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Hong Kong Stampex 2018 Results

Bernie BestonPostal StationeryBritish Guiana Postal Stationery91Gold
Glen StaffordPostal StationerySiam’s Postal Cards80LV
Paul XavierTraditionalFiji Architecture Series76V

Canberra 2018 Exhibition Results

Colin BeechGold87Best Title PageU.S. Special Delivery Stamps and Services, 1885 - 1954National - Traditional
Tim RodgerVermeil78Australia's Inaugural Decimal Definitive Series of 1966National - Traditional
Gordon MonkGold88Surface Printed Varieties of Australian King George V 1d.National - Traditional
Glen StaffordLarge V ermeil81Nicaraguan Postage and Official Stamps (The Seebeck Era 1890-99)National - Traditional
Russell TurnerLarge V ermeil80Victoria: The 2/6d Fee StampNational - judged as Revenue
Tim BeachLarge V ermeil83New Zealand 1960 PictorialsNational - Traditional
Rod KantorLarge V ermeil81Southern Rhodesia in the Era of King George VINational - Traditional
Jon TiernanLarge V ermeil80Western Australia Railway Freight Stamps Pre-decimal Period 1905-1966National - Traditional
Nancy GrayLarge Gold91Best Traditional including ModernSpecimen, Presentation and Cancelled to Order Stamps of Australia 1901-1966National - Traditional
Sarah HarveyLarge Vermeil83The Hong Kong Definitives 1912-1921 and 1921-1937 including CHINA OverprintsNational - Traditional
Malcolm GascoyneLarge Vermeil83A Study of De la Rue's Production of Sarawak StampsNational - Traditional
Anthony PresgraveLarge Gold90Research PrizeDepartmental Stamps of South AustraliaNational - Traditional
Bill JenkinsLarge Vermeil82Charles Naish Designs of Victoria, Australia, 1880-1910National - Traditional
Ross DuberalGold85B.M.A. MalayaNational - Traditional
Timothy R MorganGold86The Scroll Issue of CanadaNational - Traditional
David RobertsVermeil76Koala CountsNational - Traditional
Linda WeldenVermeil77Lundy Island 1929-61National - Traditional
Richard GurevitchLarge Vermeil83Guatemala: 1886 'Railway Bond' IssueNational - Traditional
J Patrick LongfieldLarge Vermeil82British North Borneo 1883-1925National - Traditional
Eric HurrellLarge Vermeil82Australia: The Kingaroo and Map Stamps (1913-1947)National - Traditional
Lindsay ChittyLarge Vermeil84New Zealand's First Stamp Issue: The Full Face QueensNational - Traditional
Stephen ChiversLarge Vermeil82N.Z. 1985-90 Janet Marshall Designed Endangered BirdsNational - Traditional
Trevor SpencerLarge Vermeil82W.A. Surface Printed "De La Rue Swan" 1871-1912National - Traditional
David CollyerLarge Vermeil82Architecture Series - 4th Defintive of Republic of South AfricaNational - Modern
John MooreGold861988 Australia Living TogetherNational - Modern
Bernard BestonLarge Vermeil81Formula Registered Envelopes of Eastern AfricaNational - Frugal
Denise Ann RosenfeldtLarge Vermeil83Best National Other ClassesNew Zealand Post Office Fast Post ServiceNational - Frugal
Ed WolfVermeil77Crossing the South Atlantic by Air 1922-1940National - Topical
Michael BlinmanLarge Vermeil80American World Fairs 1939-1940National - Topical
Gary DiffenLarge Gold92Best In ShowPreparation for War and the Australian Light Horse Campaign: Egypt to Syria 1914-1918 National - Open
Anthony ScottSilver66Australian Wartime Postal Services 1939 to 1952National - Open
K. A. TaylorSilver Bronze61Tobacco in WartimeNational - Open
Terry WaggVermeil78An Alphabetical Journey through the Engravings of Czeslaw SlaniaNational - Open
Mark DiserioVermeil75A Philatelic History of the Snowy Mountains SchemeNational - Open
Marilyn GendekVermeil75Florence Nightingale: The Path to a LegendNational - Open
Sue SimmondsGold85In Pursuit of the North PoleNational - Open
Lynne NichollLarge Vermeil82BeesNational - Open
Miklos DombaySilver Bronze64The Blue Danube - Europe's Iconic RiverNational - Open
Paul McTaggartLarge Vermeil82Supreme ValourNatiional - Open
Monica M. ComrieGold85Ed Druce Memorial PrizeHoneyNational - Open
Kim D. DwyerLarge Vermeil80The Battle of HMAS Sydney and the SMS Emden 9th November 1914, Cocos Islands, Indian OceanNational - Open
Kevin W. DwyerLarge Vermeil80Aubrey Gotley and the ANARE Base Heard Island 1947-55National - Open
John MooreVermeil77Coconut - The Palm of LifeNational - Open
Andrew SmallSilver69The MacRobertson Air Race London to Melbourne in 1934National - Open
Amy RosenfeldtGold85Best Youth ExhibitNew Zealand Rose DefinitivesNational - Youth
Isabella BeachLarge Silver73Runner Up Best YouthThe World's Most Popular SportNational - Youth
Samantha RoweLarge Vermeil81Children's Literature - A HistoryNational - Youth
Emma RoweVermeil78Dessert - A History of TemptationNational - Youth
K.A. TaylorSilver68Monte Carlo RallyNational - judged as Topical
Wendy BuckleLarge Vermeil81Betty van Tenac Memorial PrizePaper Past and PresentNational - Thematic Philately
Anne StammersVermeil77Rocks to RichesNational - Thematic Philately
Bernard Beston(Gold Challenge)Winner Gold ChallengeThe AR System of Australia and ColoniesThe Gold Challenge
Richard Gurevitch(Gold Challenge)Haiti: 1915-1920 "Provisional" IssuesThe Gold Challenge
James Shaw(Gold Challenge)New Zealand Wages Tax Issues 1931-1959The Gold Challenge
Jon Tiernan(Gold Challenge)Victorian Railway Freight Stamps - the "Winged" Stamps Period 1917-1941The Gold Challenge
Frank PauerLarge Gold92Runner up Best In ShowAustralian "Official Post Office" First Day Covers to 1970National - First Day Covers
Michael FreemanGold81Best StateThe 1865 Duloz Stamps of the Ottoman EmpireState - One Frame
Anthony LyonGold81Runner Up Best StateNew Zealand Forces Mail to and from the South Pacific 1940-1945State - Postal History
Anne HutchinsonLarge Silver69Encouragement AwardCanadian First Flight CoversState - Aerophilately
Vivienne ScottLarge Vermeil78A Bushwalking Trip on the Six Foot Track & the Federal Pass - "With Swag and Billy", 1906State - Postcards
Michelle McCarthyLarge Silver66Buckingham Palace and the House of WindsorState - Postcards
Pauline EdwardsSilver61CinderellaState - New Exhibit Postcards Challenge
Pauline EdwardsVermeil73Nursery RhymesState - New Exhibit Postcards Challenge
David CollyerLarge Vermeil75Winner Postcard ChallengeQantas Fleet DevelopesState - New Exhibit Postcards Challenge
Edward LeanLarge Silver65Australian Christmas First Day of IssueState - First Day Covers
Clyde F. ZiegelerSilver60Jaipur Silver Jubilee Fiscal StampsState - Revenues
Vera RadnellLarge Vermeil76Introducing FalconryState - One Frame
Marilyn GendekVermeil72A Timeline of Nursing in AustraliaState - Open

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