There are currently two types of insurance available to cover club meetings, open days, exhibitions, and other philatelic activities, Public & Products Liability Insurance and Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance.

Public & Products Liability Insurance (P&PLI)

It does not seem that long ago that many stamp clubs had their own P&PL insurance. In the 1990’s premium’s began to escalate quite rapidly, and some smaller clubs had to become self-insured. P&PL insurance is now a must as letting agencies insist that all of their tenants are adequately protected.
The State and Territory (state) Councils subsequently arranged P&PL insurance, but the amount of cover varied between states, and the increased cost of bringing this cover to a uniform value would be significant.
Consequently, the APF has negotiated a national policy with premium benefits flowing through to all participants. This policy was written by CGU Insurance through Austbrokers Countrywide and took effect from 13th July 2009.
The policy covers the APF Limited, all affiliated State & Territory Councils and all their affiliated Clubs & Societies. The Broker is given updated lists by the APF Treasurer each July of all Clubs & Societies in Australia so covered so that Certificates of Currency can be issued. On an annual basis, the APF will advise the various state councils of their share of the premium, and the state councils in turn will invoice their affiliated clubs and societies. As each club pays their invoice, they will receive their Certificate of Currency.
A copy of the policy wording is available from all State Councils. A few salient points from the new policy are –

  • Sum Insured – $20 million on each of Public Liability & Products Liability
  • Excess per Claim – $1,000.00 (APF to fund annual excesses on claims to a set maximum)
  • Extension – Property in the Physical & Legal Control $250,000
  • Exclusion (Participants) – CGU will not indemnify us against liability for personal injury to; damage to property owned by; or injury to animals owned by; any person who is participating in any performance, sport, game, contest, display (except for philatelic display), event or practice.
  • Exclusion (Molestation) – CGU will not indemnify us against liability for personal injury in connection with the molestation of any person by the insured, employee of the insured or any person whose actions for which we may be liable. CGU will not pay legal costs and will not have any duty to defend any suit against our seeking damages on account of such personal injury.
  • Member to Member – The policy does not cover claims for Personal Injury or Damage to Property caused by any member of one of the Insureds designated in the Policy to any member of one of the other Insureds designated in the Policy.

As indicated earlier, it does make somewhat dry reading, but this P&PL insurance cover is most important to ensure the continuing viability of our many philatelic organizations, clubs and societies, and their associated activities.

Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance (VWPAI)

Until recently there was no common approach to providing cover for our many members who are voluntary workers, so important in the operation of the state councils, exhibitions and other associated club activities.
It is always difficult to attract members to become volunteer workers, and any financial security against possible injury can make this task just a little bit easier. This type of cover becomes even more essential to the hobby when we consider that most of our members are retirees, with limited incomes.
An Australia-wide policy covering all members as voluntary workers of the APF, affiliated State & Territory Councils and their affiliated Clubs & Societies was taken out on 27th March 2009. At this stage, the annual premium is being centrally funded by the APF. All state councils have a copy of this policy.
To be covered, each organization must provide an attendance book which allows volunteers to register their attendance, showing the date plus times of arrival and departure.
The policy covers persons aged 12 to 85 years.

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