind the Scenes at the Leipzig Fair 80LV
Class 19 - Topical
TopicalChequerGaye & GraemeWorld Orchid Conference Issue 72LS
Class 1.3 - Banknotes
BanknotesChequerGaye & GraemeNoteworthy Orchids 79V
BanknotesMcMahonIan Queensland Banknotes: Proofs, Facsimiles and a Fake 87G
Class 1.4 - Coins/Medals
Coins/MedalsPeel Region Numismatic GroupSpace Travel68S
Coins/MedalsPeel Region Numismatic GroupStargazing72LS
Coins/MedalsNewmanBarrieCentenary of Sir Ross & Sir Keith Smith's Epic Flight from England to Australia in 1919 68S
Coins/MedalsFiggDavid William James Buckingham Driver L/3799772LS

China 2019 International Stamp Exhibition

Name of Exhibitor.Name of ExhibitPointsMedal
Alan Grey"Postage to Collect" for Australian Colonial Mail93G (Special prize for knowledge)
Gary BrownSouth Africa Revenues - 1st Issue. Usage within Southern Africa92G (Special Prize)
Gary BrownSouth Africa - The Protea Definitives83V
Frank PauerAustralian Airletters & Aerogrammes 1944-196883V
Boon-Swee YenAustralian Forces in Malaya - WWII85LV
Gary DiffenCarriage of Australian Colonial Mail to 185688LV
David Figg"Strike a Light!"81V
Nancy GrayAustralian Commonwealth Kangaroo Stationery91G
John Moore1988 Australia Living Together80V
Glen Stafford400th Anniversary of the founding of Leon & Granada. Nicaragua's 1924 issue showing Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba83
Glen StaffordNicaraguan Postage & Official Stamps - The Seebeck Era 1890-9986LV
Harry LowerSouth Australia's "Postage" Long Stamps85LV
Gordon MonkSurface Printed Varieties of the Australian KGV 1d85LV
Gordon MonkA Study of the Australian KGV 1d Die 3 Issue83
Gordon MonkThe Surface Printed KGV 1d Sideface Issue Plate Proof Variety Catalogue77LS

Sydney Coin and Stamp Expo 2019

Class 1 - Traditional [Australia, NZ]
1ClarkBill Emblems Issue of Victoria 1857 to 1863 88G
2EllottGeraldNew Zealand, The First Issue - Chalon Heads 94LG
3KellowGeoffreyThe '4d Beaded Oval' of Victoria, 1860-1863 85G
4GallagherTedAustralia - The Queen Elizabeth II and Fauna Definitives 1959-1962 80LV
5GoodwinRonAustralia, King George V Sideface 1914-1938 74LS
6JenkinsBill The Laureates of Victoria Australia 1863-191383LV
7GreenPhillipAustralian Captain Cook Bicentenary73LS
8HancockBarbaraThe Diadem Issues of New South Wales 86G
9SavinsLionelThe 1935 Pictorial Definitive Stamps of New Zealand 88G
10PearsonJohnThe Official Stamps of South Australia 1868-191478V
11PresgraveAnthonyDepartmental Stamps of South Australia 1868-1874 92LG
12SpencerTrevorWestern Australia Swans of De La Rue 80LV
13HayesLynAustralian Commonwealth Stamps of the Early Queen Elizabeth Period 1952-196572LS
14JenkinsBill The Charles Nash Designs of Victoria, Australia 1886-1912 73LS
15TanAndrewAustralia's First King George VI Definitive Series - An Overview of its Commercial Usages86G
16WillocksMurray1960 Pictorials 83LV
17MorrissGraemeANZAC Commemorative Stamps of Australia 68S
18MorrissGraemeANZAC Commemorative Stamps of New Zealand 69S
Class 1 - Traditional [Rest of World]
19BeechColinU.S. Special Delivery Stamp Issues 1885-1951 & Their Usages 88G
20BoylanRussellSt. Vincent - King George VI 78V
21CapillPatriciaBarbados - The King George VI 'Seal' Definitives, 1938-47 87G
22EbingGertPrussia 1850-186773LS
23FladebyJonIndian Princely State of Bundi 76V
24GurevitchRichardHaiti: 1915-1920 'Provisional' Issues 82LV
25HarveySarahHong Kong King George V Definitives 1912-37, including CHINA Overprints80LV
26ShuklaVijayIndia - Handstruck, Scinde Dawk and Lithographic Issues (1685-1857)78V
27KellowGeoffreySierra Leone: The Sterling Issues of Elizabeth II, 1953-1964 90LG
28LevinePhilipGold Coast Queen Victoria and King Edward VII 85G
29RamachandranMahalingamKingdom of Cochin 71LS
30FreemanMikeThe 'Duloz' Stamps of the Ottoman Empire 81LV
31SadlerIan Japan's Attacks and Occupation of China, 1937-4568S
Class 2a - Postal History
32BanfieldNorman Russia - Censorship of Mail 1878-192090LG
33LingChung Postal History of British Borneo: Occupation, Liberation, Recovery 1942-1946 77V
34BarraschKlausPneumatic Mail in Germany Since 1877 to 197770LS
35ChaddertonBruceRepublic of China Airmail Rates to North America 86G
36CheungAlbertInternational Postal Routes of China During The Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945 93LG
37BurkeDavidControlling and Managing Mail - Modern Era 81LV
38CollyerDavidPostal Charges on Airmail, France-Australasia, 1930-1993 80LV
39MooreJohnTreatment & Handling Australian Registered Mail 1900-1966 81LV
40EbingGertAllied Occupation of Germany 1945-194977V
41GreyAlanBritish New Guinea & Papua (1885-1942) 90LG
42EggletonRogerAustralian Commonwealth Official Parcel Post Labels 77V
43ShuklaVijayLucknow Postal History 1810-1947 74LS
Class 2b - Postal History
44HiggsJohnThe First AIF - November 1914 to April 191682LV
45WatsonAndrew Postmarks of Coolgardie and East Coolgardie Goldfields of Western Australia 85G
Class 2c - Postal History
46AsthanaAdityaPostal History of Cawnpore- An Illustrated Study of Postal Markings of Cawnpore from Pre-stamp Era Until 194886G
47DahlHansThe Australian Post Office and the Melbourne Olympics 75V
48DahlHansThe Friendly Games - Melbourne 1956
49PerryRodney A Commercial Philately in Australia Pre-WWI86G
50CampbellJohnThese Are A Few Of My Favourite Things 68S
51GanguliRahulEarly Cancellations / Postmarks of Allahabad 60SB
52KarnikDr RajnishIndian Meter Frankings (Post 1947) 79V
53KumarS SatishThe Mail 56B
54PhilippsRalphRobben Island (South Africa) 78V
55McCarthyLyndaMaheno and Marama 80LV
56WettenhallJohnFive Centuries of Mail Disinfection 81LV
57WalkerMartinPreventing Contagion by the Australian Mails83LV
125DiffenGaryPre-World War I Australian Pictorial Envelopes 79V
Class 3 - Postal Stationery
58BrownGaryPostal Stationery of Natal 90LG
59GrayNancyThe King George V Envelopes of Australia 91LG
60SavinsLionelThe Department of Education Postcards of New Zealand 82LV
61VassalloJohnMalta Postal Stationery 81LV
62BestonBernardA.W. Sandford & Co. Limited - Printed to Private Order Envelopes 1924-1957 73LS
63GroomMalcolm Tasmanian Embossed Stationery 1883-191292LG
64ToddRayBolivia - The Postal Stationery 89G
65ZiegelerClydeBohemia and Moravia 72LS
Class 4 - Aerophilately
66BestonBernardBritish Guiana - The Airmail Story 90LG
67FullerDarrylPart Paid by Air 80LV
68GibbonsGordonChile International Airmails 1928-194167S
69PeaceBrianCachets Applied to Interrupted New Zealand Airmail 80LV
70SadlerJohnFrom Fabric and Wire to the DC390LG
71WolfEdDeveloping Europe-Australia Airmail Routes 1907-193490LG
72SmallAndrewTrans Tasman First Flight Covers 1928-195075V
73WolfEdAirmail Across the South Atlantic 1927-194088G
Class 6 - Thematic Philately
74AgarwalAjayWorld War II - Blitz and Pieces 78V
75BennettJennyLord of the Arctic 85G
76BharathiD.K. Comprehensive Yoga 57B
77BromserCharles The Copernican Revolution - A History of Cosmology 89G
79ChequerGaye & Graeme About Orchids - A Chat 90LG
80IslamMD ZahidulMan & Religion73LS
81MadirajuLokeswara RaoBuddhism72LS
82MalhotraAshwani Kumar Dolphin, Whale and Shark 60SB
83NagarajaRagupathyHinduism - An Analytical Study 68S
84OrrJoanOur Sight 84LV
85RathShanti SwarupBeyond the Stripes 78V
86TaraVHead Gears of India 58B
87SarafPramod KumarFeathered Wonders 61SB
88SrideviN Musical Instruments 63SB
89ThakreManoharFishes - We May Not Be Knowing!69S
90ThakreVindhyaFishing - A Way of Life 73LS
91UpenderDr Vennam The Living Epic - Ramayana 66S
Class 8 - Revenues
92BanfieldJenny Taxed From the Cradle to the Grave 90LG
93BiswalBijoy Kumar Bharatpur State Court Fee & Revenue Stamps 76V
94BrownBarryKey Plate Revenue Stamps of India 79V
95ElsmoreDaveCommonwealth of Australia Patent Office Adhesive Fee Revenues 85G
96HebberdRon and Shirley American Civil War Revenues 1862-8386G
97NevilleBobThe Revenue Stamps of Gibraltar 92LG
98PenfoldDenis Western Australia Duty Stamp 83LV
99SmithDavid The Revenue Stamps of Tasmania 85G
100WalkerMartinSouth Australia's Revenue Stamps 1886-1966 91LG
Class 9.1 - Youth [10-15 Years] Tr, PH, PS, Aero, Astro, Rev
103SheikhOwaisBradbury Definitive Stamps of Bangladesh79V
Class 9.2 - Youth [16-18 Years] Tr, PH, PS, Aero, Astro, Rev
106RosenfeldtAmyNZ Rose Definitives 1975-198084LV
Class 9.3 - Youth [19-21 Years] Tr, PH, PS, Aero, Astro, Rev
110ParryAlexandra Australian Animals First Issue Pre-stamped Envelopes 73LS
Class 9.1 - Youth [10-15 Years] Them, Op, Max
101HargravesGraceButterflies 49Dip
102McTaggartRoseBirds From the Coast to My Garden 76V
104SinhaAyushmanKingfisher 78V
105ThompsonJeffreyThe Voyages of Captain Cook - The Pacific Wanderer 61SB
Class 9.2 - Youth [16-18 Years] Them, Op, Max
107MullerHadleyNative Birds of New Zealand
Class 9.3 - Youth [19-21 Years] Them, Op, Max
109BiswalAvipsaPigeons and Doves, Symbolic Representation 70LS
Class 9.1 - Youth [10-15 Years] PCards
Class 9.2 - Youth [16-18 Years] PCards
107MullerHadleyNative Birds of New Zealand 78V
Class 10 - Literature
111Brusden-White Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue - Queen Elizabeth II (4th Ed) 86G
112Brusden-White Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue - King George VI (4th Ed) 85G
113Brusden-White The Barred Numerals of Victoria, by Hugh Freeman 85G
114Brusden-White The Numeral Cancellations of New South Wales, by Hugh Freeman (2nd Ed) 85G
115Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia The Journal of the Cinderalla Club of Australasia (CSCA) 80LV
116MonkGordonThe Surface Printed KGV 1d Sideface Issue Plate Proof Catalogue 76V
117PeaceBrianCachets Applied to Interrupted New Zealand Airmail 86G
118Philatelic Society of South Australia The Shilling Violet 77V
119South Australia Philatelic Council Inc. SAPC News 65S
Class 12 - Open Philately
120Christensen Michael Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith Aviator 80LV
121ComrieMonicaThe Happy Hen & Her Partner The Arrogant Rooster 78V
122ChittyLindsayThe Maoritanga of New Zealand - The Culture of a Proud Race 91LG
123DombayMiklosThe Blue Danube - Europe's Iconic River 73LS
124DwyerKimThe Battle of HMAS Sydney I and SMS Emden, 9th November 1914, Cocos Islands, Indian Ocean 70LS
125DiffenGaryPre-World War I Australian Pictorial Envelopes
126GendekMarilynFlorence Nightingale: The Path to a Legend 86G
127JuryLen Molly The Dairy Cow81LV
128LaidlerGregAustralia's First Commemorative Stamp, The Opening of Parliament House, 192770LS
129McLarenSinclairThe Rise and Fall of the Axis 72LS
130NichollLynneTobacco 87G
48DahlHansThe Friendly Games - Melbourne 1956 75V
Class 14 - Polar Philately
131DwyerKevinThe Story of the AAT Life of Wilkes Base 1959-1969 84LV
132EnglefieldGrahamMawson in the Antarctic 73LS
133HarryTeresaOfficers in Charge of Scott Base, Ross Dependency. 66S
134LallySusanBelgian Footprints in the Antarctic 90LG
135MarshallRoss USA-USSR Scientific Exchange Programme in Antarctica 90LG
136SaundersDianne Legendary Ships and their Captains in Antarctica 1773-2018 83LV
Class 15a - First Day Covers
137GarrickAnnAustralian Antarctic Territory Pre-Decimal Covers 77V
138KibbleDarylJames Cook's Final Voyage: Genesis, Events & Legacy
139LangGeorgeAustralia - Queen Elizabeth II Issues 1952-1965 on FDC 67S
140LloydDavid First Day Covers - 1966 World Cup of Football
141PhaupRobertCovers Produced by AMC Guthrie (Perth WA) 75V
Class 15c - First Day Covers [Thematic / Topical]
138KibbleDarylJames Cook's Final Voyage: Genesis, Events & Legacy 90LG
140LloydDavid First Day Covers - 1966 World Cup of Football 63SB
Class 16 - Picture Postcards
142BrownseyPatrickThe Fern in Local Culture 80LV
143CollyerDavidThe Qantas Fleet Develops 83LV
144DownesAlmaLet's Elope to Gretna Green 88G
145BayleyPaulaEnglish Cathedrals and Abbeys of Cheshire, the Midlands and southern England65S
146BeecheyDesThe Picture Postcards of J Walch & Sons, Hobart 74LS
147BodleyElspethOur National Capital - 1901-193985G
148GendekMarilynNapoleon: Exile, Death, Resurrection 79V
149RosenfeldtDenise Auckland Domain, New Zealand 78V
150Chitty Lindsay Picture Postcards of the King Country, New Zealand 86G
151ClaridgeSueThe Hospitals of New Zealand 80LV
152DuberalRossFiji - Under Tropic Skies 78V
153LongJeffDear Aunty, I am holidaying in Riverton, New Zealand 86G
154McMahonIanQueensland Government Postcards Issued for International Exhibitions 1908 & 1915 77V
155PocockCarolThe Floral Clock in Edinburgh, Scotland 72LS
156FiggDavidJetties of South Australia 91LG
157GiardelloLorenzoWWI Embroidered Silk Postcards 85G
158KouwenMikeThe Aboriginal People of Western Australia 92LG
159NewellDavid"A Gift From the Gods" : The Art of Raphael Kirchner 79V
160PresgraveJillA Pictorial Tour of the Gilbert River Valley, SA 84LV
161SmithDavidThe Kingston Earthquake of 190786G
162VilloingLaurentLa Vie du Marin - A Sailor's Life 78V
163TowellGordonAustralian Occupation of German New Guinea 1914-1925 77V
164WellsPennyNew Zealand: The Early Christchurch Bridges Over the Avon River 74LS
Class 18.1 - Modern Traditional
165CollyerDavidArchitecture Series - 4th Definitive of Republic of South Africa 80LV
166Dizon Jr. NiloOptical Effects in Philately 72LS
167HancockBarbaraAustralia's Peel & Stick Revolution90LG
168FuaryIan The GPO Melbourne 'Stamp Gang' Cancellations 73LS
169LuckhurstTonyNew Zealand Document Exchange (DX Mail) 57B
170RobertsDavidKoala Reprints 73LS
171MooreJohn 1989-1991 Australian Sporting Definitives 82LV

Hong Kong Stampex 2 March 2019

Malcolm GroomWestern Tasmania: A social Postal History of Prospectors and Post Offices82LV
Charles BromserMovers and Shakers of the Millenium82LV
Glen StaffordNicaraguan Postage and Official Stamps - The Seebeck Era (1890 - 1899)81LV

EPAEX 2019 Stamp Exhibition, Dubai

(Results were scored to International standard, not National so a 5 points differential in medal levels)

Name of Exhibitor.Name of ExhibitFramesPointsMedal
Clyde ZiegelerBohemia & Moravia581V
Tony PresgraveA look at Bridges - An illustrated history of bridges in South Australia582V
Harry LowerSouth Australia's "Tannenbergs"190G
Harry LowerThe Penny Reds of South Australia188LV
Alex NuijtenFur collar lettercards of the Netherlands 1906-1918185LV
Nick CutajarThe Martial Law Postal Censorship of Poland 1981-1982580V
Jenny Roland1900 Paris Exhibition888LV
Alma DownesPenzance - Cornwall180V
Eric HurrellAustralia - The Kangaroo & Map Stamps (1913-1947)581V
Wendy JohnsonNew Zealand 1964 Health Stamp Issue376LS
Trevor JohnsonThe Japanese Occupation of Malaya - Commemorative postmarks176LS


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