Why Join a Stamp Club


“Stamp clubs put the life into your hobby!”

If you collect stamps then you can’t afford not to be a member of a stamp club! Stamp clubs provide their members with the opportunity to meet with like-minded people and to share information about their hobby. They are also a great source of stamps for your collection.
Many collectors hesitate before visiting a stamp club because they may regard themselves as ‘only beginners’ or for other reasons. Don’t think this way. All members of stamp clubs were beginners at one time. Stamp clubs are full of people from all walks of life who, just like you, enjoy collecting.
The members of stamp clubs cover the full spectrum of stamp collectors, from those who collect the latest new issues to those who have only very limited stamp budgets through to those who exhibit at national exhibitions. All value the benefits of their memberships in their stamp club and the friendships and contacts it brings.

What can a Stamp Club provide?

Most stamp clubs offer:

  • an opportunity to obtain stamps at reasonable prices through their circuit books and auctions
  • displays or visiting speakers
  • newsletters or magazines
  • access to catalogues and books on stamps

But above all, stamp clubs offer the friendship, knowledge and experience of their members who help you with advice on all aspects of collecting including:

  • identifying stamps
  • where to get stamps
  • storing and housing your collection
  • ideas on new collecting areas
  • latest news on fairs, auctions, and exhibitions.



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