SPAN Recipients

SPAN Recipients

All SPAN Award recipients are detailed below in chronological order. Please click the tabs to view the details.

Alma Downes SPAN Award – Citation

Alm Downes

Alma has been a tireless “behind the scenes” worker at National Exhibitions in every State and the ACT working predominantly in the Bin Room but if not required in that role, helping with the mounting and dismounting of exhibits pre and post shows.

Initially, under the tutelage of an experienced Bin room manager, Alma has now undertaken the role of Bin Room Manager for National Exhibitions held in Adelaide as well as continued to work in the Bin Rooms interstate. In addition, Alma has worked in the Bin Room at the International Exhibitions held in Melbourne, namely Australia 2013 and Melbourne 2017, as well as being a Team Leader amongst the volunteers at both shows.

Closer to home, Alma has also helped in the catering department for numerous National Exhibitions held at the Drill Hall in Adelaide as well as assisting with the catering in SAPHIL House when the APF AGM has been held in South Australia. Alma is also a supporter of National Exhibitions through her roles as a Juror (Picture Postcard Class)as well as an exhibitor having attained medals to the level of Gold. She has also represented South Australia as a team member in the Australasian Picture Postcard Challenges in 2016 & 2019 when on both occasions South Australia won the Challenge. Alma has also supported Australian Philately overseas by exhibiting on several occasions.

Mike Kovaleff

Mike Kovaleff (L) receives his SPAN Award form David Figg (R)

Mike Kovaleff (L) receives his SPAN Award from David Figg (R)

Mike Kovaleff has been a conscientious quiet achiever for philately at both the State and National level.
Mike was appointed to the role of APF Archival Products Project Officer following the untimely death of Allen Downes in June 2013 and has now been the incumbent of that position for over five years.

The position has been embraced by Mike who has made changes to procedures to ensure the APF provides a quality and prompt service to exhibitors, the trade and collectors alike.

Over the last five years, some of the key innovations and changes that Mike has undertaken are as follows –

• Personally attended Full National Exhibitions interstate with product for sale
• For Half National and National One Frame Exhibitions co-ordinated the availability of product to be present and sold on a commission basis by Show Organisers
• Embraced the new online ordering system for product brought about as part of the new APF website design
• Embraced the new cordless point-of-sale merchant facility for credit card sales
• Implemented a new procedure to keep track of sales and inform buyers of progress and post tracking
• Eliminated the use of the ageing fax machine in favour of emails and telephone calls
• Successfully recommended to the APF Executive the purchase of electronic scales for accurate weighing of parcels thus avoiding the need for two trips to the local post office
• Streamlined the monthly reporting to the APF Treasurer by the creation of an Excel spreadsheet that reconciles electronic and over-the-counter deposits with sales invoices
• Consolidated all purchases of stock through one local supplier giving economies of scale including the elimination of delivery costs

The provision of this service on a National (and now even International basis) cannot be underestimated and although only returning a modest 10% surplus on sales to the APF, the turnover of in excess of $15,000 worth of stock annually is testament to Mike’s prompt attention to orders resulting is happy customers and repeat business. Mike even kept the service going during the major disruptions and refurbishment of SAPHIL House in 2016/17.

In addition to the APF Store, Mike, as Circuit Book Office Manager for the SA Philatelic Council, has extended the offering of books to interested interstate clubs. It is believed some ten interstate clubs now avail themselves of this offering.

Lionel Savins

Lionel Savins has worked for Australian Philately at a range of levels. He is a proven volunteer, he is a regular exhibitor and he has contributed to organised philately at local, state and national levels over many years.Lionel Savins

Role as a Volunteer
Lionel has been a regular attender at Australian national shows and has assisted in mounting and dismounting entries. He has also do this job in New Zealand since 2006.

In 2015 he attended a meeting of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand which took place at Te Papa the National Museum of New Zealand on the topic of the 1935 pictorial issue.

Lionel has assisted the Philas library team in preparing reference material for jury members at Australian National Philatelic exhibitions.

Role as an exhibitor
Although Lionel attending club meeting from the early 1960’s he did not start competitive philately until 2001 at Northern Beaches Stamp Expo at the State one frame level.

From 2008 he commenced a campaign with his multi frame entry on the 1935 Pictorial definitive of New Zealand which in 2017 was awarded Large Gold and best in show at Christchurch 2016. Lionel followed this up with Best entry of New Zealand at FIAP Melbourne 2017.

Contributions to organised philately in Australia
Lionel was Vice-President of Olymphilex 2000 at the time of the Sydney Olympics. He undertook many and varied jobs

Lionel represented Sydney on the organising committee of Pacific Explorer 2005. His main task was organising volunteers

Lionel was the co-chair of Sydney 2005 that was envisaged as a part national but which became a state level exhibition that showed NSW had the organisation and volunteer support to run larger exhibitions.

Since 2007 Lionel has been a Vice President of national exhibitions run in Sydney (Sydney 2007, Sydney 2011, Sydney 2011 and currently Sydney 2019)

From 2005 he has been an APF project officer as the recorder of the State Councils Forum /. Sunday Soviet

For a short time Lionel was the co-ordinator of the Australia Post Cup

Lionel has been assistant commissioner or commissioner to the following exhibitions:
National Level
Perth 2012. NSW Commissioner and jury member
Accord Level
Christchurch 2006. Assistant APF Commissioner
Tarapex 2008. Timaru. AFP Commissioner / Judge
Sharjah 2016, UAE. APF Commissioner / Judge
FIAP Level
21st FIAP Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan 2008 Australian Commissioner
28th FIAP Exhibition, Sharjah 2012. Australian Commissioner
FIP Level
London 2010. Assistant APF Commissioner

Supporting Documentation

Services to organised philately

Clubs affiliated with the APF
Treasurer of the Newcastle Philatelic Society 1963-1967- (4years)

State Councils of the APF
• Vice President of Philas 1884-1996 (12 Years)
• President of Philas 1997 to 2018 (21 Years)
As President Lionel achieved the following:
Negotiated with the Australian Taxation Office for Charity Status for Philas Library Inc.
Negotiated with the Australian Taxation Office for Donated Gift recipient status for
Philas Library Inc.
Organised the introduction of credit card facilities for Philas that are used by member
Societies and exhibitions when processing credit card payment.
• Awarded the Philas medal for meritorious service to NSW Philately in 2004
• Vice President Philatelic Development Council of Philas 2004 to 2018 (14 Years)

APF Executive

State or National Exhibitions Committees
State Level:
• Sydney 2005. Co-Chair
National Level:
• Sydney 2007. Vice President
• Sydney 2011. Vice President
• Sydney 2015. Vice President
• Sydney 2019. Vice President

Olymphilex 2000. Vice President
Pacific Explorer. 2005. National committee member
Pacific Explorer. 2005 Sydney committee

Clubs affiliated with FIAP or FIP
Member of Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand 2009 to 2019 (10 Years)
Participated at a display in Te Papa (National Museum) on the 1935 Pictorials

Member Royal Philatelic Society, London (from 2013)

Distinguished Philatelic Study and Research including Judging

The formation of a distinguished philatelic collection
The 1935 pictorial definitive stamps of New Zealand
Christchurch 2016 National Large Gold + NZ Post Grand Award
Melbourne 2017 FIAP – Large Vermeil + Special Prize

Department of Education postcards of New Zealand
Royalpex Hamilton 2017 Large Vermeil +RPSNZ Prize
Baypex 2014 Large Vermeil + Felicitations

NZ Postal Stationery KGVI and QEII
Sunstamp, Brisbane 2008 Large Silver
Melbourne 2009 Large Silver
Palmpex, Palmerston North, NZ 2010 Large Silver

• The publication of philatelic works
The following articles have been published in the following:

Direction of Comb perforation heads on New Zealand 1935 Pictorials. NZ Stamp Collector 2009
Damaged Comb perforation head on the 4d NZ 1935 Pictorial, NZ Stamp Collector

Editorship of Philatelic journals or Specialist Catalogues

• The achievement of philatelic judging skills
NSW State Level judge from 2001 to date. Judged at Northern Beaches
Stamp Expo, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Georgepex 2012

National judge in Traditional Philately from 2007: Sydney 2007 (Apprentice), Sydney
2011, Sydney 2015

APF Accord Judge Tarapex, Timaru 2008, Sharjah 2016

Design or development of philatelic products

Promotion of Philately and Public Dissemination including Teaching

Running a youth training programs in stamp collecting
Assisted with the operation and running of Stamp display at Diversity day for Blackwattle
Bay Campus, Sydney Secondary College 2006-1011

Editing a popular journal

• Delivering adult appreciation courses

• Training in advanced philately including exhibiting and judging
Mentored members of the St George Philatelic Society before Georgepex 2011 (State Level Exhibition)
• Assisted in the running an exhibitor’s course in NSW preceding Sydney 2011

• Radio and newspaper articles
Presidents Message Philas News 1996 to 2018

Senior position in commercial philately where service is judged to be beneficial
To Philately in general
Assisted at Philas auctions in various capacities from 1975 to date. Catalogues,
Vendors and buyers come from within Australia and International.


APF Services
APF Project officer- State Councils Forum recorder 2005-2018
APF Project officer – Australia Post Cup

Commissioners Duties
Accord Level
Christchurch 2006. Assistant APF Commissioner
Tarapex 2008. Timaru. AFP Commissioner / Judge
Sharjah 2016, UAE. APF Commissioner / Judge
FIAP Level
21st FIAP Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan 2008 Australian Commissioner
28th FIAP Exhibition, Sharjah 2012. Australian Commissioner
FIP Level
London 2010. Assistant APF Commissioner

Graeme and Gaye Chequer – SPAN AWARD 2017

Gaye-and-Graeme-Chequer-SPAN-AwardGraeme and Gaye Chequer have been supporting Philatelic Exhibitions throughout Australia as un-paid volunteers for some 14 years.
While volunteering at exhibitions is not unusual, it is certainly unusual for volunteers to continually support exhibitions all over Australia, at their own expense for such a long period.
Feedback from key Exhibitions indicates that their service goes above and beyond what would normally be expected and that their ‘nothing-is-too-much-trouble’ attitude has been inspiring and highly appreciated by many Exhibition management committees.
Since around 2004 the Chequers have been assisting in the running of philatelic Exhibitions in Hobart, Launceston, Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney and Perth.
They have also been heavily involved in two International Exhibitions, Melbourne2013 and Melbourne2017. For these International exhibitions, amongst many other duties, they prepared and laminated large numbers of frame labels and numbers. In the case of Melbourne 2013 the number was almost 3,500.
Reports from Exhibition committees indicate they not only assist with the initial set-up but work in a variety of capacities right through the exhibition and in particular at the end when volunteers tend to become tired and workers harder to find.

Over the years they have gained considerable experience in a wide range of Exhibition tasks. Their knowledge of managing exhibitions has been particularly important at two Hobart National One-frame exhibitions, 2012 and 2016.

They have been asked to provide training for other volunteers in mounting exhibits and bin room procedures on both occasions and Graeme took on the role of Floor Manager in 2016. They both managed the Bin room at the same exhibition.

These Hobart Exhibitions could not have occurred without both their input into the planning stages and in the actual running of the exhibitions.

Throughout this period they have been regular exhibitors, achieving a Gold medal at Melbourne2017 International for their Open Class Exhibit, “Orchids and their world”


KIM and KEVIN DWYER receive their SPAN Award form APF President John More (R) at the Adelaide Stampex Palmares Dinner Oct 2017

Kim and Kevin Dwyer have been regular volunteers at State, National and Australian International Exhibitions since the Canberra State Exhibition in 1988. They have always provided the best and fullest support to the Show at which they are Volunteers. For example at the most recent Show in Australia, the FIAP exhibition, “Melbourne 2017”, despite their own considerable health problems, they insisted on helping to set up the frames to meet the deadline for mounting the exhibits.

Kim and Kevin have been regular and strong supporters of exhibitions at State Shows in Australia, at National Shows in Australia and New Zealand, and at International level shows in Australia.

At their National Show in 2010 the Canberra Philatelic Society presented Kim and Kevin with a special award in gratitude for their continued support for the Shows in Canberra.

They have helped to add to the range of Exhibition Classes as supporters and pioneer exhibitors in the Open Philately and Polar Philately Exhibition classes. This involvement has strongly contributed to the Polar Philately Class and the Open Philately Class becoming accepted APF National Exhibition classes and to the Open Philately Class becoming an FIP Experimental Class.

As contributors to organized philately they have been long term members of State and National Philatelic Societies and have been executive members of the Australian Society for Polar Philately.

Kim and Kevin Dwyer have always done more than is required as volunteers and exhibitors at National and International Shows and as contributors to Organized Philately at the National level. Their long term and committed contribution to philately at the National level is widely known and highly regarded.


Jeff Trinidad

Jeff Trinidad

Jeff Trinidad (L) receives his Award from John Moore (R, APF VP)

Jeff Trinidad from Western Australia has been award the prestigious APF SPAN award for his efforts for APF Frames Refurbishment.

Jeff was a major instigator and contributor in the APF Frames refurbishment program. He made a major commitment to have all of the frames fully refurbished in time for the Australia 2013 FIP World Stamp Exhibition, held in Melbourne. He achieved that very big under-taking despite having a time frame of less than two years to complete the work.

Jeff made many trips to South Australia (where most of the APF frames were located) to join a team of volunteers to start and continue the frame refurbishment. However, this process appeared to be too slow to have all the frames ready by Australia 2013.

Jeff requested that the two containers allocated to PSWA 2012 National Stamp Exhibition be retained in WA and sent to his property in Kalgoorlie to continue the refurbishment single handed. One of those containers had the remains of all the broken frames from various national exhibitions over the years. Jeff rebuilt all of the broken frames from scratch as part of the refurbishment program. With this major effort, Jeff was able to put the refurbishment program back on track.

While the APF is not claiming that Jeff was the only contributor to this massive project, he was the major driving force behind it. His endeavour and persistence rallied others to the cause, enabling the project to be completed in time for the Australia 2013 world exhibition.

Jeff Trinidad has clearly fulfilled the SPAN requirement by going beyond what was expected as the major contributor to this Frames refurbishment project. Congratulation to Jeff Trinidad.

Jeff  received his award at Mandurah 2016 where he was a member of the Jury

Neville Solly – SPAN Award Recipient 2014

Since at least 1997 Neville Solly has assisted with many state and national exhibitions by working in the Bin Neville-Solly-SpanRoom. From 2001 has worked in the Bin Room for many National exhibitions, having done so in Melbourne in 2002, Stampex 2003, Sydney 2007, Canberra 2008, Melbourne 2009, Canberra and Adelaide 2010 and also assisted in Pacific Explorer 2005 and Canberra Stampshow 2006, Adelaide 2006, Canberra 2008, Canberra 2010 and 2012.

Neville was also involved in developing a computer driven system to manage the mounting, dismounting and tracking of exhibits during an exhibition. This has enabled the mounting and dismounting of exhibitions to be done in an orderly and safe manner which has also been a major factor in the reduction of damage to the exhibition frames.

Neville has also regularly worked in a supporting role on the APF frame refurbishment project.

Arthur Gray FRPSL

Arthur Gray (L) with Darryl Fuller (R, APF President)

Arthur Gray has won the respect and admiration of philatelists for his outstanding service at the National level in both major aspects of the hobby, collecting and exhibiting.

 As a stamp collector, Arthur Gray has assembled major important collections of the Australian Commonwealth from the pre-decimal period and has made this material available for viewing within Australia and on the international scene. His collections have also formed part of the knowledge produced in the current series of the Australian Commonwealth Specialist Catalogue series, in particular the volume on Booklet issues. Arthur’s dual displays to the Royal Philatelic Society, London in 2012 were described by the President of the Royal Philatelic Society, London, Brian Trotter RDP, as a Herculean task.

Arthur has also provided significant support to the hobby as a National Commissioner responsible for obtaining exhibits for International Philatelic Exhibitions and carrying them safely to and from these venues.  His serious approach to this role has not only won the respect and admiration of his colleagues but helped to raise the overall skill level of Australian National Commissioners.

Denis Rosenfeld – SPAN Award Recipient 2013

Denis Rosenfeld was elected as APF Public Relations Officer at the 1997 Annual General Meeting to a role that had been previously held by Ray Todd, Ray Chapman and Bernard Doherty. Back in 1997 the role of RosenfeldPublic Relations Officer, whilst in many respects is still the same as today however there was with one major exception, it also included the responsibility of developing and maintaining the APF Web site.

When Denis became Public Relations Officer the web site was very much in its infancy, in fact it was just the ‘bare bones’ with much development work to do. This was taken on board by Denis as a challenge to get the site up and running as well as learning the intricacies of developing and maintain a web site. This task combined with the editing of the APF News would have been very time consuming along with family and work commitments, this no doubt would have resulted in many a long night spent on ‘philatelic matters’.

At the 2002 APF Annual general meeting a separate role of Webmaster was created which was taken on by Denis, a position that he held for the next seven years. During this time Denis continued to develop the web site adding a large number of features that are still currently used.

As Webmaster Denis where ever possible took time out to attend the APF executive meetings when held in Melbourne which gave the opportunity for two way discussions on website matters and the future direction of the website.

In summary Denis Rosenfeld was involved in APF positions for 12 years these being 5 years as Public relations Officer and 7 years as Webmaster.

Denis Rosenfeld is a truly deserving recipient of the APF SPAN (Service to Philately at a National level) award.

Jill Presgrave – SPAN Award Recipient 2011

The 2011 recipient of the SPAN Award, for Services to Philately at the National Level, is Jill Presgrave from South Australia.

Jill Presgrave Span AwardJill Presgrave has assisted with many National and State Exhibitions since 1997 by working in the all important Bin Room. From 2001 Jill acted as Bin Room Manager for many National Exhibitions, having done so at Melbourne 2002, Newcastle 2003, Stampex 2003, Sydney 2007, Canberra 2008, Melbourne 2009, Canberra 2010, Adelaide 2010 and Sydney 2011. Jill also assisted at Australia 99, Pacific Explorer 2005 and Canberra Stampshow 2006. She has recently been appointed Bin Room Manager for Australia 2013 in Melbourne.

Jill has supervised the Bin Room in an exemplary fashion and in addition has progressively modified the procedures so that the overall efficiency is the equal of any Bin Room seen here in Australia or overseas. Not only has Jill been responsible for the procedures used but she has always been willing to share her experience with others.

She is not herself an exhibitor but her contribution to organised philately in Australia has been outstanding. Often her assistance and willingness to travel to exhibitions interstate have undoubtedly incurred personal expense. Australian philately owes much to the willingness of volunteers to organise the many National and State Shows but it is unusual for individuals, especially non-exhibitors, to have played such a major and crucial role in so many States as Jill has done.

Jill has also worked in a supporting role on the APF Frame Refurbishment Project by accommodating interstate members when work parties were formed for specific projects and arranging the catering for those work parties by way of morning and afternoon teas, lunches and dinners.

Barbara Bartsch – SPAN Award Recipient 2009

The 2009 recipient of the SPAN Award, for Services to Philately at the National Level, is Barbara Bartsch from South Australia.

Barbara Bartch Span AwardBarbara has been a tireless worker for philately at both the State and National level over many years, but it is her work in the area of Youth at the National Level that has won her the honour of being presented with the SPAN Award.

Most readers of APF News would be aware of our sister publication, The Young Collector, also produced by the APF specifically for young people.  Barbara has been its joint co-ordinator, together with the incumbent APF Youth Development Officer, for the last 8 years.  The June 2009 issue of The Young Collector, the 36th issue, is most likely the 25th issue with which Barbara has been involved, given that there are three issues published per year.

Often, this labour of love has involved many hours of sourcing material, sometimes writing and sometimes requesting a key person conversant in the chosen topic for the issue, to write the lead article.  In addition, the regular features of Stamp Detectives and Word Search have been Barbara’s “babies”.

Every issue over the last eight years or so has been taken to Michael Walker at Australia Post in Adelaide for discussion prior to computer typesetting.  Barbara has always been in the front line of this co-ordination role with prime responsibility for proof reading prior to going to print.

In addition to this important Youth Philately role at the National level, Barbara has often been a helper at National Exhibitions (as well as at the Australia 99 & Pacific Explorer 05 International Exhibitions) in the Youth Corner.  For the Adelaide-based National Exhibitions in 1997, 1999, 2003, 2006 & 2008, Barbara was heavily involved in the organisation of these Youth Corners.  Her experience in running stamp clubs at three local schools has stood her well in creating interesting activities in which to engage children.

Barbara has also been a regular contributor to the Youth Section in APF News, reporting on the youth scene and activities conducted within South Australia.  Barbara was a regular attendee and active participant in the Youth Conferences coordinated by the APF’s YDO over the last decade.

Other services to Philately at the National level that Barbara performs include judging appointments and being the FIP Commission Delegate for Maximaphily.

Congratulations Barbara on your achievement in being presented with the SPAN Award.  May for work with young collectors long continue into the future.

The award was presented to Barbara by outgoing APF President, Gary Brown during the 2009 Annual General Meeting held in Canberra on 29 August.

Marinus (Mick) Meyles – SPAN Award Recipient 2008

The APF has awarded its 2008 Award for Services to Philately at the National Level to Marinus Meyles for his immense contribution to youth philately in its many facets at national and state levels.

Mick Myles Span AwardFor the past 25 years Mick has devoted a considerable amount of his time to promoting stamp collecting amongst children, commencing with a junior club at Risdon Vale in the eastern suburbs of Hobart. As a member of the Glenorchy Stamp Club he also ran stamp activities at the Glenorchy Library and several local schools eventually establishing a network of clubs holding monthly meetings in schools and libraries on both sides of the Derwent River, most of which are still running today.

Following the Modified National and State Exhibition held in Hobart in June 1989, Mick joined the Tasmanian Philatelic Society and then the Tasmanian Stamp Council as G.P.S. representative and soon afterwards became State Youth Officer. His youth involvement expanded to include promotions at exhibitions and shopping centres, schools in many parts of Tasmania, and the Glenorchy, Rosny, Hobart and Kingston Libraries. He was instrumental in establishing a long term presence at the annual Life Be in It Expos held in Hobart to promote children’s activities, indeed when this function ceased to run 2 years ago Mick was the only original participant still involved. He was often interviewed by the media about his junior stamp club activities.

Mick contributed to the development of the APF’s Youth Leader activity packs, exhibition manuals and The Young Collector Magazine, where he is best known as the prize distributor for our competitions. He also organised the Federation Stamp Design competition in Tasmania where the numbers of entries judged and prizes distributed to all participants surpassed expectations. All the school groups in southern Tasmania participating were visited and prizes distributed at their assemblies.

As a volunteer at national and state exhibitions, including internationals Australia ’99 and Pacific Explorer 2005, Mick established a rapport with children and adults alike. Following his initial foray at the Tasmania 2003 exhibition, at Pacific Explorer Mick was dubbed the “Pied Piper” as he spent his days guiding youngsters and quite a few adults around selected youth and adult exhibits to show them what can be collected and exhibited. In between tours he would be found supervising the floor game, many times in sole charge. Consequently he went home with the soles of his feet covered with blisters which took many weeks to heal and a very croaky voice!

Werner Pohl – SPAN Award Recipient 2007

Werner, a resident of South Australia, became involved with APF Store activities during the mid 1990’s Wener Pohl SPAN Awardand over the following years, single-handedly ran this operation right up until his retirement in late 2006.  During this time, Werner not only established procedures to make ordering of goods from the store as easy as possible but also was instrumental in ensuring products were on sale at International Exhibitions in Melbourne (1999) and Sydney (2005).  Following the success of selling store products at these exhibitions, Werner coordinated the selling of products at Adelaide Stampex 2006 and it is his recommendation that where possible, the APF Store should be represented at future National Exhibitions.

Werner always prided himself in providing a first class service with orders being processed in an extremely prompt manner, the only exceptions being when on a short holiday to visit his family or the rare occasions when awaiting delivery of new stocks.

This SPAN Award truly recognizes Werner’s contribution to serving the needs of philatelists, both nationally and internationally, through the promotion and sale of products on behalf of the APF.

Kevin Simkus – SPAN Award Recipient 2005

In 2005, Kevin Simkus of New South Wales became the seventh recipient of the Australian Philatelic Federation SPAN (Services to Philately at the National Level) Award.

Kevin Simkus Span AwardKevin Simkus served 11 years as the Australian Philatelic Federation Santa Card Project Officer.  The APF Santa Card project has contributed funds to philately and to various charity organisations for children in the Hunter Region during that period.  Kevin has also given service to Newcastle Philatelic Society for 32 years during which time he has fostered the philatelic interests of members of the Society, particularly in relation to obtaining and disposing of philatelic items, as well as with the exhibitions the society has hosted,

Kevin has been a keen member of Newcastle Philatelic Society for 29 years, having joined the Society on February 13, 1969.  His initiation to the Committee was dramatic; he took over the position of Secretary in September 1973, and continued in that position through the next year, 1974, and took on both the Secretary and Treasurer’s positions in 1975/6.  President in 1986.  Kevin was a member of the Norpex 87, 91, 94, 97 and 2003 Exhibition Committees.  He jointly operated all the exhibitions “bin rooms” assisted by his wife Marie.

Truly a stalwart of the Society, his service was recognised in 1984 by the awarding of Honorary Membership.  He was awarded Life Membership of Newcastle Philatelic Society on May 13, 1993.

In 1992 he accepted the position of “Santa Card Project Officer” with the Australian Philatelic Federation.  The national project contributed four figure amounts each year to various children’s charity organisations in the Hunter Region as well as similar amounts to the Australian Philatelic Federation.  He continued with this project over some eleven years, both in the organisation of the design and advertising of each year’s card, the production of the cards, the handling of mail orders and their distribution; the latter requiring close involvement with Australia Post for the design and use of the post marker.  The preparation of the cards and their distribution was very time consuming as the address and salutation hand on each card was written.  Quantities of mail orders being postmarked and despatched on most working days of the period of availability of the postmarker.

Bob Hill (R) receives his award from David Figg, APF, (L)

Bob  has served as Product Manager Marketing (Philatelic) for South Australia since October 1992. He has been an ex-officio committee member of all exhibitions held in Adelaide since AEROPEX ’94. He has often secured items that are no longer readily available locally. His ideas and foresight have made the life of Products Managers at several National Exhibitions very much easier.

Bob has been an invaluable contact within Australia Post, without his support, encouragement and co-operation there could well have been several National and State Exhibitions, as well as State Congresses, left languishing for lack of suitable products for funding. He has promoted South Australia exhibitions, post marks and philatelic products nationally through the Australia Post publication “The Bulletin.”

Since the demise of CPS stamps Australia-wide in about 2000, Bob has marketed and distributed this Australia Post product single-handedly, raising funds for Australia Post through National and International mail order sales or direct sale to local collectors at various shows he attends in his own time. He has provided a generation of collectors with a niche market and has kept these collectors in the hobby. Many purchases of these items are to overseas collectors, this helps to promote Australian Philatelic items world wide.

Bob has been involved with the local stamp collection fraternity by always being willing to make visits, in his own time, to local clubs/societies, giving information on forthcoming Australia Post issues. He has regularly attended meetings of The South Australian Philatelic Council as Australia Post representative. He has been involved with local clubs annual “Stamp Collecting Week” where he has promoted stamp collecting to the general public, which has resulted in membership growth for that club.

He has always been willing to assist The South Australian Philatelic Council with “give-aways” for junior collectors. He has always been willing to assist exhibition committees by arranging for exhibition catalogues to be printed by Australia Post at competitive prices. Has arranged for “The Young Collector” to be printed by Australia Post, again, at competitive prices.

John Batson – SPAN Award Recipient 2003

John Batson’s contribution to philately at the national level has been as the APF’s Frames Officer since 1997, and at an administrative level in NSW.

John oversaw the delivery of the current national display frames from Singapore. He supervised the unpacking, maintenance [organizing working-bees] and storage of the frames, and has been involved in supervising the movement of the frames to and from national exhibitions.

John’s long association with the ASPC, APF, PHILAS and NSW Stamp Council (NSWSC) has enabled him to provide an on-going valued contribution to National and State organized philately. John’s constant readiness to go the extra mile to meet the needs of the APF and NSWSC makes John Batson a worthy recipient of the SPAN Award.

Tony Steer – SPAN Award Recipient 2003

Tony Steer SPAN Award Steer has made an exceptional contribution at National and Australian-based International Exhibitions as a floor manager. This has involved the erection, dismantling of frames and all aspects of floor management. Tony first assumed the role at the Canberra Stamp Show 94, and subsequently at part or full national shows in 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2002. Tony had a key role in AUSTRALIA 99, not only as floor manager, but also in the extensive planning and training that preceded this FIP exhibition. Again, at OLYMPHILEX 2002 Tony skills and dedication were visible, on that occasion he masterminded two separate venues, Centrepoint Tower in Sydney and the Mint in Canberra. Tony’s contribution to National and International Exhibitions over the last decade has been both unique and outstanding.

Pictured top : Tony Steer (right) receiving his SPAN Award from APF President John MacDonnell.

Tony Dalton

Tony Dalton served a record term as philatelic manager for Australia Post’s Victorian-Tasmanian administration from 1988 to 2003. Tony strongly supported all six major philatelic exhibitions staged in Melbourne from Stampshow ’89 to Stampshow Melbourne 02 at an organizational and promotional level.

During his 15 years at the Australia Post helm in Victoria, Tony undertook extensive liaison with the stamp community through regular visits to philatelic societies and his long-time membership of the Victorian Philatelic Council.

Tony provided expert advice about the activities of the stamp world to the Australia Post national Philatelic Group, and indeed was regarded as a key source for this information.

The APF is pleased to acknowledge Tony’s sterling and valued support of organized philately with a SPAN Award

Tony Shields – SPAN Award Recipient 2002

Tony Shields (Victoria) has contributed to, and had a long time association with our hobby as a collector, club president, exhibitor, author, and since 1979 as a stamp dealer.

Tony Shields Span AwardHe has given many years of valuable service to ASDA (now APTA) in many capacities including terms as President. The SPAN Award is in recognition of Tony’s long, devoted and exemplary service to Australian philately in fostering close dealer-collector-Australia Post relationships.  Tony has served on ASDA / APTA committees on ethics, forgeries, fairs, marketing, stolen property and the GST; he has liaised with Australia Post, Leigh Marden, the Note Printing Branch and stamp magazines on security problems and dubious practices. Tony has been an APMMAC Committee member since 1986, and the dealer organization’s delegate on the Australian Philatelic Federation for the past 14 years.

Tony Shields wins 2003 British Sir Roland Hill Award

The prestigious Sir Roland Hill Awards are now in their seventh year and are sponsored by Royal Mail, The British Philatelic Trust and the Philatelic Traders Society.

This year the awards were presented at a glittering ceremony and black tie dinner at Drapers Hall in Central London, which was previously the Palace of Oliver Cromwell. It is a spectacular venue with stately rooms displaying huge tapestries, hundreds of oil paintings, many by old masters, antique furniture and silver ware. The evening was compared by celebrity TV Chef, Ross Burden and organized by a major events company on behalf of Royal Mail.

Well known Australian dealer, Tony Shields, of Shields Stamps & Coins in Greensborough, Victoria, was presented with an Enterprise Award for Personal Contribution . This was a once up Special Award in recognition of Tony’s 25 year contribution to stamp collectors and dealers within Australia and Overseas.  This is the fourth major award won by Tony in the last 12 months, after being voted Dealer of the Year and Show Dealer of the Year by the stamp trade and being given the inaugural SPAN award by the Australian Philatelic Federation for services to National Philately.

Tony is currently President of the Australasian Philatelic Traders Association, and Vice-President of 2005 Pacific Explorer International Stamp Exhibition in Melbourne.

Michael (Mike) H O Munzer – SPAN Award Recipient 2002

Mike Munzer (South Australia) has been an untiring and devoted promoter, mentor and worker for stamp collecting with juniors since 1970.    Recognition of his outstanding success in promoting and encouraging Mick Munzer SPAN Awardcollecting among youth in South Australia led to him being involved at a national level, first at AUSIPEX 84 World Exhibition, and regularly thereafter at national exhibitions.

Mike’s obvious enthusiasm and success in this area, led to his involvement as the APF Philatelic Development Officer for several years, and being in constant demand to run junior workshops at National Exhibitions and at AUSTRALIA 99.   He developed several very popular philatelic games, and served as editor of the APF’s Young Collector magazine.

In 1985 Mike’s outstanding contribution to philately, particularly junior philately in South Australia, was recognized with him being presented the ‘Briskham Award’.   The SPAN Award is in recognition of Mike Munzer’s outstanding and valued contribution in this area in the broader national field.




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