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Stamp Clubs in South Australia and Northern Territory

Please note most clubs only meet from February to December each year. For latest details, please contact the individual club or the SA Philatelic Council (phone. (08) 8212 3557, email – or

Stamp Auctions, Fairs and Exhibitions

Many clubs run stamp auctions, markets, stamp days or open days. Whatever they are called they provide the opportunity for you to look for items to add to your collection.

Stamp Exhibitions are organised by clubs or by state philatelic councils and include competitive displays of stamps and other philatelic material. In addition they usually include a good range of dealers. National and International Stamp Exhibitions are held much less frequently, but are well worth attending when you see them advertised. They usually have a great range of world class exhibits and many stamp dealers attend.

Information on stamps

Many clubs have a library which may consist only of a few catalogues and some magazines, or it may have a large and extensive collection of early books on stamps as well as magazines up to 100 years old or more!

Displaying your stamps

Stamp clubs also provide you with a chance to share your pleasure in your collection with others. This can range from an informal talk at your local club to showing off your “gems” through local, State, National and International Exhibitions.

Circuit Books

Most clubs have circuit books which contain stamps which members of the club are seeking to sell. Many collectors join stamp clubs primarily for access to the circuit books which enable them to sell their duplicate stamps as well as to buy stamps at reasonable prices.

Specialised Clubs

In addition to local stamp clubs there are many specialised groups which can help you enjoy new collecting interests. These include clubs for collectors of air mails, postal history, coins, postmarks, picture postcards, postal stationery, and ephemera. There are also clubs for collectors of particular countries like colonial South Australia and the Australian Commonwealth.

Costs of being a member

One of the great benefits of being a member of a stamp club is that it costs so little. Even the most expensive club or society cost less than a $1 a week, with many costing considerably less. The savings you will make on stamps, books and accessories will more than repay the cost of joining a stamp club.

Other Benefits

The pleasures and friendships that you will get from joining a stamp club will last a lifetime and are quite simply – priceless.

For Further Information contact –

South Australian Philatelic Council Inc.

SAPHIL House, 22 Gray Court, Adelaide.

* PO Box 10159, Adelaide Business Hub,

Gouger Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

( (08) 8212 3557    7  Di Shaw (publicity Officer)  or

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