SPAN Award

Services to Philately at the National Level (SPAN) Award

The APF Services to Philately Award (at the National Level) or SPAN was established by the Australian Philatelic Federation in order to allow the APF, State Councils, Philatelic Societies, the Philatelic Trade and other organisations and individuals to:

  • recognise outstanding service in a specific field, area or program at the national level;
  • acknowledge major contributions above and beyond the stated requirements; and
  • honour the unwaivering commitment of those who encourage and inspire people of all ages to become involved in organised philately in a wide variety of ways.

The acronym SPAN reflects the wide span or range that this service can cover.  The Award is in the form of a plaque and certificate.

SPAN Award Winners

The SPAN Recipients page

Guidelines for the Award for Service to Philately at the National Level (SPAN):

The APF Award for Services a the National level (SPAN) should be made on the basis of annual nominations from bodies, including the State Councils, APF, Philatelic Societies and the Philatelic Trade of up to two nominees each.
To be considered for the Award, the nominee must have made an outstanding contribution, in a leadership role, through commitment, resourcefulness and creativity to philately in a specific field, area or program at the national level for not less than five years. Note: National Level relates to the work done at this level not work, for an organisation that is a national body, unless the body has “chapters” or affiliates in more than one State.
The nomination must be accompanied by a statement from the nominating body which should include the following:

  • The name of the nominee;
  • The details of the contribution made by the nominee;
  • The nominating body’s view of the contribution’s significance and importance;
  • Other relevant points to support the nomination for the SPAN Award.

The award can only be made to the recipient once.
The nominating body should send to nomination to the APF Secretary by 30 March each year to allow an ad hoc Committee to be established, meet and grant the Award prior to the APF AGM.
Members of the APF Executive and Fellows and Members of the Australian Philatelic Order cannot be nominated for this Award. Awardees of SPAN however are not precluded from being a Fellow or Member of the Australian Philatelic Order.
An ad hoc committee should be convened by the APF Secretary annually to assess the nominations and to recommend persons to receive the Award to the APF Executive. The ad hoc committee should be chaired ex officio by the President and include ex officio the Youth and Philatelic Development Officers and two to three other people with relevant experience and expertise.
The decision of the APF Executive will be final.
The Awards shall be made by the APF and need not be granted annually.
There should be no limit on the number of Awards made in any one year, but the number should not result in a diminution of its status.
The award should be in the form of a plaque and a certificate. The presentation should be made at an APF AGM.
The guidelines should be published by the APF for distribution to the State Councils, Philatelic Societies and the Philatelic Trade.
All sectors of the Australian philatelic community are encouraged to consider suitable nominees at any time and to relay these to their respective philatelic body whether that be a State and Territory Council, APTA, or Australia Post.

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