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The APF contributes articles to Stamp News on all aspects of stamp collecting and related topics. Listed below are downloadable PDFs of many of these along with a note of the main topics of each.

Articles by the APF in Stamp News


Nov 2014 - APF Awards

Stamp News Nov 14
Oct 2014 - Australasian
Challenge, International Commissioner, Visiting Speaker Program

APF Stamp News October 2014
Sep 2014 - SPAN
Award, 7 Nations Challe
nge, international Commissioner (Part 3)

APF Stamp News September 2014r
Aug - 2014 Subject Philate
ly Class, Stamp Replica Cards, AbandonedStamp Cards, international Commissioner (Part 2)

Jul 2014 - Role of Commissioner to International Exhibition (Part 1), Philatelic Research

June 2014 - Volunteering, Albany One-frame Aug 2014

May 2014 - Open Philately & Cinderella Classes

APF Stamp News May 2014


Dec 2013 - National one-frame exhibition, APF
research award to Brian Peace, Australasian Challenge

Stamp News December 2013
Nov 2013 - Frugal Philately,
update to the rules of the
postal stationery class

APF Stamp News November 2013

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