Australian Philatelic Federation Visiting Speaker Program

The APF encourages visiting speakers to ensure that members of clubs around Australia get to see the best available collections.   The information in the table shows exhibitors who are willing to display their collections or to give a talk.   The subject and philatelic class of their material is shown.

Some speakers are prepared to travel outside their city or State.  This is shown under travel.  It is important that, before an individual club engages the services of a speaker, they should discuss any financial or special requirements with them.  Some speakers may just require a contribution towards their expenses or may be prepared to billet with a club member.  State Councils may assist with expenses of the visiting speaker.  The Club should contact their State Council to confirm that money is available for a visiting speaker and to understand the arrangements for reimbursement. This may vary from State to State.  This should be confirmed prior to confirming the speaker, to ensure the Club knows its full costs (if any) beforehand

The email details for some speakers have been omitted.  Where they are present ( please copy and paste the email address) you can contact the exhibitor directly to discuss the date and subject of a presentation.  Where the email says “Contact PDO” the initial contact is with the Stephanie Bromser, the Philatelic Development Officer, by email –   Stephanie will then have the speaker contact you to make arrangements.

NOTE: The table below shows 50 rows. To view the rest of the table please use the control at the top left or bottom right of the table. The search box top right will also assist locating specific items, e.g. a State, class, name or exhibit title


StateNameExhibits / PresentationsClassEmailTravel
SAAlex NuijtenFur Collar Letter Cards of The Netherlands 1906 - 1918 One FrameAustralia
NSWBruce ChaddertonChina Airmails 1945 - 1949LiteratureSouth NSW, North Vic, Melb
NSWBruce ChaddertonA bit of weird and wonderful; philatelic oddities from around the worldGeneralSouth NSW, North Vic, Melb
NSWBruce ChaddertonPostcards of Whakarewarewa - Maori village & thermal area, Rotorua, New ZealandPicture PostcardsSouth NSW, North Vic, Melb
NSWBruce ChaddertonPhilately of the Holocaust - principally Jewish focusPostal History South NSW, North Vic, Melb
NSWBruce ChaddertonPostal history at the back end of WWIIPostal History South NSW, North Vic, Melb
NSWBruce ChaddertonA taste of KoreaOpenSouth NSW, North Vic, Melb
VicCharles BromserMovers & Shakers of the MillenniumOpenAustralia
VicCharles BromserUSSR Postal Stationery 1961-1967Postal StationeryAustralia
VicCharles BromserHow to exhibit in AstophilatelyPresentationAustralia
VicCharles BromserThe Copernican Revolution - A History of CosmologyThematicAustralia
VicCharles BromserFamous Women in German HistoryModern TraditionalAustralia
VicCharles BromserFrom Rocket Plane to Space ShuttleAstophilatelyAustralia
VicCharles BromserHow to exhibit in AstophilatelyPresentationAustralia
VicCharles BromserThe Copernican Revolution - A History of CosmologyThematicAustralia
SAClyde ZiegelerBohemia and Moravia Postal HistoryPostal History South Aust
SAClyde ZiegelerBohemia and Moravia postal stationeryPostal StationerySouth Aust
SAClyde ZiegelerAustralia - customs duty.RevenuesSouth Aust
SAClyde ZiegelerJaipurTraditionalSouth Aust
QldCraig ChappellAustralia Post at Expo’88 (open)OpenContact PDOAustralia
QldCraig ChappellOpening of Villers Bretonneux Memorial 1938 (open)OpenContact PDOAustralia
QldCraig ChappellQueensland Receiving Offices (postal history)Postal HistoryContact PDOAustralia
QldCraig ChappellAustralia Frama Stamps (traditional)TraditionalContact PDOAustralia
QldCraig ChappellAustralia Marine Life 1984-87 (traditional)TraditionalContact PDOAustralia
QldCraig ChappellQueensland Stamp Duty 1866-1879 (revenues)TraditionalContact PDOAustralia
QldCraig ChappellQueensland 4 Figures 1897-1912 (traditional one frame)Traditional - 1 frameContact PDOAustralia
TASDarryl FullerPart Paid by Air (Aerophilately)AerophilatelyAustralia
TASDarryl FullerThe Development of Commercial Airmail in the CaribbeanAerophilatelyAustralia
TASDarryl FullerLeeward Islands Postal StationeryPostal StationeryAustralia
TASDarryl FullerIsraeli RevenuesRevenuesAustralia
NSWDavid CollyerImperial Connections AerophilatelyContact PDOAustralia
NSWDavid CollyerYears of Change – Australian International War Time AirmailsAerophilatelyContact PDOAustralia
NSWDavid CollyerFrance-Australia Airmail Rates 1939-1993AerophilatelyContact PDOAustralia
NSWDavid CollyerSouth Africa 1982 Building SeriesTraditionalContact PDOAustralia
SADavid Figg“Strike a Light” Picture PostcardsAustralia
SADavid FiggJetties of South AustraliaPicture PostcardsAustralia
SADavid FiggNumerous one-frame picture postcard exhibitsPicture PostcardsAustralia
SADavid FiggHow to exhibit Picture PostcardsPresentationAustralia
ACTDingle SmithJamaica or Kingston Earthquake of 1907 Picture PostcardsContact PDOAustralia
ACTDingle SmithPostal Stationery of JamaicaPostal StationeryContact PDOAustralia
ACTDingle SmithNSW Postal Stationery (A catalogue explained)Postal StationeryContact PDOAustralia
ACTDingle SmithAn Introduction to Australian RevenuesRevenuesContact PDOAustralia
ACTDingle SmithTasmanian RevenuesRevenuesContact PDOAustralia
ACTDingle SmithImpressed Revenues of Australian StatesRevenuesContact PDOAustralia
NSWEd WolfDeveloping  Europe -  Australia Airmail Routes 1907-1934AerophilatelyAustralia
NSWEd WolfAirmail across the South Atlantic 1927-1940AerophilatelyAustralia
NSWEd WolfQantas’s International competitors in the Hudson Fysh era. VermeilAerophilatelyAustralia
NSWEd WolfThe Uiver Story 1934 -2003AerophilatelyAustralia
NSWEd WolfA 1933 race to the Dutch East IndiesOne FrameAustralia
NSWEd WolfThe Great Britain 1/3 Airmail rate to Australia and New Zealand1934-1952One FrameAustralia
NSWEd WolfThe marketing of the Royal Flying Doctor ServiceOpenAustralia
NSWEd WolfPre-decimal Australian Airletters & AerogrammesPostal StationeryAustralia
VicFrank PauerAust Airletters & Aerogrammes – The Note Printing Branch EraPostal StationeryAustralia
VicFrank PauerAustralian Official PO First Day Covers to 1970First Day CoversAustralia
VicGary WatsonDatestamps of Melbourne 1839-1900Postal HistoryMelbourne - short notice only
VicGary WatsonAustralian Overseas Penny RatesPostal HistoryMelbourne - short notice only
VicGary WatsonAustralian Overseas 2½d RatesPostal HistoryMelbourne - short notice only
VicGary WatsonAustralian WWII Airmails to Overseas DestinationsPostal HistoryMelbourne - short notice only
VicGary WatsonPostal History of Ceylon in World War IIPostal HistoryMelbourne - short notice only
NSWGeoff KellowAustralian Philatelic Literature 1901-70LiteratureContact PDOAustralia
NSWGeoff KellowSierra Leone Postal History 1937-71Postal HistoryContact PDOAustralia
WAGlen StaffordNicaraguan Airmail – the first 10 yearsAerophilatelyAustralia
WAGlen StaffordWestern Australian Forces Mail During WWIIPostal HistoryAustralia
WAGlen StaffordNicaraguan Postal StationeryPostal StationeryAustralia
WAGlen StaffordSiam Postal CardsPostal StationeryAustralia
ACTIan McMahonGuelph Postal History 2CAustralia
ACTIan McMahonEnvelopes and Postcards of CanadaPostal StationeryAustralia
ACTIan McMahonKing George VI Postcards of CanadaPostal StationeryAustralia
ACTIan McMahonCanada WrappersPostal StationeryAustralia
ACTIan McMahonPostal Stationery of New ZealandPostal StationeryAustralia
ACTIan McMahonQueensland Postal StationeryPostal StationeryAustralia
ACTIan McMahonAerogrammes of CanadaPostal StationeryAustralia
ACTIan McMahonQueensland RevenuesRevenuesAustralia
VicIan SadlerJapanese Conquest and Defeat in WWIIOpenContact PDOAustralia
VicIan SadlerTraditional Princely States (SG says ‘Feudatory’) within the present Indian State of Rajesthan from c.1800 to 1949. Includes Jaipur, Bundi and Kishengarh with philatelic material, court fee stamps and revenues. Large number of covers.TraditionalContact PDOAustralia
VicIan SadlerMunicipal Treaty Ports of China, 1865-97 and Early China, c.1885- 1920TraditionalContact PDOAustralia
WAJohn DibiasePaquebot Mail to and from WAPostal HistoryAustralia
WAJohn DibiaseThe Savings Bank (Markings) of Western AustraliaPostal HistoryAustralia
WAJohn DibiaseClassical Persia, up to 1914TraditionalAustralia
WAJohn DibiasePriority Paid in AustraliaPostal HistoryAustralia
WAJohn DibiasePostal stationery of WA from 1879 to1913 Postal StationeryAustralia
WAJohn DibiasePostal Notes and Orders of AustraliaPostal StationeryAustralia
WAJohn DibiaseFiscal Stamps of WA from 1881 to 1966RevenuesAustralia
WAJohn DibiaseAfghanistan, Classical up to 1928TraditionalAustralia
WAJohn DibiasePostage Stamps of WA - from pre-adhesives c1845 to 1912TraditionalAustralia
WAJohn DibiaseRailway parcel Stamps of WA from 1905 to 1980sTraditionalAustralia
WAJohn DibiaseHistory of Stamp Hinges TraditionalAustralia
WAJohn DibiaseRegistered Envelopes of Australia, 1913 -1970Postal StationeryAustralia
WAJohn DibiaseTelegram Forms & Envelopes on issue in WAOpenAustralia
WAJohn DibiaseClassical Greece, The Hermes Heads up to 1900TraditionalAustralia
NSWJohn Moore1988 Living Together seriesModern TraditionalAustralia
NSWJohn Moore1989-1991 Australian Sporting DefinitivesModern TraditionalAustralia
NSWJohn MooreLord Howe Island and Gloucester NSW Picture PostcardsAustralia
NSWJohn MooreAustralia Airmail rates from 1921Postal HistoryAustralia
NSWJohn MooreHandling and Treatment of Australian Registered Mail to 1966Postal HistoryAustralia
TasMalcolm GroomAustralian airmailsAerophilatelyAustralia
TasMalcolm GroomWestern Tasmania social postal historyPostal HistoryAustralia
TasMalcolm GroomTasmanian postal stationery Postal StationeryAustralia
SAMartin WalkerAerial Messengers of South Australia to World War Two AerophilatelyContact PDOAustralia
SAMartin WalkerAustralian Post Office Airmail LabelsAerophilatelyContact PDOAustralia
SAMartin WalkerFirst Day Covers of the 1953-54 Royal Tour of the CommonwealthFirst Day CoversContact PDOAustralia
SAMartin WalkerLiving People Portrayed in Australian PhilatelyOpenContact PDOAustralia
SAMartin WalkerAdmiral Byrd's Second Antarctic Expedition 1933-1935PolarContact PDOAustralia
SAMartin WalkerPostal History, South Australia Railway Parcel Stamp UsagePostal History Contact PDOAustralia
SAMartin WalkerAustralian Airletters and Aerogrammes to 1970 Postal StationeryContact PDOAustralia
SAMartin WalkerInternational, Imperial & Commonwealth Reply Coupons of AustraliaPostal StationeryContact PDOAustralia
SAMartin WalkerRevenues, South Australia Revenue Stamps 1886 - 1966 RevenuesContact PDOAustralia
SAMartin WalkerRevenues, South Australia Revenue Stamps 1966 - 2008 - 5 framesRevenuesContact PDOAustralia
SAMartin Walker Paraguay - 1903-10 Lion DefinitivesTraditionalContact PDOAustralia
SAMartin WalkerMauritania - French Colonial Period TraditionalContact PDOAustralia
SAMichael BlinmanNew South WalesPostal StationeryAustralia
SAMichael BlinmanAmerican Fleet Cards Postal StationeryAustralia
SAMichael BlinmanAmerican World Fairs 1939-1940ThemaicsAustralia
SAMichael BlinmanNew South Wales 1888 – 1913TraditionalAustralia
ACTPaul BarsdellSarawakTraditionalContact PDOAustralia
ACTPaul BarsdellFrench Colony of Benin/Dahomey in West AfricaTraditionalContact PDOAustralia
ACTPaul BarsdellPostage Due stamps used in French Colonies in West AfricaTraditionalContact PDOAustralia
ACTPaul BarsdellFrench Indo-ChinaTraditionalContact PDOAustralia
TASPeter AllanAustralian Postal Rates 1934 - 1949Postal History Australia
TASPeter AllanPostal History of Paris 1863 - 1876Postal History Australia
VicPeter LeitchVictoria - high value stamp duty issuesRevenues Australia
VicPeter LeitchChina between 1930 and 1950Traditional Australia
VicPeter LeitchKouangtcheou  (Kwangchow)Traditional Australia

Tony Shields


Tony Shields
Tony ShieldsAntarctic Postcards of the heroic era 1897 to pre-World War 2PostcardsAustralia
VicTony ShieldsMy Antarctic postcardsPostcardsAustralia
Vicony ShieldsPostage Stamps- possibly the World’s greatest invention
QldPhilip LevineGold CoastPostal StationeryContact PDOAustralia
QldPhilip LevineGold Coast TraditionalContact PDOAustralia
VicRay PriceSarawak Journal - software and indexing of a journalPresentationContact PDOVict + other on request
VicRay PriceLabuan TraditionalContact PDOVict + other on request
VicRay PriceNorth Borneo TraditionalContact PDOVict + other on request
VicRay Priceforgeries of Labuan and North BoreoTraditionalContact PDOVict + other on request
SARichard GurevitchHaiti Airmail 1923 to about 1943AerophilatelyContact PDOEast Coast
SARichard GurevitchHong Kong Queen VictoriaTraditionalContact PDOEast Coast
SARichard Gurevitch Hong Kong King George VI TraditionalContact PDOEast Coast
SARichard GurevitchHaiti 1915-1920 Provisional IssuesTraditionalContact PDOEast Coast
WARod KantorInflation in Zimbabwe in the 21 st centuryTraditionalContact PDOPerth
WARod KantorSouthern Rhodesia during the reign of King George VI th TraditionalContact PDOPerth
WARod KantorBelgium's last African colonial definitivesTraditionalContact PDOPerth
WARod KantorEvasion, Avoidance & Political Mischief - Half a Century of Postage due (Rhodesia/Zimbabwe)TraditionalContact PDOPerth
NSWStephen BrownePostal History of NSW to 1849Postal History Australia
NSWStephen BrownePostal History of the British Isles 1565 - 1711Postal History Australia
SATony PresgraveCinderellasCinderellasAustralia
SATony PresgraveThe Rise, Fall and rebirth of the River Murray Shipping TradeOpenAustralia
SATony PresgraveA Look at BridgesPicture PostcardsAustralia
SATony PresgraveAdelaide Queen City of the SouthPicture PostcardsAustralia
SATony PresgraveDepartmental Stamps of South AustraliaTraditionalAustralia

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