Australasian Challenges Rules

There are two Australasian Challenges held every three years (used to be two years) – The Australasian Philatelic Challenge and the Australasian Postcard Challenge. They are usually attached to a National Australian exhibition.
The appropriate Australian State Councils and the New Zealand Philatelic Federation appoint teams of exhibitors and make formal entries to the Challenge. For Australian entries, it is the responsibility of State Councils to select the participants and to arrange for the completion and submission of the individual entry forms, payment of frame fees through their Commissioner/Judge and to ensure delivery of the exhibits to the Exhibition. For the Youth entries, there are no frame fees.Rules for the Australasian Philatelic Challenge (last updated 2016) can be downloaded from the link, below.

Australasian Challenge Rules

    Sydney 2019 (2016) Australasian Challenge Rules

Picture Postcard Challenge

The Australian Philatelic Federation has encouraged the exhibiting of Picture Postcards at its shows for many years. Following are the rules for the 2019 Picture Postcard Challenge which is being held in conjunction with the Sydney Full National exhibition, June 2019.

Picture Postcard Challenge rules 18.2.24


   Ineligible entries for future Picture Postcard Challenges

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