APF Exhibition Results 2016


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Nanning, China FIAP Dec 2016

NameClassTitleFrame NosResultsMedal
Ian MacMahon4New Zealand Postal Stationery Queen Victoria - King George V890G
Glen Stafford3.2Nicaragua Postal Stationery The Seebeck period890G
Russell Boylan1St Vincent - The De La Rue Period8GPHCRunner up
Glen Stafford5Nicaragua Airmail The early years585LV
Darryl Fuller1Leeward Islands Postal Stationery8GPHCWinner
John Bodnar5First Regular &First International Airmail service in the World577LS
John Moore131989-1991 Australian Sports Definitive Series580V
Philip Levine2.3Gold Coast to King George V888LV
Raymond Todd5Airmails of Western Australia 1919-1939890G
Elsa Todd4Australian Registered Envelopes - From Kangaroo to George VI581V
Raymond Todd4Sweden - Postal Stationery 1872-1897590G
Jim Shaw2.2New Zealand Postage Dues888LV

Philataipei World Stamp Championship October 21 – 26 2016

Philataipei World Stamp Championship 2016
Australian Awards
Malcolm Groom Tasmanian Pictorials 1899-1912 G 91
James ShawNew Zealand 1/2d Newspaper Stamp issues 1873-1905 (incl. stationery Wrappers and Austin Walsh cards) LV 87
Stephen Browne The Postal History of New South Wales 1801-1849 LG+SP 96
Ronnie WinchesterThe Colony of Victoria Registered Mail - Pre UPU Routes and Rates LV 86
John Moore Treatment and Handling of Australian Registered Mail 1900-1966 V 83
Darryl FullerAirmail Postal history of the Caribbean V 80
Gary Brown Postal stationery of Natal LV+SP 88
Nancy GrayThe King George V Envelopes of Australia LV+SP 88
Geoffrey Lewis Philippines International Airmails up to 1941 LV 85
Tom FrommerThe Airmails of Papua and New Guinea 1926-1943 G 90
Ross Wood Czechoslovakia Airmail 1918 to 1940 LV 85
Linda LeeFlower Magic G 90
Michael Rhodes The Human Mastery of Energy LV 88
Martin WalkerSouth Australia's Revenue Stamps 1886-1966 LG+SP 95
Geoffrey Lewis The 1836 Anglo-French Postal Convention G 92
Peter AllanTasmanian Free Mail 1853 to 1882: Acts and Regulations 87
Ross Wood Czechoslovakia 1930 Airmail Stamp Issue 85

Hobart National One-Frame 18 – 20 Nov 2016

SurnameFirst NameExhibit TitleClassScoreAward
AdamsTonyThe 1945 Košice Souvenir SheetTraditional68Silver
AllanPeterThe operation of the early Tasmanian Stamp Duty ActsRevenues86Gold
AndrewsMargueriteLudwig I : Second King of Bavaria 1825 -1848Postcards73Large Silver
BardenMichaelThe 1946 "Van Acker" -10% Issue of Belgium Provisional Surchages - In Veritas or In Verisimilitudinem?Traditional75Vermeil
BarraschKlausGermany's Postal History - Pneumatic Mail after WW IIPostal History72Large Silver
BarrettBrianTasmania: The "Revenue" Overprint on Platypus Values, 1900 -1905Revenues85Gold
BarrettBrianTasmania: Decimal Revenue ValuesRevenues78Vermeil
BestonBernardNorfolk Island - The Ball Bay SeriesTraditional80Large Vermeil
BestonBernardQueensland - The Postal Financial SystemsRevenues80Large Vermeil
BrownGaryAden - 1937 Dhow SeriesTraditional83Large Vermeil
BurkeSeanA View of Rhodesia through the postcards published by E. Peters of Cape TownPostcards74Large Silver
BurkeSeanPicture Postcards used in Rhodesia 1902 - 1908Postcards76Vermeil
BurkeDavidDomestic Solo Covers - with postal deficiency but error not detectedPostal History57Bronze
CamptonJohnPhilatelic Legacy of the "Lost" German Overseas Colonies 1890 - 1919Open65Silver
ChequerGraeme and GayeRadical JoePostcards72Large Silver
ClarkBillThe Emblems Issue of Victoria 1857 - 1863Traditional82Large Vermeil
CollinsMurrayK.U.T. Postal Stationery - The First IsssuePostal Stationery81Large Vermeil
DiffenGaryThe Australian Gallipoli Campaign and the shortage of Writing MaterialsP.History84Large Vermeil
DiserioMarkAustralia: KGV 1d Oval embossed die: 1928 - 1937Postal Stationery85Gold
DombayMiklosAt the Beautiful Blue DanubeOpen73Large Silver
DownesAlmaA Short Holiday in ClovellyPostcards70Large Silver
EggletonRogerAustralia: Parcels Post Label P.P.1Postal History78Vermeil
ElsmoreDaveCommonwealth Income Tax Stamps of AustraliaRevenues86Gold
ElsmoreDaveElectric Telegraph, QueenslandPostal History83Large Vermeil
ElsmoreDaveTasmania Railway Parcel Tickets, Newspaper and Parcel Stamps 1886 - 1919Revenues84Large Vermeil
EnglefieldGrahamThe Antarctic voyages of Commandant Charcot 1948 - 1951Postal History82Large Vermeil
EwingtonRossA different approach to displaying Tasmanian PostmarksPostal History72Large Silver
FladebyJonThe First Issue of BundiTraditional80Large Vermeil
FreemanHughPostmarks on Australian King George V HeadsMarcophily72Large Silver
FuaryIanAustralia's First Franking Machine DiesPostal History87Gold
FuaryIanThe 1994 "Stamp Gang" CancellationsMarcophily79Vermeil
HarrisonGordonThe 3c Conestoga Wagon - 1988 Leap Year IssueFirst Day Covers74Large Silver
HarveySarahHong Kong Definitives 1912 - 1921 and 1921 - 1937, including China overprintsTraditional79Vermeil
HiggsJohnThe First AIF - November 1914 to April 1915Postal History80Large Vermeil
HunterRobertU.S. Private Medicine Stamps of the Civil War Tax period 1862 -83Open79Vermeil
JantzenJohnGermany - The Winter Relief FundTraditional74Large Silver
JenkinsBillVictoria 2d De La Rue 28th Jan 1870-1873Traditional80Large Vermeil
JenkinsBillThe Campbell & Co and Campbell and Fergusson 3d Blue, Victorian Half LengthTraditional84Large Vermeil
JohnstoneJamesAdvertising Australia's Telegram and Telegraph ServicePostal History77Vermeil
JohnstoneJamesThe 1897 Consumptive Home Charity Issues of NSWTraditional93Large Gold
KajewskiDavidPostcards from MackPostal History (Transfered from Postcards)73Large Silver
KantorRodRepublic of Biafra - Internal and outgoing mail in a time of conflict and shortagePostal History82Large Vermeil
KantorRodNorthern Rhodesia's 1963 Definitive IssueTraditional83Large Vermeil
Kwan CheungPatrickAspects of Philatelic Trade in Mauritius 1885 - 1915Postal History65Silver
LaidlerGregThe Private Perfins of Tattersalls MailTraditional85Gold
LaneyIanThe Trolley BusThematic69Silver
LeeLindaWomen and WarThematic75Vermeil
LeeLindaPioneer SocietyTraditional81Large Vermeil
LetterPeterCacti: A Prickly SubjectThematic67Silver
LetterPeterWhat is your Lingo?Traditional69Silver
LevinePhilipGold Coast Manuscript CancellationsPostal History84Large Vermeil
LevinePhilipCape of Good Hope Queen Victoria Prestamped EnvelopesPostal History85Gold
LowerHarryThe Halfpenny "Bantams" of South AustraliaTraditional91Large Gold
LowerHarryAustralian Birds Series 1964 - 1965 First Day CoversFirst Day Covers82Large Vermeil
MainwaringJamesTransport and Travel:  An Edwardian and Continental perspectivePostcards70Large Silver
MatthiasElaineThe International Red Cross and Red Crescent movementThematic61Silver-Bronze
MillarGregBishops Waltham - Its developmentPostcards74Large Silver
MonkGordonHoley Problems The Harris Scarfe Empire HS.4 perfinTraditional74Large Silver
MonkGordonAustralian KGV 1d issue "Rust Flaws" 1914 to FinalTraditional84Large Vermeil
MonkGordonA Study of the King George V 1d Die 3 IssueTraditional85Gold
MooreJohnVale of GloucesterPostcards82Large Vermeil
MooreJohnLord Howe Island - Postal Markings 1900 -2000Marcophily66Silver
NewellRaeleneKing Edward VII and Queen Alexandra 1901 - 1910Postcards78Vermeil
NewellRaeleneA Glimpse at the lives of King George V and Queen Mary from 1893-1936Postcards79Vermeil
NuijtenAlexFur collar lettercards of the Netherlands 1906 - 1918Postal Stationery85Gold
OrrJoanAustralia 33c. Aerogrammes - 1981 IssuesPostal Stationery82Large Vermeil
OrrJoanLions Christmas SealsCinderallas84Large Vermeil
PanckridgeJohnHeaven or Hell? Behind the Scenes at the Leipzig FairPostcards91Large Gold
PanckridgeJohnA Hyper Inflation Postcard from GermanyPostal History88Gold
PeggiePaulPictorial Postcards from BarotselandPostcards76Vermeil
PopeBrianKLM comes, and goes! May 1931Aero Philately80Large Vermeil
RileyKerryTasmanians at GallipoliPostcards91Large Gold
RileyKerryA Tour of Tasmania: The advertising Postcards of F.W. NivenPostcards75Vermeil
RolandMichelSTAMPEX 2006 - The idea behind and beyond the Souvenir SheetCinderallas70Large Silver
SchofieldTimCancellations, Postal Markings and Correspondence of the Country Post Offices of the Moreton Bay District 1850 - 1860Postal History80Large Vermeil
ShawJamesNew Zealand 1878 1d Stamp Duty Issues - A Study of Stamps and UsageRevenues88Gold
ShawJamesNew Zealand Decimal Errors 1967 - 2010 - Errors not by designTraditional84Large Vermeil
ShawJamesNew Zealand 1965 Anzac stamp issue 4d and 5d studyTraditional75Vermeil
ShawJamesNew Zealand 1900 1 1/2 d Boer War Commemorative issues - a study of stamps and usagesTraditional78Vermeil
ShawleyJohnMauritius: Outgoing Mail Rates 1875 - 1883Postal History80Large Vermeil
ShuklaAaradhyaNot just Paper...Youth, Other than Thematics or Open, U1578Large Silver
ShuklaVivekStamp with Goodies...Traditional65Silver
ShuklaVijayIndia - The early Lithograph issues of 1854Traditional80Large Vermeil
ThompsonJeffreyThe Voyage of Captain CookYouth Thematic & Open, U1575Large Silver
TyagiPankajLucknow close to my HeartPostcards73Large Silver
TyagiPankajLiberia 1953 Birds Issue "A Story behind Errors and Proofs"Traditional0No Shown
WalkerMartinParaguay - The First Kraus Definitives of 1903Traditional91Large Gold
WatsonGaryThe Letter Carrier Datestamps of MelbournePostal History83Large Vermeil
WatsonGaryThe Pre - Separation Datestamps of MelbournePostal History91Large Gold
WettenhallJohnA Past & Present Scourge : CholeraPostal History87Gold
WilliamsRichardKamerun, Cameroun, Cameroons: Changes in colonial powers and postal history 1884 - 1920Postal History81Large Vermeil
XavierPaulFiji - King Edward VII First Watermark Definitive Issue (1903)Traditional83Large Vermeil

Christchurch 2016 Stamp & Postcard Exhibition – New Zealand 18 – 20 Nov

Savins Lionel 2.1The 1935 NZ Pictorials8Large Gold93Grand Award CP Award Best NZ
Pugsley John3.4The Boer War8Large Gold91Runner up Grand Award Sp. Prize
Wolf Ed1.2The Europe-Australia Air Route5InvitedJury Class
Collyer David3.1Years of change-International etc8Gold 88
Xavier Paul4.7Fiji KGVI Omnibus Commems1Gold 86
Burke David3.1Controlling Managing Mail8Large Vermeil83
Moore John3.1Australian Airmail Postal Charges5Vermeil77
Brigden Peter4.8Pacific Naval Campaign 1914-19155Large Silver 73
McMahon Ian6.2Sandgate3Large Vermeil83
Barsdell Paul2.2Postage due Stamps within French West Africa5Large Vermeil81
DiBiase John3.4The History of Stamp Hinges5Large Vermeil81
Gendek Marilyn4.8Florence Nightingale The Path to legend5Vermeil77
Figg David6.1Brookes Limited1Large Silver 76
Figg David6.1The Adelaide Hills Railway Viaduct1Large Silver 72
Figg David4.7General Douglas MacArthur1Silver 67
Figg David7.3The Australian Match Industry1Popular Choice
Figg David7.3Patriotic WWII War Slogans1Popular Choice
Stafford Johanna7.1Banknotes of Mongolia 0f 1955,1966 Today2Popular Choice

Mandurah 2016 Half National 3 – 5 November 2016

Australian Match Cover Collectors Society (SA)

Australian Postcard Society (SA)
Australian Postcard Society Bulletin

Beston, Bernard (Qld)
British Guiana The Airmail Story 1913-1950

Brown, Gary (Vic)
Aden from British Colony to Peoples Republic

Brown, Gary (Vic)
South Africa First Revenue Series

Chan, Stephen (Hong Kong)
Revenue Stamps of Macau during the Portuguese Administration

Cheung, Andrew M (Hong Kong)
Russian Post Offices in China the Overprinted Issues 1899-1920

Cheung, Andrew M (Hong Kong)
Guatemala Airmails 1924-1945


Chitty, Lindsay (New Zealand)
New Zealand First Stamp Issue The Full Face Queens

Chu, Wing Yeu (Hong Kong)
The National Currency Stamps of China 1945-48

Collins, Murray (Qld)
Southern Rhodesia

Comrie, Reginald J (New Zealand)
Airlines of the World

Cornford, Trevor (UK)
Captain Scotts Last Antarctic Expedition Triumph and Tragedy
Polar Philately83

Downes, Alma (SA)
Piering Out to Sea

Elsmore, Dave (Qld)
The Lithographed Stamp Duty Adhesives of Queensland

Flanagan, Patrick (South Africa)
The George VI Issue of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika

Flanagan, Patrick (South Africa)
The George VI Issue of Northern Rhodesia

Fuller, Darryl (ACT)
Revenue Stamped Paper and Other Non-Adhesives of Israel

Giardiello, Lorenzo (SA)
Glamorous Ladies

Giardiello, Lorenzo (SA)
Silk Postcards Evolution 1898 to 1980


Giardiello, Lorenzo (SA)
Silk Postcards Evolution

Gibson, RA (Bob) (New Zealand)
Reducing Risks on Our Roads

Goulder, Robin (WA)
Victoria to Australia the Postage Due Issues 1890-1963

Gray, Nancy (NSW)
Specimen, Presentation and Cancelled to Order Stamps of Australia 1901-1966


Howard, Jim (SA)
Brunei 1895-1947

Johnstone, James (NSW)
The Cross and Numeral Design of Switzerland and Its Usage

Kellow, Geoffrey (NSW)
Sierra Leone: The Sterling Issues of Elizabeth II, 1953-1964

Laidler, Gregory (NSW)
Constant Plate Varieties of the Two Dollars Red Gums of the Far North Definitive Stamp


Lally, Susan (WA)
With Byrd to the Bottom of the World
Polar Philately86


Laney, Ian (NSW)
Tramways Through the Ages

Livingston, Robert (New Zealand)
Taupo A Tourist Hotspot

Long, Jenny (New Zealand)
A Study of New Zealand Pictorial Postcards

Lower, Harry (SA)
South Australias Postage Long Stamps


Marley, Lesley (UK)
There She Blows A Brief Outline of the Whaling Industry

Minnaar, Emil (South Africa)
Airmails of Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1930-1946

Monk, Gordon (SA)
Surface Printed Varieties of Australian King George V 1d


Moore, John (NSW)
1988 Australia Living Together
Traditional (Modern)82

Moore, John (NSW)
1989-1991 Australian Sport Definitive Series
Traditional (Modern)85

Moore, John (NSW)
Lord Howe Island A Travellers Tale

Moore, Ken (WA)
World War I Silk Postcards 1914 to 1918

Mortlock, Andrew (UK)
Queensland One Penny 1882-1912


Neville, Robert (WA)
Great Britain Stamps and Postal Stationery Used in Gibraltar 1857-1898

Newman, Barrie (SA)
Development of the Three Stampex 2014 PNCs

Pocock, Derek (WA)
The Postcards of the Bon Marche Series, Perth

Presgrave, Anthony (SA)
Engineering A City

Queensland Card Collectors Club Inc (Qld)
The ANZACS in World War I Illustrated in Postcards and Cigarette Cards

Reid, Patrick (UK)
Tasmania The Pictorial Issue

Rhodes, Michael (WA)
The Human Mastery of Energy


Rhodes, Michael (WA)
A Tour Around the Kremlin and Red Square

Roland, Jenny (SA)
Australian Counter Printed Stamps The Complete Story
Traditional (Modern)80

Roland, Michel (SA)
From Bonaparte to Napoleon

Saunders, Dianne (WA)
Antarctica Understood Values and Protections
Polar Philately70

Stafford, Glen (WA)
Nicaragua Airmail Stamps The Early Years

Stafford, Johanna (WA)
A Selection of German Notgeld


Stafford, Johanna (WA)
Mongolian Banknotes of 1955, 1966 and Today

Walker, Martin (SA)
South Australias Revenue Stamps 1886-1966


Xavier, Paul A (Qld)
Fiji Architecture Definitive Series (adhesives, printings and usage)
Traditional (Modern)87


Ziegeler, Clyde (SA)
Jaipur 1904-1949


Adelaide Stampex and Australasian Challenge Oct 7 – 9 2016

Malta86 Gold
John Vassallo (ACT) Traditional
Postal Stationery of Canada Issued during the Reign of King George VI87 Gold
Ian J McMahon (ACT) Postal Stationery
Embossed Revenue Stamps of the Australian States83 Large Vermeil
David Ingle Smith (ACT) Revenues
Florence Nightingale: The Path to a Legend75 Vermeil
Marilyn Gendek (ACT) Open
The Fantasy World of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie69 Silver
Wynter ORegan (ACT) Youth
What Are Instalment Postcards?75 Vermeil
Peter Kowald (ACT) Postcards
Sierra Leone - The Postal History of the King George VI Period86 Gold
Geoffrey Kellow (NSW) Postal History
Philippines International Airmails up to 194180 Large Vermeil
Geoffrey Lewis (NSW) Aerophilately
Study of the High Value Definitive Stamps Depicting Important Australian Paintings82 Large Vermeil
Gregory Laidler (NSW) Traditionalwith Felicitations (National)
1935 Pictorial Definitive Stamps of New Zealand91 Large Gold
Lionel Savins (NSW) Traditional
The King George V Envelopes of Australia93 Large Gold
Nancy Gray (NSW) Postal Stationery
Cricket79 Vermeil
Zac Franklin (NSW) Youth
New Zealand Definitives issued 1975 - 198087 Gold
Amy Rosenfeldt (New Zealand) Youth
Steeped in a World of Tea79 Vermeil
Denise Ann Rosenfeldt (New Zealand) Thematic Philately
British Commonwealth Prisoner of War Repatriation Mail, Japanese occupation of the Far East, WWII92 Large Gold
Lindsay Chitty (New Zealand) Postal History
Russia - Airmails Services 1922-195090 Large Gold
Norman R Banfield (New Zealand) Aerophilately
Proving First Day and Earliest Use of New Zealand Stamps 1855 - April 193586 Gold
Tony Thackery (New Zealand) Traditional
Gold78 Vermeil
Lachlan Smith (New Zealand) Youth
Fiji - Architecture Definitive Series86 Gold
Paul A Xavier (QLD) Modern
Message Behind the Angel Story: Gods Redemption of Mankind93 Large Gold
Daryl R Kibble (QLD) Thematic Philately
Gold Coast Postal Stationery89 Gold
Philip Levine (QLD) Postal Stationery
The Rulers of Bavaria 1806 - 191276 Vermeil
Marguerite M Andrews (QLD) Postcards
Australian Animals on Prestamped Envelopes, 1st Issue79 Vermeil
Alexandra Parry (QLD) Youth
A Tale of Three Cities 60 Silver Bronze
Mervyn Cobcroft (QLD) Postcards
Bohemia and Moravia72 Large Silver
Clyde F Ziegeler (SA) Postal History
The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the River Murray Shipping Trade73 Large Silver
Anthony Presgrave (SA) Open
New Zealand 1964 Health Stamps65 Silver
Wendy Johnson (SA) Traditional
South Australias Revenue Stamps 1886 - 196694 Large Gold with
Martin James Walker (SA) RevenuesFelicitations (National)
The Australian 5d King George V Sideface, 1915 - 193884 Large Vermeil
David Edwards (SA) Traditional
Forgeries of the Japanese Occupation of Burma69 Silver
Trevor John Johnson (SA) Traditional
The History of Tasmanian Primary Handstamps 1853 - 191288 Gold
David L John (SA) Postal History
Australian Postal Rates - King George VI (1936 - 1952)84 Large Vermeil
Peter Allan (TAS) Postal History
Birds in My Garden85 Gold
Rose McTaggart (New Zealand) Youth
Its Christmas Time78 Vermeil
Ciara Gibson (New Zealand) Youth
Orchids and Their World83 Large Vermeil
Graeme Chequer and Gaye Chequer (TAS) Open
History of and Advances Made in Medicine81 Large Vermeil
Jeanette Banfield (New Zealand) Maximaphily
Ceylons Involvement in World War II87 Gold
Gary Watson (VIC) Postal History
The Copernican Revolution: A History of Cosmology86 Gold
Charles Bromser (VIC) Thematic Philately
New Zealand Wages Tax Issues 1931-195985 Gold
James Shaw (VIC) Revenues
Victoria £10 Stamp Duty 1879 to 190185 Gold
Peter Leitch (VIC) Traditional
Australias Inaugural Decimal Definitive Series83 Large Vermeil
Tim Rodger (VIC) Traditional
Victorian Central Goldfields Postal History73 Large Silver
Alex Stoneman (VIC) Postal History
Postal History of Haiti91 Large Gold
Raymond Todd (WA) Postal History
Antarctica - Understood Values and Protections60 Silver Bronze
Dianne Saunders (WA) Polar
Nicaraguan Postal Stationery - The Seebeck Era92 Large Gold
Glen Stafford (WA) Postal Stationery
The Postage Stamps of Western Australia88 Gold
John Dibiase (WA) Traditional
Development of an Air Mail Service to Madagascar 1929 - 193787 Gold
David Lee (WA) Aerophilately
Nyasaland Airmails85 Gold
Ross A L Wood (WA) Aerophilately

Adelaide Picture Postcard challenge Challenge Oct 7 – 9 2016

Mosman Bay70 Large Silver
Bruce Parker (ACT) Postcards
The Hand-Pulled Rickshaw73 Large Silver
Peter Cheah (ACT) Postcards
The River Thames in the Golden Age85 Gold
Elspeth A Bodley (ACT) Postcards
Jamaica 1898 - 1920: A Time of Prosperity82 Large Vermeil
David Ingle Smith (ACT) Postcards
Sydney Tourist Landmarks in the Early 1900s79 Vermeil
Anthony Scott (NSW) Postcards
Whakarewarewa - Living a Guide Life88 Gold
Bruce Chadderton (NSW) Postcards
Postcard Images of Aboriginal People80 Large Vermeil
Jeffrey Michael (NSW) Postcards
Developing Jenolan Caves as a Tourist Destination71 Large Silver
Vivienne Scott (NSW) Postcards
Postcards Relating to the Ruhleben Civil Internee Camp WW1 Germany86 Gold
Lindsay Chitty (New Zealand) Postcards
Stewart Island Postcards in the Fergusson and Taylor "Glossine Series"83 Large Vermeil
Donal Duthie (New Zealand) Postcards
A Postcard View of Early Nelson and District81 Large Vermeil
Ann Still (New Zealand) Postcards
Mesopotamia to Iraq81 Large Vermeil
Jeanette Banfield (New Zealand) Postcards
Postcards Made of Different Materials84 Large Vermeil
Pauline Edwards (SA) Postcards
Whats the Time?79 Vermeil
Anthony Presgrave (SA) Postcards
Windsor Castle86 Gold
Alma Downes (SA) Postcards
Strike a Light!86 Gold
David Figg (SA) Postcards
Victoria Falls80 Large Vermeil
Rod Kantor (WA) Postcards
A Little Soldier Boy68 Silver
Jeffrey Alan Trinidad (WA) Postcards
Fiji - Arthur Mills, Publisher 1907 - 191175 Vermeil
Ross Duberal (WA) Postcards
World War 1 Diggers77 Vermeil
Ken Moore (WA) Postcards

NY 2016 World Stamp Show May 28-Saturday, June 4 – Australian Results

First nameSurnameName of ExhibitNo. of FramesClassResultMedal
RussellBoylanSt. Vincent- The Da La Rue Period8Championship
ColinBeechU.S.Special Delivery Stamps and Service, 5Traditional81V
MichaelRhodesMexico Exporta5Traditional85LV
JonFladebyNorway Stamp Issues 1872-18855Traditional83V
JamesShawNew Zealand Postage Dues 1899-1939 (A Study of Issues and underpaid mail). 8Traditional87LV
GeoffreyLewisNew Orleans Postal History- Stampless Mail8Postal History95LG
JamesJohnstonePostal Services in the 1946 Atomic Tests- Operation Crossroads. 5Postal History84V
BruceChaddertonDescent into the Abyss5Postal History86LV
StephenBrowneThe Postal History of New South Wales 1801-1849. 8Postal History97LG+SP
AlanGrey"Postage to Collect" for Australian Colonial Mail. 8Postal History94G
DarylKibbleInterrupted/Delayed mail of the Arab-Israeli Conflict(Postal History). 5Postal History86LV
PaulPeggieMission mail Central Africa8Postal History88LV
GlenStaffordForces Mail in Western Australia During WW II8Postal History87LV
RossWoodPostal History of Nyasaland- African Postal Union to Federation. 8Postal History85LV
DarrylFullerLeeward Islands Postal Stationery8Postal Stationery95LG
PhilipLevineGold Coast Postal Stationery8Postal Stationery90G
JohnSinfieldPanama Republic Postal Stationery8Postal Stationery96LG+SP
MichaelBlinmanNew South Wales Postal Stationery8Postal Stationery95LG
IanMcMahonEnvelopes and Postcards of Canada8Postal Stationery85LV
LindaLeeFlower Magic8Thematics90G
JohnDibiaseThe Fiscal Stamps of Western Australia8Revenues90G
MichaelRhodesI am Nothing1One Frame82
CharlesBromserMovers and Shakers of the Millennium5Open80V
AnthonyPresgraveThe Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Murray River Trade. 5Open75LS
MartinWalkerThe Portrayal of Living People in Australian Philately5Open86LV
DarylKibbleThe Arab-Israeli Conflict: No Service, Returned and Captured Mail. Daryl -Literature 80V
SeanSeanBurkePostmarks on the Rhodesia Admiral Issue 1913-1925Literature 78LS
Sean BurkeBurkeA Study of the Colours and Printings of the Rhodesia Bi-Colored Admirals-Literature 80V
Karl PatrickKwan CheungMauritius Philatelic Society 25th Anniversary Souvenir Magazine-Literature 78LS
GeoffreyLewisThe 1836 Anglo-French Postal Convention-Literature 90G
SeanBurkeThe Journal of the Rhodesian Study Circle-Literature 82V
IanMcMahonPostal Stationery Collector, Vol 21, 2015-Literature 77LS

HK Stampex 15 – 17 April 2016 – Australian exhibits awards

Ross Wood Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika Postal Stationery Postal Stationery77 Vermeil
Glen StaffordSiams Postal CardsPostal Stationery 82 Large Vermeil
Mike KouwenAustralia - London Customs DutyRevenues 83 Large Vermeil
Ken MooreThe Postage Stamps of Rhodesia and NyasalandTraditional 86 Gold

Canberra Half National Exhibition Results March 2016

No Name Award Points Prize DescriptionClass
1Timothy R Morgan Large Vermeil 76 The Scroll Issue of Canada State -Traditional
2J Patrick Longfield Gold 80 British North Borneo 1883-1925 State -Traditional
3Penny Wells Large Silver 67 Dominican Republic 1866-1944 State -Traditional
4Richard Gurevitch Large Vermeil 78 Guatemala 1886 Railway Bond Issue State -Traditional
5Paul A Xavier Vermeil 74 Fiji - Airmail Lettercards and Aerogrammes (1944-1992) State - Postal Stationery
6Ross Newton Large Silver 68 Chess State - Thematic
7Ummer F S Veedu Large Silver 69 Mahatma Gandhi State - Thematic
8M D Zahidul Islam Vermeil 73 Indian Fiscal Stamps used in East Bengal 1827-1900 State - Revenues
9John Higgs Vermeil 74 Faroe Islands to 1975 State - Postal History
10Derek A Pocock Large Vermeil 79 The Postcards of The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel State - Postcards
11Lorenzo Giardiello Gold 84 The Evolution and Variation of Silk Postcards State - Postcards
12Jeff Long Vermeil 74 The Franz Josef Glacier and Township, New Zealand State - Postcards
13Edward Lean Silver 64 Australian Christmas First Day of Issue State - First Day Covers
14Peter Allan Large Vermeil 82 Australian Postal Rates 1937-1952 National - Postal History
15Mark Diserio Gold 86 The Queens Men - A Study of the Gubernatorial Frank Stamps of Australia National - Postal History
16John Franklin Vermeil 75 Australia: The Use of King George V One Penny Issues 1914-1937 National - Postal History
17Paul D Allen Large Gold 95 Best in Show Victorian Outgoing Indian Mail to Great Britain, Europe and USA 1854-1876 National - Postal History
18Edward Laveroni Large Gold 94 Best in Show - Runner Up Imperial Postmarks of the Trans-Siberian Railroad Chelyabinsk to Manchzhyria National - Postal History
19Lindsay Chitty Large Gold 93Best Postal History Exhibit - Classes 3.1a and b Prisoner of War Correspondence - Japanese Occupation of the Far East, WWII 1942-1945 National - Postal History
20Roger Eggleton Gold 89 Felicitations; Jury Prize British Parcel Post Labelling (1883-1970) National - Postal History
21 Ahmad Bin Eisa Al Serkal Gold 87 A Postal History Study of Airmail from Iraq 1919-1945 National - Postal History
22Abdulla Khoory Large Gold 90 Jury Prize Dubai Postal History National - Postal History
23John Franklin Large Silver 73 King George V Silver Jubilee Straits Settlements Issue National - Postal History
24John Franklin Large Silver 74 Straits Settlements Postal Services 1867-1941 National - Postal History
25Nasser Bin Ahmad Al Serkal Large Silver 70 Sharjah Postal History National - Postal History
26James Johnstone Gold 89 Felicitations The Datestamps and Other Markings Used for Australian Telegraphic Materials National - Postal History
28James Johnstone Large Vermeil 84 Postal Services in the 1946 Atomic Tests - Operation Crossroads National - Postal History 2C
29Hans Karman Large Vermeil 82 The Business of the Australian Electoral Office National - Postal History 2C
30Gary Diffen Gold 85Felicitations - Ed Druce Memorial Prize Early Colonial and Australian Military Camps 1901-1918 National - Postal History 2C
31Michael Barden Large Silver 70 Belgium - Winter Relief Fund issues - 1940-1944 National - Postal History 2C
32Behruz Nassre-Esfahani Gold 87 Persia - Nasser-eddin Shah Qajar Postal Stationery issued 1876-1893 National - Postal Stationery
33Glen Stafford Large Gold 91 Nicaraguan Postal Stationery - The Seebeck Era National - Postal Stationery
34Nancy Gray Large Gold 92Felicitations - Best Postal Stationery Exhibit The King George V Envelopes of Australia National - Postal Stationery
35Ross A Towle Large Vermeil 83 U.S. 1907-1919 2c Oval Die-stamped Envelopes National - Postal Stationery
36Glen Stafford Vermeil 75 Thailand Postcard Postal Stationery National - Postal Stationery
37Ed Wolf Vermeil 77 Pre-decimal Australian Airletters and Aerogrammes National - Postal Stationery
38Anthony Scott Large Silver 71 Air Letters to Aerogrammes National - Postal Stationery
39Bernard Beston Vermeil 75 Guyana Postal Stationery National - Postal Stationery
40Derek A Pocock Vermeil 75 The Postal Stationery of Bangladesh National - Postal Stationery
41Geoffrey Kellow Vermeil 79 The Air Letters of Sierra Leone 1944-1971 National - Postal Stationery
42Ross Duberal Large Vermeil 80Great Australian Stationery Challenge Winner Fiji - Airmail Lettercards and Aerogrammes (1944-1992) National - Postal Stationery
43Gary Watson Vermeil 76 The Aerogrammes of Eastern Arabia National - Postal Stationery
45Joan Orr Vermeil 76 Peoples Republic of China New Year National - Postal Stationery
46John Franklin Silver Bronze 62 King George VI Pictorial Issues of 1938 National - Topical
47Michel Roland Vermeil 78Best Exhibit in Topical Class According to the Needs - Official Mail of the Belgian Railways National - Topical
48 Gaye and Graeme Chequer Large Vermeil 83 Snippets of an Orchidaceous Nature National - Open
49 Rod Kantor Silver 68 Central African Airways National - Open
50Rod Kantor Silver 65 Congo Catastrophe 1960-19162 National - Open
51Anthony Presgrave Vermeil 78 The Rise Fall and Rebirth of the River Murray Shipping Trade National - Open
52Monica M Comrie Large Vermeil 80 The Sheep National - Open
53Lindsay Chitty Gold 88 Best Exhibit in Open Class Maoritanga of New Zealand - The Culture of a Proud Race National - Open
54Paul McTaggart Vermeil 76 Supreme Valour National - Open
56David Kajewski Large Silver 70 Postcards from Mack National - Open
57John Comrie Silver Bronze 64 Airlines of the World National - Open
58Kevin W Dwyer Large Silver 72 The Story of Aubrey Gotley National - Open
59Kim D Dwyer Vermeil 75 The Earths Treasures National - Open
60John Moore Silver 66 Coconut - The Palm of Life National - Open
61Robert Phaup Large Silver 72 Australian First Day Covers 1927-1948 National - First Day Covers
62Amy Rosenfeldt Gold 89 Best Youth Exhibit New Zealand Definitives 1975-1980 National - Youth
63Wynter ORegan Silver 69 The Fantasy World of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie National - Youth
64Indigo Franklin Large Silver 73 The Game of Soccer National - Youth
65Alexandra Parry Large Vermeil 84 Australian Animals on Prestamped Envelopes 1st Issue National - Youth
66Zac Franklin Large Vermeil 83 Cricket National - Youth
68Ryan Smith Vermeil 79 The Armed Forces National - Youth
69Lachlan Smith Gold 86Best Youth Exhibit - Runner Up Gold National - Youth
70Annalise Smith Vermeil 78 Childrens Books - Piecing Together the Story of Childrens Stories National - Youth
71Sharon McTaggart Vermeil 76 Search for the Big Five National - Youth
72Rose McTaggart Large Vermeil 80 Birds in My Garden National - Youth
73 Nasser Bin Ahmad Al Serkal Silver 61 Stamp Collecting- A New Vision State - Literature
74 Gozo Philatelic Society Large Silver 68 Gozo Philatelic Society Newsletter State - Literature
75Mossgreen Auctions Gold 88Best Exhibit in State Classes The Arthur Gray King George V Collection State - Literature
76Mossgreen Auctions Large Vermeil 75The Picture Postcard as Art- Images from the Golden Era State - Literature

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