Antarctic Exhibition Souvenirs

Antarctic Stamp and Postcard Exhibition Souvenirs

Limited Exhibition Souvenirs now available

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Souvenir Details

Supporter’s Club Membership includes Sir Douglas Mawson PNC, Crabeater Seal PNC and Emperor Penguins PNC (all three numbered and overprinted in Silver with the exhibition logo plus AAT 2/- Replica Card overprinted and numbered plus $10 drink voucher for Exhibition Dinner (100) (*Note: Silver overprints only in this pack)  $100

Sir Douglas Mawson PNC (50 overprinted in gold & numbered)  $35

Crabeater Seal PNC (50 overprinted in gold & numbered)  $35

Emperor Penguin PNC (50 overprinted in gold & numbered)  $35

Antarctic Exhibition Bimetallic Medallion (same design but different metal as the exhibitor medal) (100 only available)  $30

Postage – International Registered  $20.00

Postage (Includes compulsory registration) – Australia  $7.50

Antarctic Exhibition Souvenir flyer

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